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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 189: Betting Once Again Bahasa Indonesia

Blake let out a long relaxed sigh. He had been holding it in for so long he had not realized how badly it had been affecting him. He had lost himself there for half the round before coming back to his senses. But now that he had released, he felt like his normal self once more.

He held Clance, who was so drained of energy, in his arms and rinsed her off once more before rinsing himself off. He then got changed and took out a blanket to wrap around the sleeping girl in his arms. He could do nothing about what was leaking from her crotch. So he just laid her down and let things take their course.

“I bet three nights he slept with her!” Tina raised her hand. Once again, the girls, while worried, were using betting to ease their minds.

“I do not think this is very fair. If we all bet the same thing, then what is the point of betting?” Mina asked with a small pout. She did not understand why they were betting. It was pretty much a given with Blake’s race that the deed was probably already done.

“It’s just for fun. Even if we all bet the same thing, it wouldn’t matter. It would just be like any other day.” Sam said as she slapped her hand on the table. “I bet three nights as well!”

“I think we are pretty much agreed on it happening. I mean, I basically gave her the go-ahead before she left.” Lillia said while taking a sip of her tea. She was not betting this time since she had won last time.

“Speaking of that, Lillia, is there really no way to help Faana?” Tina couldn’t help but feel bad for the girl.

“There is, but it is not easy, and it might cost me getting noticed by the other powers. Space mages are one thing, but…. Altering time for someone is another. This is why I have not done it. I want to help her, but I think it should be done slowly. I heard from my sister-in-law that she had made a scene about growing an inch. Faana had told me that she had not grown at all since she had grown to her current height, so maybe this will be a turning point in her life.” By sister-in-law, she was speaking about Anna, Blake’s adopted sister.

“Let’s hope things work out. I am sure Faana will blossom into a beauty.” Erica let out a sigh as she leaned against Tina and rubbed her belly. “Sister Lillia, when do you think we can start having kids?”

“Mmm….. It’s up to Blake. I think he is waiting for things to settle down more. Or after he gained more control over his powers. But I mean, you could already be pregnant since I haven’t been blocking any of your wombs as of late.” Lillia answered. She was in charge of blocking their wombs from being impregnated. But since Blake was now a drakani and could spend more time at home setting things up, she was not so worried about the girls being left alone during their pregnancy.

“I do not think he cares where he shoots it. Before he left, he got it in my eye!” Tina frowned as she pouted. It stung!

“You complain about your eye, but look at me! I ended up bathing in it from head to toe!” Mina snorted, causing Tina to laugh and gently pat the little fairy’s head.

“Where are Mona and Moha? Yui is missing too….” Sam noticed not all of them were there. She wondered what might have happened.

“Yui said she would wait for Blake at the entrance of the base. She refuses to move from there. I have to force her to eat. As for Mona and Moha, they were helping their clan. It’s milking day. Our soon to be new sister, dwarven princess Josline is also tending to her people and settling in.” Tina explained. “Everyone is dealing with this the best we can. It’s been two weeks now, and we do not know what is taking so long. We can only wait patiently.”

All the girls lowered their heads. Each one had a worried expression on their face. Lillia slapped her cheeks as she stood up. “Alright, no more sad faces. We, as his wives, should keep doing what we do best, and that is working on expansion and making a place where a proper king can rise up!”

Lillia’s morale boost seemed to work because all the girls stood up and nodded their heads to agree. They had one role, and that was to do what they could for Blake. None of them realized that this way of thinking was also due to Blake’s drakani bloodline. Blake had fed on all of them. Even Mina had Blake drink some of her blood. This meant their lives all belonged to him and only him. Everything they did was for him.

It was the one aspect that Blake hated about his bloodline, but the girls all said the same thing. They knew what was to come even before he turned into a drakani.

Back inside the cavern, Blake roasted some wyvern meat and set it on a plate, and placed it next to Clance’s head. The smell of the meat must have woken her up because she sleepily reached out and grabbed it and began munching on it like a bunny eating a piece of grass.

“How are you feeling?” Blake asked. He was feeling kind of bad since he really did not treat her gently.

“Sore, but it’s fine. I will ride on your back for a while….” Clance replied as she ripped into the meat. She had used up all her energy, so this was much-needed sustenance.

“That’s no problem.” Blake chuckled as he leaned back against the rock behind him. “Hey Clance, do you know a dragonic with black hair and a scar over her right eye?”


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