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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 44.1: Striking A Deal Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

In a small office with papers all over the place, a man with short black hair and a large scar across his cheek sat in a chair, looking at the three people in front of him. “Bret, why did you bring them here?”

“Because he wanted to speak with you, and I found what he wanted to talk to you about was worth bringing him here. Are you going to tell me that I shouldn’t have, Mike?” Bret asked as she sat on the desk and picked up one of the papers on the desk and glanced it over before putting it back down.

“No, I trust your judgment. Well then, speak what did you want to speak…..” Mike looked at the three people in front of him, playing with different balls of energy in their hands with his mouth wide open. One had fire, the other had water, and the last had what looked to be lightning. “This!? What is this!?”

Blake smiled hearing the question. He extinguished the flame in his hand and said: “The future of mankind. I came here to strike a deal. I am looking for people to join my cause. For people who are willing to follow some simple rules in order for mankind to live to have a future in this world. You can consider me a returner of sorts. I have lived through everything that is happening here before and know that humanity will make many mistakes in the future. I wish to have people who are willing to follow me and lead a life where humanity will have a chance to survive and even grow strong enough to one day take back what was stolen from us.”

“What do you mean?” Mike narrowed his eyes. He never liked when people talked like this. So righteously that it seemed like the person was trying to become a god.

“I want to have a society where people can live safely and can learn to fight against the dragons,” Blake answered. “As you saw, the powers we just showed were nothing more than the tip of the iceberg. Myself and my friends here, are all evolved humans. In a few months’ time, more humans will also evolve. The Age of Magic will arrive, and with it will bring more races that we only thought were fantasy. But they are all too real. I mean, hell, dragons were supposed to be mythical creatures until just a few months ago, were they not?” Blake did not say Lillia was a dragon since it was to be kept secret. This was why he called her an evolved human.

“Okay, you do have a point. Your idea doesn’t sound too bad, but why should we follow you?” Mike asked. He had the same idea himself, but he could not sit idle either.

“Because only by following me will you be able to grow strong enough,” Blake said as he raised his hand and flicked the wall next to him, causing it to suddenly crack and shatter, leaving a two inch deep pit in the wall where the tip of his finger hit. “As you can see, I am not just able to use magic but am physically stronger.”

“This….” Mike was shocked at the sudden burst of strength. He even felt a wind pass by his face. He knew this man was not someone he would want to make enemies with, but he could not just trust him. Taking a deep breath and composing himself, Mike asked: “So you are strong and wield great power. Why not fight the dragons?”

“You mean this?” Blake had already had Lillia transfer the head of a wyvern into his bag. He reached into it and pulled it out, and held it in the air. “Wyvern meat is quite good, you know.”

Both Mike and Bret’s faces paled. They never thought the young man in front of him had already hunted a dragon! But at the same time, Mike’s anger began to rise as he shouted out: “This… You!? If you can do this, why didn’t you help the cities!? So many people died! We could have fought them back!”

“Are you an idiot? This is just the lowest of the lowest of dragons. Forget killing the big guys, even a drake would be harder to kill. These things can’t breathe fire. They only have the ability to use physical attacks. And they have a weakness. Their eyes. Once you take those out, it just takes a few fireballs up the as….”

“Blake! Everyone gets it!” Lillia clenched her butt cheeks. She really did not like where Blake stuck his fireballs.

“Alright, calm down.” Blake shrugged as he looked at Mike. “Fighting dragons takes much more than the little bit of power I showed just now. What we have seen are only the lackeys of the true enemy. They are the dragons in human form called the Dragonic. You could consider their power to be the power of the gods if I were to explain it in a way you can understand.”

“What…” Mike’s eyes grew dull. He never thought that dragons were that powerful. He once more took a deep breath, trying to compose himself. “Let me ask you this. Are you an enemy to humanity?”

“What the hell did I just ask you?” Blake asked back, scratching his head. “Why would I try to recruit you people in hopes of forming a group of people who can build a place for humans and other races to live freely and prepare for the future, if I was an enemy of humanity?”

“Ah… Heh… I guess that was a stupid question. Alright. I will give you a chance. If you can make any one of us do what you can do. I will have me and my men follow you. But you must have one of us gain this new power you call magic.”


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