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“Blake, I’m hungry….” Lillia yawned as she sat in the living area. Blake chuckled and brought the plates out and put them down. “Eat up.”

“Mmm…” As soon as Lillia sank her teeth into the first bite, she squealed with happiness. Tina also had a big smile on her face as she ate the meal in front of her.

As for Blake, he looked at the two girls and chuckled. He wondered if the saying the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach was wrong, and it was actually the reverse. But seeing the cute dragon girl enjoying her food, Blake couldn’t help but want to tease her a bit. “Lillia, make sure you get under the blanks from now on.”

Lillia almost choked on her food as she lowered her head, blushing. At the same time, although quick, she did give a slight nod. Tina looked between the two and smiled. She found the two’s interactions quite cute.

After a good meal, it was now time for training. Lillia brought the two downstairs and began going over the training program she had set up for the both of them. “As you are both only at the level of a baby horned rabbit, I will begin with an easy routine. But I hope you will at least level up to a fanged deer within three days!”

Blake frowned. She was basically calling them worse than an ant. He could understand the perception of a dragon might be somewhat off, but the difference here was like night and day mainly because they were at least on the level of a goblin at this time! At least he was anyway!

While he had some complaints about her choice of words, Blake did not say anything, and he continued to listen to what she was saying. “You will begin with running around the training room one thousand times. I want it done by noon time.”

Tina’s face paled while Blake’s face was filled with fighting spirit. The training room was deep underground making it very cool, and on top of that, it was over a mile wide in all directions. “Alright, let’s do this!” Blake said as he took off running. Poor Tina hesitated for a moment, but when she saw Lillia staring at her, she quickly followed after Blake.

A few hours later….

“What is this!? How can you both not complete the task!?” Lillia yelled out.

Both Blake and Tina were both dripping in sweat and trying to catch their breaths. They looked up at Lillia as if she was a monster. “Lillia. You asked us to run around the room a thousand times! We only had three hours before noon! If we were to do as you said, we would basically need to run at the speed of light!”

“What do you mean run at the speed of light!? It’s just a thousand laps!” Lillia tried to argue back, but she only got an eye roll from Blake.

“Start lower and let us build up to that point then. You do remember we were mere humans not too long ago, right?” Blake asked as he stood up and took off his sweat soaked shirt.

Lillia looked at Blake’s sweat drenched muscles and blushed slightly. He had become even better looking after eating so much wyvern meat. His muscles were much toner and were the perfect size. Even Tina had to look away because she was afraid of staring. She did not wish to die!

“Fine, I will lower the difficulty level….” Lillia pursed her lips. After looking at Blake, she decided not to be so hard on him. Of course, Lillia was trying to make them do training that only dragons could take at Blake and Tina’s level. “Since you both did over one hundred laps, we will try to push for two hundred in a week. So, for now, let’s take a break. After the break, we will begin magic exercises. Then dinner, and then weapon practice. Break and, finally, battle practice. Since you are both evolved beings, sleep is not as important.”

Hearing the review schedule, Blake nodded his head in approval. It was much more toned down and allowed for them to break between training. Blake muttered a few words, and a magic circle appeared above him. Seconds later, water fell over his body, washing away all his sweat. “I wish I could do that….. Ahh!”

Lillia had ‘kindly’ made a magic circle like Blake’s and drenched her from head to toe. “You will be learning basic magic today, so from now on, do it yourself. Now come on, I want something good.”

Blake watched as the dragon girl crossed her arms across her chest and walked off towards the stairwell. He chuckled and patted Tina on the shoulder. “You should go dry off and change. I can see everything.”

Tina looked down and saw that her white shirt was now fully see through! Her face turned a crimson red as she quickly rushed off. She only heard Blake’s laughter behind her, making her even more embarrassed.

Blake knew that Lillia did not think too much about nakedness. So she wouldn’t think much of him seeing Tina. Which he felt was not too bad because cute girls were always worth looking at as long as he only snuck a peek in order to not bring death upon him.

When he went upstairs, Lillia was in the kitchen waiting for him. “Blake, teach me to cook something simple.”

“Oh? You want to learn?” Blake asked.

“Mmm… You will be training a lot so it would not be fair to ask you to cook at the same time. So I figured if I learn how to make a few dishes, I could at least help relieve some of your duties so you can rest better.” Lillia explained, causing Blake to smile. He pulled her into a hug causing Lillia to blush and place her hands on his chest. She felt his smooth skin under her fingers and rested her cheek on his chest to listen to his heartbeat.

“Then, from now on, I will teach you how to cook during our breaks,” Blake said as he rubbed Lillia’s back.


After lunch, Lillia was back in her spartan mode. Luckily this time, she could go all out and make everyone push their limits. She stood in front of the two and passed back and forth as she spoke: “Blake already has the fundamentals of magic down, but magic is more than just creating a magic circle for a certain spell. Once you learn it enough, you can easily change the spell to do as you please. This is why the concept of magic being infinity is true. Magic, even if it is the same element, the same base magic circle, will still vary depending on the one casting it. Like so.”

Lillia created a magic circle in the air for them to see. “This here is a standard magic circle for a fireball spell. The way this works is that it takes the shape one would normally envision and creates a flaming ball of fire that can then be directed at a target. But!”

Lillia created another magic circle. It was the same magic circle as before, but part of the runes were missing. “If we remove the part of the spell that says how the spell should take shape and then use our own mental image to envision the shape of the spell, you can now control the shape of the spell. All while using the same kind of magic circle you would use for a fireball. And by adding a bit more mana, you can even make it more powerful. But this only works once you are able to sync the image in your mind with the spell you are casting like so.”

A large fiery sword appeared in the air and danced around with Lillia’s movements. It was something that both Tina and even Blake were seeing for the first time. “A simple basic spell can go a long way as long as you know how to use it correctly and can be even more advantageous in a fight than, say, a high tier spell.”

Lillia waved her hand, getting rid of the flaming sword, and turned to look at the two. “So from now until dinner, the two of you will work on making your magic circles without the shape imprinted into them and try to use your own mental image to form the shape of the spell.”

“Umm….” Tina raised her hand as if she was in school.


“I was wondering. How do I even begin creating a magic circle in the first place….” Tina had never used magic, so she didn’t even know the basics of the basics.

“Ah, right! I will teach you how to move the mana inside you to create magic circles. Then you will begin working on his task.” Lillia answered before turning to Blake. “You will continue with what I instructed. Just remember to feed the image in your mind into the flow of mana within you. This will help imbue the image into the magic circle itself.”


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