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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 186.1: Negative Magic Zone Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

As the lava rain came to an end, Blake looked down at the molten sandworm as it let out another strange cry before diving back down under the sand. Blake stared at the hole it had made before, but it was quickly filled with sand, not giving him a chance to see if there was lava under the surface of the sand.

Blake felt a little reluctant to let it go like that since he wanted to get a better understanding of the worms, but he could feel his body slowly heating up once more. “I guess I should keep moving.”

Once more, Blake was off course and turned around. He had no idea where he was anymore or which direction he should head in. As he stood in the air, trying to find the right direction, the air around him began to vibrate, putting him on guard once more. Seconds later, a hand suddenly broke through time and space, causing Blake to jump back. But he slowly realized he actually knew this person. In a matter of seconds, a figure pulled itself out of a small tear in space and appeared in front of Blake. “Master!”

Clance charged forward and hugged Blake, leaving him standing in the air stunned with his arms dangling to his sides. “How did you find me?”

“Our contract, I can sense where you are. Did you not know you could do that?” Clance asked as she stepped back and looked Blake over. But Blake could only furrow his brow. He really did not know that!

“But wait, even with you standing in front of me, I can not sense our contract….” Blake noticed he really could not sense any connection to her.

Clance stopped her inspection and patted her body. “You are right… I do not feel any connection to you now, but I still feel the contract on my body, which means it is still there. This is quite strange. Could this area be masking it?”

“I have no idea, but this place is hotter than anything and has huge molten sandworms that attack anything that is on the ground. While I can probably kill them, it would be too much of a pain in the ass to do so.” Blake felt like even though the molten sandworms were huge, they did not seem all that strong. Because he really did not feel any danger from them, just curiosity.

“Then what do you want to do?” Clance asked. She was unsure if Blake wanted to return now or not.

“Let’s head back. The blood I consumed earlier will only last so long.” Blake did not want to end up with another blood lust episode. He already felt bad for the girl he killed to satiate his hunger.

Clance blushed as she flew close to Blake and tilted her neck to him. “You can drink mine….”

Blake stared at Clance, whose cheeks were red as she lowered her eyes shyly in front of him and asked: “Are you sure? You know, once I do this, there is no going back. Even if we break the slave contract, you will only ever be mine and will never be able to go against me.”

Clance nodded her head. “Mmm…. I am willing to give you my everything.”

Blake did not stand on ceremony as he slipped his hand around her waist and sunk his teeth into her neck. Clance’s body jolted with pleasure as she moaned softly and hugged Blake. Her hands moved up and down his body. The feeling of having her blood sucked by this man was enough to send her to heaven. She never thought the feeling would be this good. Her eyes glazed over as she began nibbling on Blake’s shoulder. Her hands moved from his back to his chest and trailed down to his pants.

When Blake felt Clance’s hand on his pants, he did not stop her, allowing her to unzip them and slip her hand inside and pull out his already hardening dick. He drank her blood as she gently stroked his shaft and pressed it against her crotch, which he could feel growing warm through her shorts. “Blake~….”

“I know… But this is not the place so wait a bit longer, okay?” Blake pulled his face away from her neck and gently held Clance’s chin, and kissed her lips. “While I do not mind finding out what it would be like to have sex with a beautiful girl in the sky, this is definitely not the place to do it.”

“Mmm….” Clance bit her bottom lip as she looked at the dick in her hand and slowly put it back into its proper place. Blake also wanted to release, but now was not the time.

“Do you know which way is home?” Blake asked. He was still lost, no matter how he looked at it.

“Ummm….” Clance wrinkled her nose. She also did not seem to be able to tell where she was. “This might not be as easy as I thought. What about this? I will take us in this direction using my spatial step and see if it brings us any whe…. Huh!?”

“What?” Blake looked at Clance’s surprised expression and felt very confused.

“I can’t access the space here. Is this why my space tear took so long to open!?” Now that she thought about it, the tear in space she came out of was quite small. Normally she could just walk through it without issue, even bring a few people with her, but she seemed to have struggled to open it up enough just to allow her to slip through to arrive here.

“There seems to be some kind of field here. Regular magic does seem to work, but I think it breaks down quite quickly. Earlier I created a few cubes of ice with magi, and it started melting right away.” Blake explained.

“A negative magic zone. The old world and even the other dimension had such areas as well. It was always a harsh environment and had some kind of massive monster roaming around in them. Blake, we need to pick A direction and stick with it. We should at least find an end to the desert no matter what.”


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