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Lillia grinned as she cast a contract spell on Di, the girl could now close her mouth all she wanted, but she could no longer attempt to kill herself. She was unable to. She was forced to listen to Blake and all of his wives now and future. His kids and any servants that worked under the family. She had no free will of her own and could only work in the job she hated the most in her life. “Strip to your underwear and put this collar on.” Lillia took out a metal clasp and handed it to Di.

Di was shaking as her body moved on its own. She stripped off her clothes, leaving nothing but her underwear, and then put the collar on as instructed. Lillia smiled as she said. “From now on, crawl on four legs when traveling around. Since you are now our pet, you should act like one.”

Humiliation. The thing Di hated the most was now how she had to live. Her eyes were filled with hatred as she knelt down and got on all fours. Lillia nodded her head in approval before saying. “Let’s go back to the palace. Blake, you need to rest a bit more. Fido, make sure you keep up, do not lag behind.” Di, now named Fido, gritted her teeth as she followed after the group.

When they arrived at the palace, the new servant girls were all shocked at what they were seeing. Especially Rin, who stared at the majestic palace in awe. “This is?”

“Sister Lillia made it. She worked hard to make a place that was fitting for Blake.” Noa said proudly. It was as if she was the one who built it.

“I see no wonder…. Nellie!” Rin’s eyes locked on to the human girl walking over. “I am so glad you are safe…. And your magic is back!”

“Rin!” Nellie smiled and hugged Rin. They were both people who served Noa, so they were very close friends.

“I am so glad you are safe!” Rin smiled brightly as looked at Nellie and then at the surroundings and took a deep breath. “I feel glad. The air here feels light and harmonious.”

Blake washed up with the girl’s help and took a few hours’ nap. When he woke up, Lillia was on his left side, curled up next to him, sleeping. On his right, Tina sat with a book on her face, passed out as well. He smiled and reached over and rubbed her swelling belly. After watching the two girls sleep for a while, he decided to close his eyes once more and fell back asleep.

When he woke next, he saw Rin helping Noa undress. Lillia was gone, and Tina was still sound asleep next to him. He slowly got up out of bed and walked over to Noa, who had just taken her underwear off, and hugged her. “Blake!” Noa blushed as she looked up at the handsome face that was next to hers.

“Sorry for worrying you earlier,” Blake said as he kissed Noa’s neck. Rin was red from ear to ear. Not because Blake was kissing Noa but because he was completely naked!

Blake, of course, did not care. He knew the servant girls would need to get used to these scenes since they would be helping his wives with their daily needs. And as he was the only male living in the palace, it would be only a matter of time before they saw him in the nude. But even soo Rin’s eyes were darting all over, mainly back and forth between the ceiling and Blake’s dick. She was still a virgin herself and had not seen such things before. Of course, Blake was not trying to do anything to Rin or any of the servant girls. While they were cute, he felt no attraction to them as he did with Noa and the others.

“You do not need to apologize you did nothing wrong… Come take a bath with me.” Noa said with a bashful smile as she pulled his hand. Blake nodded before turning to Rin and saying: “I will help Noa in the bath. Can you watch out for Tina for me?”

“Huh? Yes!” Rin happily nodded. She did not want to see the two getting intimate in the bath!

Blake chuckled and let Noa continue to pull him. They got to almost the bathroom door when the door to the bedroom swung open, and Lillia walked in. She saw Noa and Blake heading to the bath, so she quickly stripped her clothes off and followed them in! Noa smiled as she said: “Good timing!”

“I only planned to see if he was awake, but since you two were heading in, I figured I would join the fun too.” Lillia licked her lips. She wanted Blake to plant another seed in her already, but she knew she had to hold back. That was why her womb was currently wrapped in a barrier.

Dragons got pregnant easily and could have many offspring. However, she did not want Blake to have too many kids at once. Right now, having one that was of their blood was enough. You could say their ability to reproduce was some of the best in the world.


