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RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse – Chapter 155: The Fairies New Home Bahasa Indonesia

–AN) Slightly shorter chapters for the next ten chapters, but that is because I am writing over 10k words for this novel alone and will still have another coming out in a few hours. This might not be the best edited section of chapters, so if you see any mistakes, please comment on the paragraph, and I will fix it. Enjoy!–

A while later, Blake was standing in front of an old man fairy. He looked at Blake and the slight stress free glow his granddaughter had and let out a sigh of relief. It seemed things went well. “So, how did Miss Lillia reply?”

“Grandfather, Blake, and I are now official,” Mina replied with a bright bashful smile.

“Good! Good!” Mina’s grandfather had tears in his eyes. He could see that his granddaughter was happy. He flew up next to Blake’s ear and whispered: “When this old man is gone, please protect her from her father.”

“You have my word.” Blake would protect all his loved ones no matter what.

“I hope so.” Mina’s grandfather let out another relieved sigh. He then flew back in front of Blake and Mina and said: “We are ready at any time.”

“Alright. But remember, a contract must be signed. You may leave at any time if you wish, but the contract will always be valid. I must protect my people.” Blake had to remind them that there would still be a contract for them to sign.

“We already understand.” Mina’s grandfather answered.

“Grandfather, when you see this place, you will know we have made the best choice for those who were willing to follow us,” Mina said with a big smile. In total, there were around one hundred fairies. Quite a few compared to the other nonhuman races in the base, but fairies were magical beings and were very powerful with magic from the day they were born, so having so many on his side was like having a ready made magic army without trying.

Blake brought the fairies through the gate under the curious eyes of the others. While some have seen Mina, they only got a few glimpses of her, so they were still curious to see the other fairies, both male and female, young and old. It was truly an interesting sight.

“This barrier….” Mina’s grandfather looked at the strength of the barrier around the base and gulped. Such a powerful barrier was not something one could make easily!

“Ah, my first wife made it,” Blake replied with a smile as he ushered everyone into the base. “We have already made a new addition to the base just for you all down on the lower floors. To accommodate you, we made sure it was a forestry area. Although the trees are made with magic, but they are just as real as the ones outside.”

“Trees made of magic this….” Even fairies could not do that! That kind of power was on a god scale. It was then that Mina’s grandfather remembered a name that Blake had said earlier, Lillia. He had brushed it off as a coincidence but now. He had a feeling from what Blake had explained so far that this was definitely no coincidence.

“Blake, Sister Mina! You are back.” Noa walked over with a big smile.

“Princess Noa!?” Mina’s grandfather’s eyes went wide, he had only seen her a few times and never actually spoken to her, but he had never forgotten a person, especially those of high status in other clans.

“Grandfather, please calm down because there is much more to see than this….” Mina sighed. She was afraid her grandfather was going to faint if he saw Lillia and Faana.

“Hmmm? Old man of the fairy clan!” Noa smiled. “I am glad to see you are doing well.”

“You know me?” Mina’s grandfather was surprised. He never thought the elven princess would remember him.

“How can I not remember the father of the tyrant fairy? Don’t worry. I know it is not you. But your son…. Wait… Sister Mina, that is your father!?” Noa suddenly realized what was going on. She had never met Mina before, so she did not know what she looked like because the fairy princess was locked up tighter than anything. She could only stay within the fairy clan.

“Yes, sadly. We escaped from him when we entered the new world.” Mina replied. She had not told the girls about her past yet.

“Don’t worry. He may be powerful, but he is not as powerful as Sister Lillia. Even I can hold him off for a few minutes.” Noa had to admit that the fairy tyrant was very powerful.

“Let’s hope you never have to do so,” Blake said as he reached out and rubbed Noa’s head. “Where is Lillia?”

“She will be right up. She had to make some tweaks to the dungeon system and should be here soon.” Noa explained. “For now, let’s go to the fairy wing, and she will meet us there.”

The fairy wing was part of the normal apartment complex area, but it was set up to accommodate the fairies. While it was only around five hundred feet of space for fairies, this was big enough for a fairy mega city. It came with everything from thick mana to streams of mana rich water. A perfect environment for fea folk.

Blake and the others walked into the area, which even had a sign above it that said Fairy Land. “Who made the sign?” Blake asked. It was actually very well done. It had two carved out fairies holding up the words.

“Sam and Erica did. They are very good at these kinds of crafts. They wanted to surprise you and the fairies.” Noa explained. Blake smiled and nodded his head. They really did surprise him! He would never have thought that they had such a skill since he has never seen them carving anything.

“Truly a surprise. I learn something new about you girls every day.” Blake smiled. The fairies on the other hand were all excitedly chatting and flying around to inspect their new home. It was closed in but it had an artificial day and night cycle like the other areas with plants. Mian’s grandfather flew up next to Blake and bowed his head. “Thank you! This is much more than we could ever have hoped for.”

“Lillia likes to go all out when doing things so the person you should thank is her.” Blake replied. He had done nothing. This was all Lillia so he would never take her credit.

“Blake you are the one who invited them so as your wife of course I will do what i can to help them. If I did a lousy job I would make you look bad.” A voice came from behind them.

Mina’s grandfather turned and when he saw the young woman standing there with her horn tufts on her head he flew over and bowed his head deeply. “Princess Lillia.”

“I am no longer a princess. I am just Blake’s wife and mother of his child, nothing more.” Lillia responded humbly.

Mina’s grandfather looked up at one of the greatest dragons to ever walk this planet with a bit of reverence. “Even still…. I must apologize for my son. He is the reason why the fairy folk turned sides.”


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