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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 243: Reglios Bahasa Indonesia

This time his actions caught the attention of the black scaled humanoid monsters inside. One of them looked up at Blake and gave him a hideous smile exposing his bloodied, sharp teeth. “Creature, you did not die? It seems you are more powerful than I thought. But sadly, you are too weak to break my barrier! The Reglios will rule this world! Now watch as we destroy these puny creatures!”

Blake frowned. He looked at the black called humanoid monster who just spoke and wondered just what the hell it was. It had called himself a reglios. He also noticed that he could only hear the monster’s voice. He couldn’t hear the people inside or the weapon fire and magic that was being fired off. This showed that the one who cast the barrier was the one who was speaking to him. He took a deep breath and shouted: “If you are so powerful, then you will not mind me and my people joining the battle now, will you!?”

“Heh… Do you really think you can save these insects? Then I will give you a chance.” As these words were heard the barrier suddenly disappeared, and three of the reglios rushed towards Blake’s group. Blake did not say a word as he put a shield up around the humans left alive, blocking the attacks from the reglios. He then looked at what he presumed to be the leader of the reglios and snorted: “Do you think by attacking those without power you can really defeat me and my people?”

“Oh?” The lead of the reglios eyes suddenly glowed with an ominous light as a huge magic circle appeared in the sky. At the same time, Clance suddenly appeared in the air above Blake and waved her hand, creating another huge magic circle that clashed with the other. The power of these two magic circles clashing together causing a storm to start forming in the sky. Two great powers were fighting against each other for dominance. “Hahaha! To think you really had someone this powerful…..”

The leader of the reglios eyes narrowed as he let out a strange growl, and the reglios that were about to attack stopped and turned into shadows and disappeared. Even the leader had disappeared, along with the other reglios, but a voice was heard coming from some unknown place. “In time, you will see just how quickly you and your weak beings will fall to the reglios.”

The magic circle in the air that the reglios created suddenly began to shine brightly, causing Clance to yell out: “Everyone put up a barrier now!”

Clance quickly cast a barrier around everyone there, even the city, and braised for the impact. Blake also tossed up a secondary barrier in hopes of giving some reinforcement as a huge explosion filled the sky. Everyone had to close their eyes as the area around them was vaporized into nothingness. This was the same attack that had sent Blake flying before, detonation.

As the light subsided, what was revealed was a patch of land sitting in the middle of a huge crater. Blake’s frown grew deeper as he looked at this destruction. “It seems as soon as it feels it might be threatened, it is not afraid to use this as a means to escape.”

“Blake, what was that!?” Clance asked. Her whole body was dripping in sweat. It actually took everything she had to suppress the magic circle in the air before it detonated.

“It called itself a reglios. I believe it is the being born from a human monster. But it seems to have comrades. How there are more of them, I do not know. Unless many human monsters are actually giving birth to these things in greater numbers.” Blake looked at the death and destruction it left around and felt the path ahead might be very difficult. “When we return to the city, we will need to hold a meeting.”

“I agree. We need to come up with some kind of deterrence for these monsters. The magic it used to escape is not something I have heard of before. It was like they melded into the shadows.” Clance did not know if she could even fight against multiple of those at one time if one of them could cast such grand magic.

“I am not sure, but I think it is a kind of shadow magic. It will be good to try to learn it.” Blake turned to everyone else to check on them, when he saw they were fine, he pressed his earpiece and asked: “Any damage?”

“No damage!” Tina replied. “We just arrived at the edge of the crater. There is no way for us to cross this thing…. Blake, you need to make us some kind of flying magic!”

“Third evolution! You should be able to fly. At least, that is what Lillia told me. For now, be careful of the shadows. We will be over in a second.” Blake flapped his wings and descended into the city that was now half destroyed. He had to admit that no matter what, these people were strong. They held back those reglios, but it seemed that maybe they were being used as a test as well. Like they were learning the abilities of the human race.

“Ricky, what’s the damage?” Blake walked over to the man who was staring at the scene blankly. He turned his head slowly and asked: “What the fuck were those things!?”

“I just met them today, but it called itself a reglios. I believe it is a creature born from a pregnant human monster I met a while ago and tried to kill because, at that time, the human monster also used the same spell and almost killed me.” Blake explained. “For now, get all wounded together. My people will heal you. All able body people, please gather your dead and pile them up. We will send them off. Ricky, since you already decided to follow me, we will be sending you to our base after the send off. Take what you can salvage. We will leave here in three days.”


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