After washing up, the three jumped in the bath. Blake leaned back and was about to relax when Lillia sat in his lap facing him, her breasts pressed against his chest. Noa didn’t get into the bath, slipped her legs around Blake’s head, and watched as Lillia and Blake began kissing. Every so often, she would help adjust Lillia’s hair as it fell in the way while she rubbed her pussy against the back of Blake’s head.

Blake’s hand massaged Lillia’s bouncy tits as his dick began to harden under her. Lillia, of course, did not let this go unnoticed and quickly reached down and slipped it inside her. “Mmm~! Blake~ My Blake~”

Blake allowed Lillia to have full control as she bounced up and down. The water splashed around them. He watched as Noa leaned over and began sucking on Lillia’s breast, allowing her perky breasts to fall over his face. He leaned back and took one of her cherries into his mouth.

Lillia was lost in her lust. While she did not mind playing around with her sisters when Blake was not around, she still loved her man’s dick deep inside her making her crave for it whenever she could. The feeling of him sliding in and out of her knowing they were one, turned her on more than anything.

Blake reached back and grabbed Noa by the waist, causing her to let out a squeal of surprise and lifted her over his head and placed her on his chest, making her fall forward and hug Lillia, who was already leaning back. It didn’t take long before the two girls began to kiss, and Blake’s fingers began to intrude on Noa’s secret garden, pumping them in and out of her, causing her to become completely soaked.

The three continued for almost thirty minutes when Blake decided it was time to leave the bath and released deep inside Lillia. Noa, who was always sensitive, had already cummed many times already, and Lillia was on her third time with Blake releasing within her. The three sank into the water and cleaned their bodies before slowly getting out. Noa helped Lilla clean up the cum leaking from her pussy before wiping her mouth and stretching her arms behind her back. Her small waist pushing forward.

“After dinner, we can do the main course,” Blake said as he grabbed both girls by the waist and pulled them into the changing room.

After a good release and a hot bath, Blake was feeling much more alive. He still had some time before dinner, so he went outside to check on things out there. “Blake, you sure look energetic for a man who was on this deathbed not long ago.”

Bret’s teasing voice floated over, making Blake chuckle. “Well, when your wives decide to give you the special service during the bath, you will always become energetic afterward.”

“Fuck! Rubbing it in again!” Bret complained before a thought came to mind. “By the way… That Rin girl, do you think….” Bret kinda liked the feisty girl and was hoping he could get to know her better.

“Ummm…. I can see if I can make some time for you two to be alone on a project or something but are you sure? I mean, she will end up seeing a lot while working in the palace. I mean, she saw me naked just today….” Blake felt it was kind of wrong to have his brother’s girl see him naked, but Rin was Noa’s servant girl and would see him naked a lot.

Bret frowned and asked: “Are you trying to bed her too?”

“Hmmm? No, no, I got too many girls as it is right now. It’s just with her working in the palace assisting Noa, she will be in the room when we are changing or bathing. If sexy shit is going on, she will be kicked out.” Blake explained. He could just go in the other room to change, but he felt it was kind of dumb to put himself out like that.

“It’s fine then. It would be like having a wife who is a doctor and looks at dicks all day.” Bret shrugged. He had no issue with it as long as Blake was not trying to bed her.

“Well, pretty much, and it wouldn’t be all the time anyway. Normally we all get dressed at different times. It’s the same for the girls as well. As long as they are all my wives, I do not care what they do with each other, but no one else is allowed to join.” Blake did not care if his girls were having sex to comfort themselves when he was not around since he would be gone for days to maybe months at a time. But he would not allow them to be doing someone outside of their family, even if they were female. Only then would it be considered cheating for him.

“Mmm…. Then I will be counting on you to help me out.” Bret grinned. He hoped he could get himself an elf bride! He also wanted one of those cowgirls, too, but he would wait until he conquered the feisty girl first. Of course, this was all his own hopes and dreams. Whether or not he could even get Rin to notice him was another story. “Oh, right. What about that bitch. What is happening with her?”

“She is now named Fido, according to Lillia, and Nellie found a nice rock for her to call home. Nellie was even nice enough to dig a small bathroom for her as well.”


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