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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 190: Iseles Bahasa Indonesia

Clance looked at Blake in confusion before answering. “You know my elder sister Iseles?”

“So she was a princess as well…” Blake nodded after hearing the words elder sister. This would explain why she was so powerful. He came to an understanding when he fought against the two dragonic. They were powerful, but the scale of the power a dragonic could produce was also based on how strong they were. Not all dragonic were on the same power scale.

“Yes, she is the current dragonic empress’s daughter and is one of the most powerful of our generation,” Clance replied. She did not mind disclosing anything and everything about her race. Not to mention the contracts she is currently under, now that Blake was her husband, she would help him in any way possible.

“I see…” Blake leaned back and looked up at the rocky ceiling above. The entire cave was lit by a dim blue light that came from some strange ore embedded into the cave walls. Blake had never seen such ore before, so he could only assume this was a new kind of ore. “Then she is your enemy?”

“Yes.” Clance did not hide it. As they came from different mothers, it was only a matter of time before they fought one another.

“Then we will take her down.” Blake reached out and gently cupped Clance’s cheek, leaned in, and kissed her lips. “Clance, let’s cancel the slave contract.”

Clance’s eyes suddenly became panicked as he yelled out: “Master, please don’t! This contract binds us together. If not for this contract, I would not have been able to make it here. Whether you accept me as a wife, use my body to birth babies, or even use it to just relieve your lust, my body and soul now belong to you. So please…” Clance’s eyes began to water up as she looked at Blake. “Please don’t make me get rid of it…..”

Blake looked into her pleading eyes and sighed. “Alright, if you look at me like that, I can not say no. You can keep it on but if you ever wish to get rid of it, let me know.”

“Mmm!” Clance smiled happily as she stood up, albeit, with some difficulty, her scales reappearing and transforming into her normal wear. “Shall we go?”

“Alright, let me get some fresh clothes on. But I also want to grab some of this blue ore. You haven’t seen this kind of ore before, have you?” Blake wondered if this was something that had been created during the mana wave or if something that had always been here.

“This kind of ore no…. But there is a kind of glowing ore from the old world that resembled this, but it was very precious and would never be found in such an abundance as this.” Clance answered as she stabbed her fingers into the wall and dug out a chunk of ore the size of her head.

The blue, glowing ore pulsated in her hand. He seemed to be beaming with energy. “This is a very strange ore. The energy in this thing is massive.”

“Hmmm? Let me check it real quick.” Blake fished a geiger counter out of his space pouch and held it to the rock, but sadly there was no reaction. “Not radioactive, so maybe a new kind of energy. It does not feel like mana. Let’s collect as much as possible.”

“Okay!” Clance happily began flying around the entire massive cavern. To make sure things did not go pitch black, Blake cast a lighting spell to keep the cavern lit.

It took a few hours, but after she was done, there was a massive pile of this ore. Blake quickly stored it away in his space pouch, hoping maybe Thardra would be able to help figure it out. “Alright, this should be enough. We should try to get back home.”

In a newly built building sitting at the head of a table, sat a young man with a crooked crown on his head. His orange eyes looked at everyone around the table with a cold, arrogant expression. “Still no word from Clance?”

“Elder Brother, we still have not heard anything new. She has not contacted us at all. Do you think maybe something happened?” The eighth prince asked.

“Clance is a space mage. How can she be so easily defeated?” The third princess snorted as she looked at the people around the table. “Eldest brother, you spoil Clance even though she is not your full-blood sister all because of her abilities, but what if she has turned traitor?”

“If that is the case, we just kill her along with the trash.” A young woman with a powerful aura walked into the room. “Little brother, you need to be more strict with these siblings of ours, or they will walk all over you.”

“Iseles!” The third princess yelled out while gritting her teeth. “Don’t come in here and try to sow discord. We are all in this…..”

The third princess began clawing at her throat as she felt what seemed like an invisible hand wrapped around it, squeezing it. “When did little bitches have a turn to speak when I am speaking?”

“Iseles, let her go. We still need her.” The young man with the crooked crown spoke up. Iseles sneered and tossed the third princess against the wall, causing her to pass out on contact. “Trien, my dear little brother. You are to become the ruler of this new world. Why are you showing such weakness, or does this sister of yours need to teach you how a ruler should act? Everyone should bow down and fear you. Not sitting here expressing their opinions freely. You make the choices and they act on them. If you want the elves to die, kill them. If you want your siblings to die, then cut them all down and bathe in their blood. Destroy everyone and everything. This is what we dragonic are all about.”


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