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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 60.4: Headhunters Part 4 Bahasa Indonesia

“What the hell are you doing!?” One of the men yelled out and opened fire on the truck.

Blake and the girls broke free of their binds and watched as the truck ran over the first guy who was shooting through the windshield. “Are you girls ready?”

“Ready as I can ever be. At least all the heavy weapons seem to be outside.” Tina replied. She felt kind of excited now that things were going down. She felt like a superhero who was about to take out the bad guys.

“Don’t get overconfident. If you get overconfident, you might die.” Blake reminded everyone before looking up at Lillia: “You can do as you please this time around. I know you have been holding back for our sake. As long as there are no dragons around, I see no reason why you can’t have some fun. After all, these are just humans.”

“Hehe! Finally!” Lillia stood straight up and shot her hands up into the air as she cheered, all while punching the roof of the truck right off. “Time to really let loose! I am so sick of bastards shooting at my man!”

Before Blake had a chance to really finish what he wanted to say, he saw Lillia fly up into the air and start raining spells down one very own around him. “Wait! Lillia, leave some for us!”

Tina chuckled as she jumped out of the truck. Blake sighed as she followed suit. He did say she could have fun, but it seemed more like she was just wanting to destroy everything! Fireballs were sent in all directions as Lillia laughed and continued her rampage. Blake looked at Tina and motioned with his head towards the side entrance that led into the main building. She nodded and began heading that way, with Blake following behind her. “Lillia, we are going inside. Wipe out the ones outside. When you are done, come inside.”

“Okay!” Lillia answered as she sent out another wave of fireballs. At this point, the parking garage had already become a fiery inferno, and the sounds of gunfire filled the air. Those who were trying to take out Lillia were too busy to notice Blake and Tina making their way to the stairwell leading into the building.

But right as Tina went to grab the door handle, the door swung open, and a big muscular man with a scar on his face stepped through the door and looked around. “What the fuck is going on!?”

“Nothing much, just wiping out the Headhunters,” Blake answered as he ran past Tina and slammed his fist into the scared faced man’s face sending him flying backward! “Shit! Kill them!” The two men behind him yelled out. At that moment, ten more people appeared in the hall and pointed their guns at Blake and Tina.

Blake scratched his head and sighed. “Why are they so dumb!?” Blake nodded to Tina, who created a fireball and tossed it into the hall. It exploded like a grenade, lighting all the men on fire.

“Ahhhh!” Screams came from inside the hall as the men from the Headhunters tried to put out the fire.

“Damn it! You dare make fools out of the Headhunters!?” A man came flying through the door at Blake, who sliced the body in half with his sword and stared at the open door. The body fell to the ground on either side him, splattering blood on his clothes and face.

“Hmm…. It seems you have eaten dragon meat. Not bad… To think your head didn’t explode after being punched by me. But you are still not strong enough to face me alone.” Blake said with an excited sadistic grin. “But… I will give you a chance. If you can land a single hit on my face, I will let you live.”

“Blake, what are you doing!? We should just kill them and finish this!” Tina yelled out as she watched the big muscular man with a scar on his face step back out of the hall.

“Oh? Do you think you are something after sneak attacking me? I do admit you are fast, but that doesn’t mean shit. I will kill you here, then fuck your girls. This is just how things will turn out.” The scared faced muscular man cracked his knuckles and his neck as he took a step toward Blake, ignoring Tina altogether.

Tina pointed her gun at the man, but before she could pull the trigger, a delicate white hand pulled her arm down. “Let Blake have his fun.”

“Lillia? What about the ….” Tina looked around and realized that Lillia had basically bombed the whole place. She did find it odd that no more gun fire was going off. But she still wondered: “What about the men outside?”

“My golems are already dealing with it,” Lillia said as she stared at Blake. “Just watch and learn. Blake is about to fight a man who has eaten a lot of dragon meat. This means he is basically a half evolved human. There are probably more inside downstairs as well. You need to be prepared for what is to come, so watch this closely.”

“Mm….” Tina nodded.

Blake sheathed his sword. He had no plans to use any weapons right now. He wanted to beat the shit out of this man and smash his head into the point that it busted open. He never planned to let the man live no matter what.

“Oh? Putting your weapons away. Are you sure?” The scared faced muscular man asked.

“Yep… I only need my fists to deal with you. But I should warn you. Do not get too cocky. Just because you have eaten some wyvern meat doesn’t make you all powerful.” Blake’s expression turned serious as he cracked his knuckles and stepped forward. He got into a fighting stance that Lillia had taught him. It is a form of ancient martial arts.

“We will see who the cocky one is. Maybe I will let you live to see how your women become mine. Heh… I think I will do just that.”


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