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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 59.3: Headhunters Part 3 Bahasa Indonesia

“How should we go in?” Lillia excitedly asked. With how her eyes were shining so brightly, she was ready to run in and destroy the whole base herself!

“Hehe… I just had a great idea.” Blake said as he pointed at the truck coming from the north side of the city. “Let’s use them…. Lillia, can you create golems that look like them? We can kill them and have them pretend to have caught us.”

“Oh! Good idea!” Lillia quickly nodded and waved her hand, picking the truck up and sending it over to her position after sneaking it around a few buildings. The men in the truck all had pale faces as the truck settled on the broken rooftop that they were on.

Blake grinned from ear to ear as he walked over to the truck that was a dual cab and opened the door. “You people really have bad luck. You actually got sent out and delivered right to us. Thank you for all your hard work. Now please die.”

Blake did not waste a second killing them. Blood splattered on the seat, which he washed away with water magic. Lillia created two golems to replace the burly men and had them sit in the front seat. “Blake, I don’t know how to drive, so I will give you control of the golems. This way, you can have them drive back to the hotel.”

“Alright. We will need to tie our hands up first. Take out some rope and have one of them tie us up before sending the truck back down onto the road.” Blake really did not care if the truck had already been or would be seen flying through the air because he was just finding this whole situation amusing and fun.

While he knew he should be taking things seriously, the thought of rolling up into their base with two golems posing as their men and then destroying things from the inside out filled him with excitement. His urge to fight was starting to take over the more excited he became about the battles ahead.

“It’s happening again….” Tina sighed. “Why is he so keen on fighting!?”

“That is just Blake. He likes to beat up bad people and dragons.” Lillia replied with a helpless sigh.

They all got into the back seat of the truck, and when they were all set, Lillia made the truck fly through the air and land back on the road, where Blake took over driving the truck using the golems. Lillia had cast a spell on him that let his consciousness take control of one of the golems. This was only possible because she was assisting him with multiple mind magic spell, which helped him do parallel processing between his own body and the golem itself.

As the truck drove up to the hotel, one of the men stationed outside on the back of a truck with a mounted machine gun pointed it at the truck. “Halt… Ah, it’s you… Just got back!?”

“Yeah…. The fuckers at the north entrance got ambushed by the people in the back. The boss will be really happy. I got two sexy bitches who I am sure will give them a good time. Makes me jealous knowing they will be ruined by the boss…”

“I know what you mean. By the time we get them, they are so broken they don’t even move. They just lay there while you plow them.” The guard said before motioning with his hand. “Roll around back and register them. You know the drill.”

“Yeah, yeah… One day I will get me a real live one.” The golem put the truck in gear and drove off. The man on the mounted machine gun shook his head as he watched the truck drive away. “Idiot. Unless you kill the boss you will never get shit. Just like the rest of us.”

Blake felt pain in his sides due to both girls pinching him the entire time he was speaking through the golem. He was only saying that stuff to make things more believable since he knew how most of these Headhunters talked. He never thought he would need to suffer for acting. “Can you two stop!”

“Humph!” “Humph!” Both girls snorted at him and looked the other way.

“At least try to act like prisoners!” Blake didn’t want their act to be discovered as soon as they got to the registration area. Although he already decided to turn the place into a bloodbath anyways. But he would rather start inside the building and not outside. So if this registration place required him to get a tattoo and the girls to wear collars, he would start the bloodbath then and there. “Depending on what the registration process is, depends on if we will be starting moving from registration or not.”

“Mm…. If they dare touch me, I will snap their neck.” Tina did not see these people as humans anymore after hearing what they all had to say.

“I will burn them all….” Lillia was just being Lillia.

“Halt!” A voice came from the parking garage entrance. Two men with assault rifles walked out and walked toward the truck. “Show your necks.”

Blake had the golem he was controlling expose his neck while Lillia did the same with the other one. The men looked at them, then looked in the back seat. When they saw Lillia and Tina, their eyes lit up. “Oh? Not bad? Two beauties, the boss will surely give you some dragon meat for this. The man is also not bad. He should be able to do some manual labor. Hurry on in and get to registration.”

The golem in the driver’s seat nodded and pulled into the parking garage. It was dimly lit inside, but it was not hard to know where they had to go since there was only one path. When they arrived at the second floor of the parking garage, they were met with a large tent and were once more stopped. “Drop off the goods here. We will take them from here. They have to go through a purification process before they can go any further.”

Seeing the man lick his lips as if he was about to have a good time caused Blake to frown. “I can’t wait anymore, so I am just going to run him over. Get rid of your ropes and hold on.” Blake broke the ropes on his wrist and had the golem step on the gas!


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