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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 32: Found A Way To A Dragon Girl’s Heart Bahasa Indonesia

That night Blake lay alone on his bed, leaning back on it, staring at the stone ceiling. A lot had happened. He knew at this moment Tina was undergoing her evolution. Thanks to Lillia putting up a barrier covering the whole living space, including the training room she made under them, they were able to move around freely without being detected. Lillia had said unless it was an elder from the Dragonic race, no one would know they were here unless they began blowing things up.

Blake raised his hand above his head, causing a magic circle to form above him. A small ball of water hovered there before slowly raining down into Blake’s open mouth. “Water magic tastes better than normal water….”

Blake then began creating different things. Fire, earth, wind, he formed one of each type before making them disappear. Things created with magic did not disappear unless the caster made them disappear. While he was really starting to gain an interest in the way spells worked, he still found golems to be the most interesting as it was similar to creating life itself. He wanted to go farther than just a basic golem but create one that seemed truly alive.

A lot of this way of thinking came from his time in computer science. He liked the idea of creating artificial intelligence. He truly enjoyed the coding process that came with creating artificial intelligence. And now that one day he would be able to make a large golem, he hoped to make something with more than just a few commands built into it.

Blake rolled over to the side of the bed and let his hand touch the floor. After muttering a few words, a magic circle formed on the ground, and from its center, a small rock appeared and began rolling around. This was the limit of his current abilities. But as long as he continued to cast magic and take in mana, he would slowly grow his mana pool to a point that would allow him to cast bigger spells.

He soon fell into a deep slumber. He did not even notice a certain dragon girl who appeared in his room during the early morning hours. She walked over to the bed and knelt down next to it. She gazed at the young man’s face in front of hers with a warm smile. She stayed there like that for a while before standing up and blushing slightly as she hovered into the air and moved over Blake to lay down on the other side of him. The bed she made for this room was big enough for two people. And she did that on purpose for his room as well as her own. Tina only got a single wide bed, though.

Lillia knew that since Blake was not truly in love with her yet and that they were only boyfriend and girlfriend in name only that she should not be sleeping in the same bed as him, but she couldn’t stop herself from wanting to be near him at all times. She wondered, though. Would he get mad at her if he woke up to find her in his bed? Would he be happy? Many thoughts went through her mind, but even if such a thing was possible, she still wished to stay by his side.

The next morning Blake woke up with a heavy feeling on his waist. He looked down to see a delicate white arm laid across it. He did not even need to ask who it was. He slowly rolled himself over to see Lillia’s sleeping face. He was surprised that she had actually fallen asleep. Her cute face was only inches away, but he held himself back from making any moves. He did, however, reach up and move a lock of her hair behind her ear. She looked up at the pointy tufts of hair which were actually her horns, and smiled. “She must feel more at home now that she did not need to hide her real appearance,” Blake whispered to himself with a smile.

He decided he should get up and start cooking some food. It seemed both Tina and Lillia were no good at such things. He slipped out from under Lillia’s arm and covered her with a blanket before leaving the room. Surprisingly when he walked out to the living area, Tina was sitting there staring at the wall. “Tina?”

“Huh? Ah! Blake sorry. I was in a daze. Everything just seems so surreal.” Tina had never felt so good in her entire life. The mana in the entire place was abundant due to the mana crystals spread throughout the place. Tina had been sitting there taking the mana into her body. She felt like a whole new person, as if she had been reborn.

“When I first underwent my evolution in my past life, I was the same. But remember one thing. Do not get ahead of yourself now that you have evolved. You will have to continue to grow stronger or even the weakest of the races, the goblins will be able to defeat you, and you do not want them doing that.” Blake replied as he walked towards the kitchen area.

“I will make sure I work hard,” Tina replied while nodding her head. She did not dare take Blake’s words as a joke. He did not seem like the type of person to do so.

When Blake went into the kitchen area, he noticed that Lillia seemed to have added quite a bit. Blake sighed as he saw the whole set of kitchen gear all set up in the stone cabinets. They were not there when he went to bed last night. “She worked hard. I guess I should make her something extra special.” Blake lifted the stone lid to an ice box. It was where they were keeping some meat and other items fresh. While they could keep it in Lillia’s space, this was more for the ease of use for the time being.

Blake took out some wyvern meat and cut it into thin strips. He then used wind magic to silently tenderize it so he would not wake Lillia up. After adding a few spices to it and began frying them up with some vegetables and some thinly sliced seasoned potatoes. Once everything was just about cooked, he added an egg to each portion and a bit of cheese. A few minutes later, he plated it all.

It was right at this time that Lillia walked out. She had smelt the food and had gotten used to eating Blake’s cooking, or it should be said to be more like he had won her over big time with his cooking skills. He had found the way to a dragon’s girl’s heart! Good food!


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