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When they two got out of the bath, Blake dried off and walked to the bed without clothes on. More like he had none to put on in the first place since this was not his room. Mina also had nothing to wear unless she put on her dirty clothes. “I will have your clothes washed in the morning so you can wear something clean.”

“Thank you…” Mina smiled bashfully as she flew up into the air. She went up to Blake’s check and planted a small kiss on it. She backed away and flew in front of him, and smiled. “I have felt comfortable with you since we first met. I do not know if it is your aura or what, but you have allowed me to feel as if I belong. I guess this is why when all of this happened, I was not against it at all. So I hope in the future the two of us will be able to truly love each other.”

Blake smiled and raised his hand. Mina flew over and landed on it. He leaned in and kissed the top of her little head. “We will have many difficulties, but I am sure we can figure it out.”

Mina smiled and nodded. “Mmm…” She kicked her feet back and forth in the air, not caring what her state of dress was. At this moment, she was actually very happy. If it was not for Blake, she might have ended up with one of the people from her clan who she all knew well and disliked in that kind of way. Now she was with a human of all races, but she was not at all disappointed in this fact. In fact, she was relieved. She looked down to see a monster swaying back and forth as Blake walked to the bed. She had to figure something out so that the two of them could be together officially….

Blake got up on the bed and laid down. He let Mina hop onto his chest, where she sat down and looked at him with her legs crossed under her. She was wondering if Blake could even get intimate with a fairy like her. “Blake. Is my size an issue for you?”

“Hmmm? No? I mean, while we may not be able to go all the way, it doesn’t mean we can’t still do things.” Blake replied. While fairies were basically mini humans with wings from how he saw it, Mina was indeed beautiful. Her proportions, although she was small, were enough to make some girls whine about unfairness. If she were the size of a human, she would be considered someone who could definitely become a model.

Mina’s head turned bright red. She looked up at Blake’s serious eyes and quickly lowered her head. But she could not hide the smile on her face. She flew up to Blake’s lips and kissed them. “Hehe….” She then flew back to his chest and laid down on it. “Your body is warm.”

Blake hummed a response as he gently used a finger to pat the top of her head. The two ended up chatting for most of the night. She told Blake many stories about herself. But one stood out amongst the rest.

When Mina and the other fairies came to this world, some of the family clans had already decided to split up. In Mina’s case, she was considered royalty. She was actually a fairy princess. Her clan had ruled over the fairies in the void. Her father was its king, but he had an issue. He was a tyrant. He would abuse his power. Because of this, the people under him feared him and hated him. Even she had to be careful of what she said around him. But when the clans began to break off now that they were in a world with so much more room and could settle down. Her father wanted to hunt them all down.

She and her grandfather did not want this. They did not want such a life, which was why her grandfather and a handful of the members of her clan ran away to live a new life free from his tyranny. A new land meant a new beginning. She knew her father had already sent people out to search for them since she was basically a chess piece to be used in a marriage proposal. She did not want any of that.

This was not to say that she would have settled for just anyone. The things that happened between her and Blake were all accidental, but now after hearing his stories and him listening to her, she was glad it was him who she had such an accident with.

“Hehe, we have talked for a long time,” Mina said as she yawned slightly, but she was not completely tired yet.

Blake nodded and looked at the fairy snuggled into his chest with the blanket covering up to her waist. Just seeing her like this made him have a hard time controlling his little brother. Mina could also see the small tent forming under the blanket and smiled a little. She then thought for a moment before biting her lip and slipping under the blanket. She couldn’t do much, but she could at least relieve Blake! At least, she hoped.


Blake watched as the bump under the blanket moved down to his crouch, and then he felt something tiny and wet touch the tip of it before something wrapped around it, he knew the little fairy was trying to please him. He pulled the blanket up to see her fluttering her wings as she slipped her body up his shaft. He really did not know what to make of this. Her little tongue was sticking out, licking his dick as she rose up into the air and then sank back down. She looked as if she was trying to improvise. But he had to say this feeling was a bit unique and kind of erotic.

