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“So you just ran into a bout of bad luck….” Blake sighed. Things like this were bound to happen, but the idea of a dragon being in the area did not sit right with him. “Lillia….”

“Already checked the surroundings, and there is nothing. It probably moved on after its baby died. But still, to take down a baby dragon with only your current strength, not bad at all.” Lillia praised. She really was impressed with their ability to take down a baby dragon with a single gun and strength alone.

“You praise me too much. I just got lucky and shot it in the brain through the eye.” Robert did feel like he did anything impressive after all, it was a baby. It was nothing compared to the wyvern that Blake had lying dead on the ground when they first met.

“Well, you were lucky that we showed up in time. I was actually on my way here to come and bring you three to a safer place.” Blake said as he checked Robert over for any other wounds.

“Came to get us?” Robert was confused. They had only met once, but he even thought to come find them when they could have gone anywhere?

“Mmm… I am forming my own group. The men here are part of what is left of the military. Their group is called the Patriots and has been brought under me. You will need a neck tattoo, and the girls will need collars, but it will be better than being targeted left and right.” Blake lightly explained while standing up.

“Wait… Tattoo collars!?” Robert gave Blake a strange look. He was wondering if Blake’s mind snapped.

“Ahh, right, you wouldn’t know. I will let Tina explain while I put the tattoo on you. Lillia, can you pass me the stuff?” Blake stretched out his hand toward Lillia. She nodded and pulled a few things from her space. To do the tattoo easier, Lillia had created a tool that you inject ink into that would slice into the person’s neck while injecting the ink. Blake did not wait for Robert’s permission before stabbing him with it.

“Damn it! Blake, what are you doing!?’ Robert yelled out.

“I am keeping you and your family safe. Ah, right, Tina, hurry up and explain!” Blake’s mind was all over the place since he kept having to think of their next move, so he was hurrying things along.

“Blake, slow down a bit.” Tina chuckled as she began explaining to Robert: “It’s like this. Factions are popping up all over the place, some of which are nothing but slave factions. Each faction has collars and tattoos. Collars are for women to show they are ‘owned’ by a faction while the men get tattoos. As you can see, Lillia and I both have our collars as well.”

“So it’s like that… Blake, why didn’t you just explain things like that!?” Robert yelled out as he pressed on his neck.

“I got a lot going on in my head atm so well, yeah… anyway. This will ensure your safety. But to secure it, even more, we will be helping you evolve when we get back.” Blake looked at the girls and smiled, causing them to blush and Lillia to pinch his waist. “Ouch!? Lillia!?”

“Blake, you might not have realized it, but you are too handsome now to be smiling at girls,” Lilia said with a huff.

“What the hell does me smiling have to do with anything!?” Blake rubbed his side, still not understanding. “Anyway, give the collars to the girls. And girls. You did well. You and your father are good people. People who deserve to see the new world that is about to be created.”

“Lillia, kick him. He is doing it again.” Tina said teasing manner, but Lillia still did it, kicking Blake right in the shin.

“Lillia, are you trying to kill your husband!?” Blake yelled out, causing everyone to laugh. Samantha and Erica were young, so seeing a handsome young man who was willing to face men with guns for them caused their hearts to beat for him.

“Anyway…. Let’s get the show on the road, shall we?” Blake said. He didn’t want to be kicked anymore. “Bret, Joey, you will take the rear. If anything happens, protect Robert and the girls above all else.”

“Don’t worry. We will.” Bret patted his chest. He found Blake to be a true and honest person who was someone worth following. He had jumped right into the thick of it without a second thought to help people he barely knew. He may seem unconcerned about matters, but once he talks to you, he seems to see you as a friend and will try to help you as best as he can.

“Hey, Mike, where are you all at now?” Blake took out the magic tool that allowed him to contact Mike.

“We are in the forest next to the city but quite a few miles out. There is a rocky enclave that would work perfect for our new base. What do you think? It’s quite hidden and should allow us to move around easily.” Mike asked.

“I will leave it up to your expertise. If you think it will be safe, we will use it. I got your location so we will be heading your way. It might take a few days, so secure the area and look for good spots to make escape tunnels.” Blake wanted escape tunnels in case any human dragon types appeared. They would be starting with an underground city for the start of everything but will slowly build up as time goes on. Once things above ground begin to settle with the new races, they would be able to flourish in many ways.

“Alright, we will secure the area. I found a few families trying to hide out. I was planning to take them under our wing if that is fine.” Mike was still a person who had sworn to protect those in need. He couldn’t just leave them be.

“That’s fine, but make sure they don’t have collars or tats. As long as they are clean, we can take them in. Explain to them the process of joining and how they will need to be bound to a contract.” Blake replied. He could already see many people seeking salvation soon under his banner, which meant they could soon start building a proper home for humans and other races.

“Will do. I will see you when you get here.”


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