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Blake and Lillia arrived back at their dugout home after taking the weapons from the police station. “I wonder what kind of face he made after he found out we took his weapons.” Lillia seemed very amused by what she had just done.

“Is this the first time you have done this, Lillia? You seem very good at it.” The whole thing went perfectly. She didn’t even make any noise, nor did she make any magic circles that would draw attention.

“Before the reset, I used to stea-borrow things from the elder dwarves. They would scream for days cursing my name.” Lillia replied with a proud smile.

Blake shook his head. But he was curious about one thing. “How did they even know your name?”

“Ah… Well, one day, I heard them shouting about how their weapons were gone, so I yelled out that I, the great Lillia, have come and conquered. Since then, even if I was not the one to ta-borrow their items, they would still scream out my name and curse me. I had quite the reputation! I even had a whole one hundred rooms worth of borrowed items as well.” Lillia stated proudly. She was very proud of her collection. “See, look at this sword here.”

Lillia took out a shiny sword that gave off a powerful aura. “This is a sword made by an elder dwarf.”

Blake looked at the sword. He had no intention of holding it. I felt that if he did, he would be consumed by the power of the sword. Lillia, seeing Blake not even try to touch the sword, eyes flashed with amusement. “You are smart. These weapons are too powerful for the current you. The power in this sword would instantly turn you into dust.”

“I can feel the pressure from the sword. If I had yet to learn about magic and just how powerful it can be, I might have been overwhelmed with curiosity, maybe even greed, to want to make such a weapon mine. But I am not foolish enough to hold such a powerful weapon that would consume me.” Blake replied as he sat down on the hard stone floor. “We need to figure out what we will be doing in the next few days. I am not sure how safe it might be to be staying in this forest. I know the dragons at this time are using scorched earth tactics to kill off any humans that might be hiding.”

“Hmmm… If they did destroy the forest, they would definitely sense my magic. So I guess we should leave at some point. You said this city won’t be hit until noon time?” Lillia asked. She had already gotten used to the words used to designate time.

“Yes, if everything continues to go as it is, they will show up in this city by then.” Blake was unsure of what to do. In his past life, he had barely gotten out of the flaming rubble. He was actually lucky that he had been beaten up that day and locked in the cellar of the campus computer science building. They had dragged him down there and beat him up until he was almost fully unconscious. But he had somehow kept himself awake just long enough to experience everything that had happened. He found a spot in the cellar to hide for almost three days before finally coming out.

“Hmmm… Then we should probably head towards a mountain as soon as they strike. Even if they burn the entire world, they will still not be able to burn a mountain down.” Lillia said as she moved to sit next to Blake. She then patted her thighs and looked at Blake with a bright smile.

Blake chuckled and laid his head down on Lillia’s soft thighs. As he felt Lillia playing with his hair, his eyes became heavy, and he dozed off.

In another part of the city. Tina stared at her phone and sighed. “He never called even though he had most definitely seen the note….” She did not know why she was so concerned about it. As of now, from what she saw on the news, cities were all up in flames. Even now, she dared not go to sleep as the world seemed to be going to hell.

“Maybe I should leave too… Disappear into the forest and never come back….” Tina sighed as she thought about this. She did not want to risk sitting around. Billions of people have already died, and yet the government has yet to move. The political system was just too stiff. So much infighting, yet people were dying left and right.

Watching all the news channels on her phone, each one covering the same thing, but each one also saying different things blaming this person and that person. “This world….” Tina stood up and went to her closet, and pulled out a duffle bag. She stuffed it with clothes and began emptying out her dry food cabinet into it. She filled up a few containers of water and put that in as well. While the bag was now quite heavy, she still slung it over her shoulder and brought it to her front door.

With all the events that had been happening this past week and all the crazy things she had seen, she was not going to stick around any longer. She saw no reason to stick around any longer. From what she understood at the start of the whole Blake Harris incident, everything pointed to him being the victim and the police force being used to settle a debt.

That was when the strange things began to happen. The holes in Blake’s apartment. The one hundred Blake lookalikes that were even faster than their cars. So many strange events had started happening all at once, and they only seemed to have been happening around Blake Harris.

Tina sighed once more as she changed into light clothes. She then put on a pair of hiking shoes before going to the couch. She did not plan to leave just yet. There were still a few hours until light. As long as nothing happened between now and then, she would begin her journey out of the city. She looked at the cell phone in her hand that had been put on silent and looked at all the calls from her sergeant, and shook her head. “Sorry, but I am not so loyal to a place that I just joined. I also wish to keep my life. Those dragons that are all over the internet are destroying city after city. They will soon be here. And I do not wish to be here….”

Letting out yet another sigh, Tina made a firm decision. “Why am I waiting for light when those things could be coming here at any time…. I would rather not wait to die burning alive.”

With her decision made, Tina got up and walked to the front door, picked up her bag, and left her house. She didn’t even bother locking it. It was not like she had much to worry about anyways. Everything that was important was in her bag. She had her gun in a holster strapped to her body for protection, so she was not too concerned about being robbed.

As she walked out of her house, she realized she was not the only one wanting to leave. She saw many people in the halls even though it was so late at night. They were taking large boxes out of their house. Seeing such things, she could only shake her head. To try to leave by car was just plain dumb. Walking was the best bet. This was why she did not take her keys. She had no need to. She only took her phone and a small solar charger. This way, she could keep up to date on the current events at least until the wifi stops working.

The city had no power. There were no lights hiding the night sky. She could clearly see the stars as she looked up at the sky. They looked pleasantly beautiful. She wondered just how long she could survive. How long will it take before she ends up dead like everyone else? Whatever lay waiting for her down the road, she hoped if she was going to die, it would be quick and painless. The image of the young man whom she had been chasing for the past few days popped into her mind. She wondered if he knew about all of this. If he knew things were going to change or not. Or if maybe he was part of the change. If only she knew that at this moment, the one she was thinking about was happily sleeping on the thighs of a race that was now seen as mankind’s enemy. Although Ather dragons are on mankind’s side, it did not change the fact that she was a dragon through and through.

As the cities burned around the world, many lives would soon meet and intertwine. A new age was coming for both mankind and dragons.


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