Mina had no idea if what she was doing was good or not. She had heard from the girls that this would be one possibility in a way of being intimate with Blake. Tina was the one who told her. She said something about watching something called a show on something called the internet where a fairy did this kind of thing.

Mina had to admit she was very embarrassed doing this, but she was doing it for Blake, so she was trying to hide her embarrassment. She kept doing what she was doing until she saw a small bit of clear liquid spilling out from the tip. She rose up and licked it and made a funny face when she tasted how salty it was.

Blake saw all of this and tried his best not to laugh. He closed his eyes and decided to enjoy the feeling. But he did not know if he could cum like this or not. He laid there, and as the minutes passed, Mina still worked with all her might. Her body was wrapped around the backside of his shaft and pressed her vagina against it as she slid up and down. Her body began to heat up as she felt a tickle between her legs that she had never felt before.

Stroke after stroke, her breathing began to get hot as a little moan escaped her lips which made Blake’s dick twitch. It was only when he heard her voice did Blake begin to react more. But he dared not move because he did not wish to hurt her. He allowed her to do what she wanted. His precum dripped down the back side of his dick, lubricating her efforts and covering her entire body with his liquid.

Because of the extra lubrication, Mina’s job became even easier, and she began to feel the tingle between her legs become even greater. Before she knew it, she clutched against Blake’s dick as she felt a surge of pleasure rolling through her body.

She had just climaxed for the first time, and it was something she had never thought would feel so good. She laid on Blake’s dick, trying to catch her breath, hugging it tightly. Blake looked down at her and thought for a moment before gently picking her up and placing her at the tip of his dick with her legs spread open. He then used his hand to move the tip of his dick back and forth on her pussy, causing her to moan softly again as she moved her legs about, trying to control herself.

As he did this, he stroked himself to a breaking point and released his milk all over her body. The white fluid covered her from head to toe. She laid there panting heavily as she felt the slimy substance drench her. Only when things calmed down did she slowly sit up and look down at herself. She was covered in Blake’s seed, but this meant that he did not despise her for her size. “Hehe…” She giggled as she turned and looked back up at Blake. “I need to wash again.”

Blake chuckled and nodded. “I will carry you to the bath.”

The next morning Blake was sleeping in the bed. Mina was curled up on his chest. Lillia walked into the room and saw the two still sleeping, and smiled. She placed a small dress on the nightstand next to the bed before gently sitting on the side of the bed. She reached out and stroked Blake’s hair. “It seems you were able to satisfy your fairy wife. That is good.”

As Lillia gazed at Blake, his eyes slowly parted. He looked up at the girl smiling warmly at him and smiled back. “Good morning.”

“Good morning. I had a set of fairy clothes in my space. It’s not much, but it is underwear and a dress. It was something I picked up a long time ago for a friend, but she died during the war, and I never got a chance to give it to her.” Lillia felt a little remorse. She did not have many friends back then. And this was a story she never thought she would need to tell. Never in her life would she think her fated one would end up taking in a fairy.

“Thank you.” Blake smiled and reached up and cupped Lillia’s cheek with his hand. “When we can settle things for those who died in the past that you cared about, we will construct a memorial as a way of preserving their memory. To let everyone know that these were people who did what they could to fight against the dragonic.”

“Mmm…” Lillia nodded. She then reached over and poked the small fair who was sprawled out naked on Blake’s chest. “Sister Mina, wake up.”

“So tired….” Mina whined but slowly opened her eyes. She looked around, and when her eyes met Lillia’s, she froze slightly before relaxing when she realized who it was. “Lillia….”

“It is now, Sister Lillia. Since you have decided to give this a chance, you are now one of our sisters, so you will need to call us sister from now on.” Lillia was very strict on this as she felt it was a means of being more familiar with one another. She did not want others to feel like outsiders.

“Sorry….. Sister Lillia….” Mina smiled as she answered. She did feel more welcomed by saying things like this.

“Take the clothes here and wear them. You and Blake need to go meet your grandfather before it gets too late.”


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