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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 43: The Princess Is Mad Bahasa Indonesia

“Oh, there he is…. Well, he did bring someone back, but I do not believe she is very good looking.” Tina teased as she poked Lillia’s side. Lillia just huffed and walked over to Blake and began sniffing him.

“Am I really that untrustworthy, Lillia?” Blake asked.

“It’s not you that I do not trust. It’s the hussies that might want to try to snatch you away!” Lillia complained as she finished her inspection.

Blake chuckled and took Lillia’s hand, and pulled her into a hug. “Don’t worry. No girl will be able to get close to me unless they want a muzzle of my gun shoved down their throat. You know I do not trust others easily.”‘

“Like they could even do anything to you if they wanted….” Lillia pursed her lips as she hugged Blake back.

“Ahem….” Bret was starting to feel slightly uncomfortable with all the PDA going on in front of him.

“Just let them be. They will stop in a minute.” Tina said, letting out a sigh.

“I see you have it rough….” Bret chuckled as he rubbed his head.

“Alright, stop complaining. So how was it, any word of the Fifth Platoon?” Blake asked as he let Lillia go.

“Nothing. Not even a sighting of them. Are you sure they were located in this area?” Tina asked. Lillia was too busy hugging Blake’s arm to care about what they were talking about.

“I can’t be too sure. As far as I know, they had started off in this area, but it could have been the city in the south as well. The Headhunters expanded quickly, from what I remember, so they could have expanded south or even spread up this way. They were quite ruthless to those who did not surrender to them, so they expanded through fear. At this time, people have weak minds. They don’t want to die, so if you use that against them, they will submit to pretty much anything. Then after being forced to do things they would never do for a while, they would start losing the morals they once stood for.

“At any rate, we can look into them more later. For now, this is Bret. He is part of a faction called the Patriots. We will be going to see his captain. If they are willing to follow me, then we will help them evolve.” Blake explained. This caused Lillia’s lips to curl up.

“So we are finally starting?” Lillia asked.

“Let’s hope so. If not, I will go back to the mountain and begin with the Darrling family. They were kind people who shouldn’t die needlessly.” Blake replied.

“Hmmm, I guess they were not too bad.” Lillia pursed her lips. She began to wonder if Blake was after the man’s daughters, but her thoughts were interrupted when Blake flicked her forehead. “Don’t get stupid thoughts. Come on, let’s go. I already got what I could find that was useful here, and the library is completely burnt out. Bret, lead the way, please.”

“Ah yeah…” Bret was trying to really understand the situation. He had a feeling the two girls that were with this young man were not normal either. Especially the blonde headed girl. She had strange eyes…

Blake and the girls followed Bret to the base that was basically destroyed just outside the city. “This place was hit hard, luckily, most of the men were out fighting at the time, but many people still lost their lives here. We keep security to a minimum to keep the dragons from knowing we still have a presence here. The lower floors are still intact with a bit of electricity, but even those will run dry soon, so we have only about one hour of lights per day.”

“Who’s there? Show yourself!” A voice came from behind some rubble as red dots appeared on everyone’s forehead.

“It’s Bret Jackson! Get that damn red dot off me. I am here to have these three talk with the captain. Trust me when I say that what this kid has to say will blow your friggin minds.” When Bret yelled back, the red dots disappeared, and a few men came out from behind the rubble.

“It’s good you made it back. We were starting to think something happened to you.” One of the men walked up with a smile. He leaned his head to the side and let out a whistle. “What do we have here, two beau….”


The man who was just about to speak reached up and touched his cheek. A warm substance was now dripping down it. “Shut your mouth.” The one who pulled the trigger was Tina. “One thing I hate in this world is a skirt caller. If you want to hoot and holler at some girl, go to the city, don’t do it to me or her. And you should be thankful I was willing to pull the trigger, or you would have just died.”

Tina was not wrong. Lillia’s eyes were already burning with rage, and Blake had already begun preparing to cast magic. Bret had sweat forming on his brow. He never thought the girl was such a good shot. “Everyone calm down. Blake, you wanted to talk to the captain, right? Let’s go. You guys keep doing what you are doing. And watch your tongues!”

“Yes, sir!” The men replied. Most of them had no chance to react. The girl’s draw was so fast that no one had even seen her move. The one who almost got shot in the head was still frozen in place, unable to comprehend what had just happened to him.

One of the other men regained his senses and walked over to his companion, and put his arm around his shoulder. “This will teach you not to open that big mouth of yours anymore. Maybe we will finally have some peace and quiet around here.”

“Shut the fuck up!’ The man yelled out, pushing the arm off his shoulder before turning around and walking away.

“Ah, look, the princess is mad! Hahahaha!”


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