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–An) We hit 1k! Here is your bonus chapter. 4 more still to come!–

Lillia looked at Clance, whose expression was serious, and nodded. She walked over and placed her hand on Clance’s shoulder. “If you bring our husband back to us, I will allow you to become our sister.”

Clance’s eyes went wide. She never thought that Lillia would one day say this. She figured she would have to plead and beg to join the group! She was even more fired up to hurry up and leave! She did her best to contain her excitement as she said: “I will bring him back., I promise you.”

After Clance left, Noa couldn’t help but frown a little. “Lillia, are you really going to let her join?”

“Why not?” Lillia turned and asked. “Clance is a space mage. If you combine her genes and Blake’s genes together and she produces a child who can also use space magic, then our family will grow much stronger in the coming years. Clance may have done horrible things in the past, but she is now fully under Blake’s control as well as mine. Faana seems to have also accepted her to a point. Not to mention she is a dragonic who once looked down upon humans and the other races. How good would it feel to toy with her in bed as she begs you for mercy?”

Noa Wrinkled her brow and wiggled her nose as she fell into thought for a moment. As she thought about it, she realized this could be a good way of getting revenge without actually hurting anyone. She could make Clance scream and beg her to stop, but she will not let up! “Hehe….” A giggle escaped her lips, causing her to blush as she quickly covered her mouth.

“Your eyes say it all.” Lillia smiled. She was relieved that Clance was in a slave contract with Blake, or else things might have been much worse. “Noa, when he returns, you and every one of us wives must put a new tracking mark on him. After his evolution, the old one wore off. We should have done this after he evolved, but it completely slipped my mind.”

“Mine as well…” Noa frowned as she sighed. “We can only hope he returns quickly.”

Blake flew through the air, sweat dripping from his brow. He had to keep stopping to drink water. He did not know why this place was so damn hot! A vast desert with no end in sight. He had long lost any sense of direction. He could not even see the city he was once at. “What the hell!”

Blake looked around and spotted a tall sand dune that arched over and created a shadow on the ground. He flew over and slowly floated over it before creating a massive block of ice. Only then did he land and sit on it. “Now, this is what I am talking about! Why the hell does it have to be so damn hot!”

Under the intense heat, the ice block was rapidly melting, which Blake found strange. It was made of magic, so it should not be able to melt unless he released it or was hit with fire magic. Frowning slightly, he once more froze the ice under him and lay there, cooling his body down.

He was actually quite tired. But he did not dare to sleep. If he slept, he was afraid he would be attacked by something. He did not remember anyone in his past life talking about a hot endless desert!

Blake realized he did not move around enough. He had no idea how far he was from his base, but he could say this for sure, he had never seen this desert in his previous life. And he damn well never felt heat like this until now. “This sucks….”

As Blake complained to himself about his current predicament, he suddenly felt a strange vibration under him. It was very weak at first, but it slowly began to grow stronger and stronger. He turned and looked down under him to see the sand was starting to glow and liquefy. Not wanting to take any risks, he quickly flapped his wings and disappeared from the block of ice and reappeared way up in the air just in time to see a massive sand worm made of molten lava shoot up from underground, melting the sand around it and turning it into glass. “What the hell is that!?”

Its wide open mouth rose up into the sky as clumps of molten lava rolled over its skin. Inside its mouth was like a fiery hell. Blake could see a river of lava swirling around under the rows of razor-sharp teeth that circulated around the inside of its round-shaped mouth.

Blake was quite curious now, seeing such a strange monster. He raised his hand and created a large rock of ice, and tossed it toward the molten sandworm. The ice rock shot forward, and just before it reached the mouth of the worm, it turned into steam as it melted away into water vapor.

“Not exactly what I was expecting…. But is this desert resting on a bed of lava or something? Is this why this sandworm evolved to be like this?” Blake wondered if this was just the sandworm adapting to its environment or what. “Hmmm?” Blake looked at the glowing light within the molten sandworm’s mouth and frowned. “Does this thing have some kind of breath!?”


A weird screech came from the molten sandworm’s mouth. The light within it both glowed brighter and brighter until suddenly, a superheated beam of light shot out towards Blake, who was right above it.

Blake quickly dodged, and he watched the beam shoot into the air and then suddenly explode, raining down hot chunks of lava toward the ground. He had no choice but to keep dodging left and right. It was like a dark cloud had just appeared out of nowhere and began dumping rain on everything. If it wasn’t for his barrier, he would have long already been riddled with holes from the molten lava!


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