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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 216: Successful Testing Bahasa Indonesia

–AN) 2 more on the way!–

“I will not bow down and listen to some unknown!” The orc leader yelled out, but before he could make a move he suddenly felt a strong pressure weighing down on him and that his body was no longer mobile. “I think my husband told you to eat!”

Noa slowly walked out from out back and sneered as she waved her hand and caused the orc leader to stand on his feet. With a few more waves of her hand, the orc leader was like a puppet under Noa’s control as he was forced to set down in front of his deceased guard. “Blake, you can do as you please.”

“Hehe…. My wife is still too powerful.” Blake chuckled and walked over to the orc leader. He raised his hand and slapped the orc leader in the face causing the orc leader’s jaw to come unhinged. This entire time since the orc leader heard Noa’s voice he had been staring at her with immense fear in his eyes. The princess of the elves was known by all. And here she was, standing here with this man from a strange race. As he stared, he felt another sting of pain on his face making him look back over at Blake. “Who said you could look at my wife? Here eat this!” Blake ripped the orc guard’s leg off and shoved it into the orc leader’s mouth. “Chew it!”

Outside the tent a few minutes earlier, after the first rounds were fired, Bret signaled for a quick reload before having them fire again. He really couldn’t help but feel satisfied with how these weapons worked while they were single shot weapons at this time, the fact that you could eject and reload it in less than a second was very good. The canisters of mana that were tuned just right for the weapon were much denser and glowed with a bright blue light. It was quite visible once the ammo cartridge was taken out since they were in glass cylinders with an injector on the top.

When reloading, you pressed a button at the side, which would shoot the glass cylinder to the side so that you could easily slam in the next glass cylinder. As long as the cylinder was installed, you only needed to pull the trigger. There were no other gimmicks. The main chamber that the mana went into had many runic inscriptions inside that once touched by the mana, it would begin to form the mana and cause a combustion firing out the beam of solidified mana that was superheated like a laser weapon but was pure mana meaning that it could not be blocked.

In a sense, these weapons were Blake’s ultimate weapon against any future invasions. Today was only a test run. The best thing about this is that because these weapons had inscriptions on them, they could also be made to only be wielded by a single person. Meaning that if someone else tried to touch it, the whole weapon would fall apart, and the inscriptions would burn off, leaving no trace of how they worked.

This was the safety mechanism that Thardra, Noa, and even Lillia thought up when making the first weapon. If the musket was successful, Thardra planned to make more powerful weapons. And even remake an assault rifle so that you could fire a whole magazine of glass cartridges in as little as a second.

“Not bad!” Bret was very much satisfied with this current outcome. He pressed his earpiece and said: “Cut off their heads and limbs. We will send the parts to the one in the tent. Keep the torsos for burial. Our people are inside. Also pulled that pot off the fire. We are going to scavenge what we can and allow our people to rest!”

No one liked doing such a job, but it was a job that needed to be done. Everyone took a deep breath before going about their duties. Bret looked at the few who looked like they would fall over at any minute from holding back their stomachs and sighed. He also walked out of the bush and began doing the same as the others. As their general, he also had to suffer with them.

Back inside the tent, Blake’s lips were curled up into a cruel smile as he forced the jaw of the orc leader to move up and down. Making him chew on his own guard. Bite after bite he was forced to eat and swallow. “It’s good, right? You love it, don’t you? Eating your own kind. Chewing on their flesh. Don’t worry. There are many more where this one came from. You will sit here and eat them all.”

“Blake, if you make him eat too much, he might explode.” Noa knew Blake wanted to keep one alive.

“Hmmm… I forgot…. Hahaha!” Blake tilted his head. The cruelty of his race was starting to show his sadistic side when it came to punishing his enemies. “I forgot I need your life to stay in tack, so we will do this. You will take a bite out of every one of you men, and then I will send you on your way. Tell your higher ups that if they dare mess with my Destiny City again, I will fucking wipe the orcs off the face of the planet.” After saying this, he punched the orc leader in the face and stood back up.

“Noa, lock him down. Do not let him even look at you. I do not want him dirtying you with his shit eyes.” Blake was not in a good mood. He walked outside and found Bret.

“Blake. These weapons are truly amazing.” Bret walked over with a big smile on his face.

“That’s good. I forgot I needed one alive, so the idiot inside has to live. But he still needs to take a bite of every orc here. If the parts are mixed up, he can just take a bite of each part.”


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