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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 244.1: Change In the Situation Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

–An) Bonus Chapter for the magic castle on Saturday! 4 more chapters are still coming!—

After the burial, Blake sat on the edge of the crater and looked out over the vastness of it at what was left of the one piece of land that survived in the middle. “Blake?” Clance appeared behind Blake and could tell his mood was not good.

“Clance…”Blake called out her name before pausing… “I need to grow stronger. Today, I was basically useless. I couldn’t break that thing’s barrier, and I could not even defend against that magic attack. We only survived because you were there. How am I supposed to protect my family and my people if I can not even kill one of those things?” Blake really felt weak. He could only watch on while Clance did all the work.

“You have to remember that I have thousands of years of time while you only have a short number of years of life. When I was your age, I would not be able to hold a candle to your current power. While that thing is strong, even on par with myself, this does not mean you are very weak. Because I could barely hold on. That thing has strength that is very abnormal, but it is also an unknown entity that not even the dragonic clan has run into before.

“That things power is on the same level is Iseles. And I am sure it will grow even more powerful over time. For now, we can only hope to grow stronger and stronger until we are able to surpass it. And if there is anyone who is able to fight with it evenly in the future, it would be you.” Clance sat down and hugged Blake from behind. “So never think you are too weak. Strength takes time to grow. Only when you have sufficient time will you be able to stand above everyone. Then at that time, you will have the power to protect all of us.

“But until then, let us, your wives, help you shoulder part of that burden and be your power. Let us shoulder some of your responsibility. We all love you and want to be by your side forever. We will live or die with you.” Clance held Blake in her arms. The man she loved was holding the world up on his shoulders for them. He always worried about them and those he wanted to protect. She knew he had always worked hard. But he also needed to know that they were there to help no matter what.

Blake sunk into Clance’s warmth. He never thought there would be a day when a dragonic would be a source of warmth for him. This was not to say he did not care about and love Clance, he just found it funny. But he really appreciated her ability to help him calm his mind. “You are right. I will continue to try to grow stronger and stronger until, one day, I can stand in front of you all and shield you from any dangers. Until then, Clance, I will be relying on you and the other girls to support me. But I promise I will be your mountain in the future. Someone who can stand tall and strong without moving in the face of any adversary.”

“Mmm… This is the man I love.” Clance smiled and kissed his lips. She truly treasured this man. She was very glad she had met him. Because of him, she was able to experience true love. Because of him, she was able to salvage her relationship with a sister she had neglected and tormented. He had opened her world to new possibilities and even given her a bundle of joy. Thinking of her daughter, who likes to run around with her sisters, made her smile. She hoped in the future, she would have more babies with this man and grow their family even more.

With Clance’s help, Blake sent Ricky and the survivors to Destiny City. Clance went with them this time to get someone to settle them in. When Clance arrived in the city with a few hundred people, it caught everyone’s attention. Ricky and his people were stunned by how advanced things were. They had lighting and even magic based holographic s. It was a far cry from what they had built up. But what amazed them more was the diversity of the city. So many different races were living together in a single place. “He was not lying….”

“Blake would never lie unless you are the enemy. He truly wanted to help you all. Anyway, stay here and let me go find someone to help settle you in.” Clance had already set a contract on them, so they only needed to be settled in for the time being before Lillia made them permanent residents.

As she flew towards the original base, she heard fighting down below. “Anna, why can you not give me the time of day!?” A young man asked as he looked at Anna Harris, Blake’s adopted sister. Anna was now turning twenty. She was way above the marriageable age, but she showed no interest in any man who has tried to woo her.

“Why should I? Are you as good as my brother? Are you as strong as my brother? Are you as handsome as my brother? My standards are very high! Only those who can be on par with my brother are worthy of standing at my side. Until then, I will just concentrate on working hard so I can help my brother when he needs it.” Anna snorted. She disliked men like the one in front of her.

“What kind of excuse is that? Who can match up to the Lord beside his own wives!? I may not be any of those that you said, but I am still at least better than the rest!” The young man yelled back. He knew there was no way in hell he could ever be as strong as the lord!

“Oh? You are better than the rest? I think not. Do not think I do not know about how you get with every girl you see. I have many friends in the city, and those girls, some of whom you robbed of their virginity, all say you are nothing but a playboy. You should be happy my sister in law has not changed your contract yet to make you a monk for the rest of your life!” Anna sneered at the young man. She knew the young man would not dare touch her because if he did, she would beat him up. Her brother made an exception on her contract that allowed her to defend herself against evil doers! And this was one of them! So if she wanted to, she could beat him up as long as she did not kill him!

“I…” The young man’s words got caught in his throat. But he quickly composed himself as she reached out to grab Anna’s wrist, only to feel a sharp pain in his wrist as his hand was stopped inches from Anna’s. “Why are you trying to touch my sister in law? Has she said you can touch her?”

The young man’s eyes went wide with fear as he quickly lowered his head. “Madam Clance! It’s my fault I was impulsive!”

“Impulsiveness can get you killed. Leave Anna alone from now on. If I hear you have done this again, I will get Sister Lillia to make a sex change potion and force feed it to you before dropping you off at a goblins den!”

–AN) I need all my reader’s opinions! So I will take a small poll on making Anna a Drakani. To do so, Blake will need to do three things, Suck her blood which in turn makes her basically his slave, like what happened to Darla. While sucking her blood, he would then need to inject a special kind of drakani blood into her, but to keep her from going crazy and losing her mind, she would need to make love to Blake. This would not make her a wife but a drakani, which would make her blood related to Blake. Comment 1 for yes or 2 for no. Thanks!—


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