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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 55: Heading South Bahasa Indonesia

A few days passed, and Blake and his group had made their way to the enclave that Mike had talked about. They were already digging deep into the rock and had cleared out quite a large space for the families that they picked up. “Blake, you are here!” Mike came running over when he saw Blake and his group.

“Yeah. We will be heading south soon to see if we can find the other group. Lillia will help with making a full base and set it up to be concealed. Did you already map out all the escape routes?” Blake asked. The reason why he was having Lillia do the base was because she already said she could do it all in an instant, and he wanted to at least get these people a better living environment.

As he looked at the families that had young kids, he couldn’t help but smile. Scenes like this were far and between in his past life. This was what he was working toward a place where everyone could live happily. No matter if he had to turn into a monster himself to protect it. He didn’t care. He was not one to give up halfway. Since he decided on this, he planned to follow it through no matter what.

Lillia went right to work kicking everyone out of the new base until she was done. She had to set up a few things as well to make sure no one could enter without permission. “Mike, there is a space time box in the kitchen filled with wyvern meat. You just need to inject mana into it to pull some out. Should be enough in there to last a few years. There are also many other frozen goods in there as well. You can tap the panel at the side to find out exactly what is in there. The three escape tunnels are sealed on the outside and can only be opened from the inside. This entrance will be hidden as well with an illusion. Only those who you register into this tablet here will be allowed to pass through it. Just have them drop a drip of blood onto it to register them. Ah, make sure you hold it and inject mana on it while they do, or it will turn to dust. I put a chain on it so keep it on you at all times.”

Blake stood by the side while Lillia explained things to Mike. He was talking with Robert. “I would help you three evolve, but it will take too much time and we have a lot of ground to cover.”

“No worries. I will deal with it. It’s only a short time now until the Age of Magic arrives. I really can’t thank you enough. You really saved my daughters and me back there. You know those two girls can’t keep their eyes off you. Your little heroic stunt has pretty much stolen their hearts. If it is you, I do not mind….” Blake raised his hand, stopping Robert.

“Things need to happen naturally. Right now, I also have Tina and Lillia. Plus, they are still young. They might fall for someone else tomorrow. If they continue liking me even as time flies by, I will talk to my two girls about it. But for now, you should be more worried about evolving when mana fills the world again. They will need you the most at that time. To ease the process, the entire base will be filled with mana. So you will be able to slowly absorb it naturally. But remember if anyone turns into a monster…..” Blake gave Robert a stern look. “Whether it is you or your daughters, you will be killed.”

“I understand. If we evolve or do not evolve, it is all about how strong we can make our bodies during that time. This is why you instructed everyone to keep eating wyvern meat for each meal, right?” Robert asked. He knew Blake well enough now to know this kid was awkward.

“Mmm… At least, I think, anyway. The wyvern meat will help strengthen the body and prepare it for your evolution. It’s just you still must survive the pain as well. Anyway, you and your daughters are safe in Mike’s hands. This base is the safest place for you as well. And make sure your daughters always have their collars on, just in case. Never take them off outside the base.” Blake couldn’t help but stress this point the most since he wanted everyone to be safe no matter what.

“I know,” Robert replied with a nod of his head.

“Blake, everything is ready,” Tina said as she walked over.

“Alright, we will be leaving then. We need to try to get to City D before shit hits the fan.” Blake said as he patted Robert on the shoulder and walked over to Mike. “If anything happens. Save the majority.”

“Understood.” Mike knew Blake was saying that if they were compromised to save whoever he could at the time. If people were left behind, then leave them behind. Mike now understood that self sacrificing himself was not going to help the future establishment of the new nation that Blake planned to build. He and his men were more important than a few civilians. While this was hard for him to say, he knew it was right. If he wished to protect humanity in the future, he had to make sure he and his men were safe. But he also knew that Blake did not want them to abandon everyone either, only those they could not get to. Save who was in their immediate vicinity and run for it.

Blake and the girls waved their goodbyes before hitting the road once more. They were running at full speed, this time with Lillia pulling them along. They were on a deadline this time. They had to find the Fifth Platoon of Peace before things changed in order to form a better force in the new world that was about to appear.

But sometimes, things never go as planned. “Shit, Drakes!”


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