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“Okay, since we have that all settled, let’s get down to a more serious topic.” Lillia suddenly changed the topic.

“What topic?” Blake was confused. He did not know of anything else that they would need to discuss.

“Are you a man!? Why is it that you got two girls sitting here exposing themselves, and you haven’t done anything!” Lillia was mad. She had worked up the courage to do as Tina suggested to seduce Blake, but he just stared without making a move. She did not know why but before when he saw her, she thought nothing of it but now she felt a little shy. She could only blame it on the underwear. But at the same time, she was nervous about her first time. She didn’t want to go through it alone, which was why she also had Tina wear underwear that was also see through. She has known Tina for a while now, and Tina had to listen to her no matter what due to the contract, so she did not mind having Tina here at her side.

Blake’s cheeks turned red as he scratched his head. “Well… It’s not that I do not want to, but it’s kinda hard to do when I know you do not want me looking at or touching other girls too. I mean, I don’t mind if Tina watches, but for my first time with another girl, it is kinda….” Blake slowly found his manhood crashing around him.

“Hehe…” Both Lillia and Tina giggled and got up and sat beside Blake. “Do you think I would allow Tina to dress like she is if I didn’t want her to be touched by you? “

“Huh? But you made it so she couldn’t fall in love with me when you forced her into a contract.” Blake replied, feeling very much confused. He had no idea when things changed.

“Ahh, about that… well… it all started when I asked Tina for a bit of help….” In the end, what had happened was that after Lillia asked Tina for help with getting Blake to notice her, she started seeing Tina holding her head as if she was in pain. It was then that Lillia realized what was going on. After a bit of questioning, she found out that Tina was suffering from sharp pains in her head every time she thought too much about Blake, which was why she would always try to think about other things instead.

She had been trying her best to put the thoughts to the back of her mind and repress any feelings she was gaining due to Blake’s seemingly overprotectiveness of her. Blake had become more handsome over time, drawing her eyes towards him, and she couldn’t help but stare at him from time to time until pain would shock her out of her daze. Luckily Lillia was not so mean as to make the pain too much for her to bear. But it still hurt when it hit. “So basically, I like you as well. And after talking it over with Lillia the other day, I do not mind being second…”

“Mmm! We will become sisters! But don’t get me wrong.” Lillia started. “Not just any girl can join. They have to be under contract and understand that you are my fated one. But I also know that soon it will be hard for me to keep you all to myself all the time when you evolve into a Drakani… Drakani need multiple mates to satisfy not only their hunger but their lust as well…. I was thinking it would be easy for me to handle all of that, but the more I realize how great you are, the more it seems that other girls will definitely fall for you. You’re kind, handsome, and a playboy without even knowing it! Bastard!”

Blake was stunned by all of this, but at the same time, he felt a bit conflicted. He did wish to sleep with both of them, especially Lillia. But he felt like he should still wait. He was not powerful enough yet to really be by her side as an equal.

“You are thinking something stupid, aren’t you?” Lillia’s voice which was right next to his ear, snapped Blake out of his thoughts. “You are my fated one that I will spend all eternity with. Why are you thinking so much? I am basically handing my body to you on a silver platter. If you do not take it now, I will never let you touch me again!”

Blake was even more stupefied. He did not wish for that to happen! “Fine! But just so you know, I might not be the best my first time around….” Blake said while blushing. His first time with a woman, and it was a girl he really liked and at the same time another girl he was attracted to! Two at once! This was a bit too stimulating for a person who was too preoccupied with survival to lose his virginity in his past life.

“Hehe! I have just the spell. It would refresh your body back to its original state with each cast, so I can easily make it so you can go all night by setting the spell up to auto recast. And don’t worry about getting us pregnant, either. I will set barriers around our wombs for the time being. Until we finally get settled, we should not be having any kids.” Lillia, for once, was sounding like the responsible one, but Blake was still hung up on this refresh magic that Lillia spoke of. Wasn’t this like every man’s dream?

“Alright, you win. So Lillia first, then Tina? Tina, are you sure about this?”

“Are you an idiot!? Do you think I just go exposing myself to anyone!? I am still a virgin too, you know!”

–AN) Let me know if you want: A) glossed over sex scenes, B) Semi explicit sex scenes, C) the whole thing, baby yeah! Comment on this paragraph and let me know. Thanks!


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