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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 47.2: The True Beginning Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

“Alright, you bastards, listen up! We Patriots will be falling under a new Master.” Mike began to speak, causing the men below him to look at home with wide eyes.

“Captain, what do you mean!? Are we not still going to uphold the values we have always believed in!?” One of the men yelled out.

“You idiot. Would I choose someone to follow if it was going against our morals!? We have always followed a strict set of rules and followed our country’s laws. But the times have now changed! If we want to see a brighter future, a future that is about to change mankind itself, we will need to follow someone who has the power and means to teach us and allow us to survive until the day we are strong enough to rise once more and reclaim what we have lost. Anyway, let me introduce you to Blake Harris.” Mike stepped aside and let Blake take the floor.

Blake stood in the center of the room and smiled at everyone with his hands behind his back. “I may be young now, but I can say I am older than most of you if you include my previous life. Now before you start calling bullshit, let me ask you. Can a normal person do this?”

Blake held out his hand, causing a fireball to appear. But the crowd below him still had doubts with the murmurs that swept over them. But these doubts were soon destroyed afterBlake threw the fireball through the air and into the wall near them all, causing an explosion. “As you can see. Even a simple fireball is able to do a bit of damage.” Blake pointed to the scorched wall. “While it is weak at this time. I can say that it is due to me being weak that such a fireball can barely do much damage. But… “

Blake looked over at Lillia, who threw a fireball of the same size as Blake against the same wall, causing an even bigger explosion to occur, but this time debris went flying everywhere. “As you can see, if you practice enough, magic can be more deadly than a bullet. Even my simple fireball is enough to incinerate a man where he stands. A new dawn is approaching. That new dawn is where humankind will have to make a choice. Continue being fools who know nothing of the world or evolve and become beings that can one day stand at the peak of the new world that is to come.”

“Are you some kind of god? Why are you talking like some priest!?” A man yelled out, which caused an uproar of laughter, but Blake did not care. He knew these men were rowdy from the start.

“I am no god now, but in the future, there is a chance I can really become one. That same goes for each one of you here. But to get a head start on this path is not easy. I say this because some may die before they evolve, or some might even turn into monsters. But either way, a majority of you have the ability to pull through just like Bret.”

Bret walked forward, hearing his name called and held out his hand. Within it was a dinky little flame about the size of a candle flame dancing around in the palm of his hands. He looked so proud that it was actually quite funny.

“What the hell is that!? Is that the size of your dick?” Someone yelled out.

“Fuck you! I just started learning yesterday!” Bret yelled out, his face red. Mike and Joey, who were also on stage, turned their heads to laugh. “The point of the matter is that I was able to evolve with Blake’s help. With more training, I will one day have the ability to do what Blake and his wife are able to do. Just like how you all had to train for months to even get twice as better as you were when you first joined, the same goes for magic. Do not look down on this. That kid can flick your head off with just his fingers.”

“Ahem… Anyway, we proved that the abilities that Blake and his girls are able to use are indeed gainable, but it is not easy. The pain you will have to endure will bring you close to death’s door, through it, or may even turn you into a monster. The risks are high. I will not force any of you to evolve but just know, according to Blake, you will all have no choice in a few months’ time.” With these words, Mike began going over the rules they would need to follow.

After everything was explained, those who wished to leave could have left, but no one walked out of the room. Blake had Lillia do the contract that they would all be bound to according to what they had talked about the night before. For the rest of the day, Blake helped Mike and Joey evolve next. The two were just like Bret and only yelled out curses as they dealt with the pain.

At night Blake, Tina, and Lillia returned to their room. Tina and Lillia began to undress while Blake began trying to figure out what they should do next. “What do you girls think? I was thinking of moving this base to someplace less conspicuous. If we build an underground base to start things off, we can at least stay concealed at the start of everything. I also want to get the Darrling family from the mountains and under proper protection.”

“Humph! You just want the girls!” Lillia snorted, but her voice held a bit of teasing.

Blake ignored Lillia’s comment as he continued: “From there, I want to head south to the next city. And see if I can find the Fifth Platoon of Peace. If we can bring them under us, we will have a good force to start with.”

“I see no issue with that plan,” Tina spoke up as she sat down on the bed, her black lace underwear on full display. Next to her, Lillia sat in white lace underwear. Blake was doing his best to keep his composure but he did not look away from the two girls, he took it all in without any shame.

Lillia nodded as she said: “Mmm… Tina is right, there is no problem with the plan. But we might not be able to get everyone evolved before the main event happens.”


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