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–AN) Very late chapters today and only one. It was a holiday today. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! Back to normal schedule tomorrow!—

Rin raised her head and looked at Blake in confusion. She did not understand why she was not being punished. If this was the elven palace, she could have easily lost her head, but this man…. Rin bit her lower lip before bowing her head once more. “I will be sure to use my life to protect her.”

“Mm…. Now then, since this is out of the way. Shall we get some information out of the others?” Blake wanted to know exactly who was after Noa’s life. And since he was not suffering any side effects, he wanted to get it all over now.

“Mm…. But Blake, are you sure you do not want to learn about what you were poisoned with first?” Lillia asked. She thought Blake would want to know the details of the poison and what he was now capable of.

“Hmmm? No need. I heard it all. I might not have been fully awake at the time, but I did hear it all.” Blake replied as he leaned over and kissed Noa’s lips. “I also heard you will be getting punished tonight. It seems I will be in for quite the treat.”

Noa’s head turned bright red. She softly punched Blake on the chest and pouted. ‘Her husband was a bad man! He let her get bullied by her sisters!’

“Don’t worry. They will all talk. I plan to have them all controlled by a contract. Those who are innocent will be bound by contracts like the rest, and Di, the girl responsible, while I should tear her to shreds, I will think it might be more entertaining if she is forced to serve the very person she was supposed to kill. Of course, not with the same rights as everyone else. She will be nothing but a mere insect.” Lillia’s eyes glowed fiercely. She did not mind stepping on an insect.

Blake scratched his head. He would prefer not to get involved with punishments. He would prefer to just kill her and toss her body to some goblins to use before it went cold, but it seems if he spoke up now, then he would be yelled at by the girls. He could only say that Di was in for a rough time because she would end up being a punching bag. “I will leave her punishment to you all.”

“Good!” Noa’s eyes went cold as she stood up. “Let’s go handle this bitch!”

Everyone moved to the holding area where the girls who were knocked out were now all in individual holding rooms, now fully awake and filled with fear. Only one person sat tied up, staring at the door with hatred written all over her face. She did not seem at all concerned with what was going to happen to her. However, she did now look a bit more roughed up. Tel seemed to have had an issue holding back some of his anger when he tried to get her to speak.

Lillia started with the other girls first and cast stricter contracts on them that made it so they could not lie to Blake or his family members. She asked one of them the same question: “What did you come here for?” Because of the contract, each one was forced to be honest, and luckily none of them had come here to harm Noa. In fact, some even came to escape the palace in hopes of never returning but were too scared to be left alone to travel in these new lands. This is why they chose to follow Rin in hopes of a safer future where they won’t be caught up in the palace fights.

Servants of the palace always had to be careful. Some might have ambitions and want to help their master to reach their goals, but they were nothing more than pawns to be used in the game of political struggles. Some had hoped for freedom if they served Noa, a princess who was kind to her people and did not treat them as objects. After all, one wrong step in the palace and you could easily die. To a servant who always had to walk on thin ice, it was not the best of places to be. If you were lucky and your master reached new heights and was willing to treat you well, then you had it made. If not, you were still just a tool to be used, abused, and then killed off when you became useless. A servant’s life was not something many chose because they wanted to.

Lillia was not about to force anyone into servitude if they did not want it. She was not an evil person. Only those who harmed the ones she loved would she not see as a person who deserved to be treated as a sentient being. “You are all free to do as you please. And it is up to Noa to take you on as servants if you so choose to keep such a life. But there are many things you can do around the base as well. You can even find a cute lover and create a family. It is your freedom to choose how you live.”

When Lillia spoke these words, the girls all gazed at her with reverence and immediately thanked her and Blake for their kindness. They also apologized for getting Blake caught up in the situation, which almost cost him his life. But now that these things were handled, there was still one person who needed to be dealt with.

As the door opened, the elf girl sneered as she looked at Noa, who walked in first. “If it is not the wonderful princess. You spread your legs, and a man will jump in front of you to protect you.”


Noa did not even answer before punching her in the face with all her strength causing blood to splatter all over as Di’s nose broke. “Are you working with my brother?”

“Like I will tell you! You should have just allowed yourself to die. Then maybe you wouldn’t have needed to lose your boy toy. Hehe…. Hahaha! I wonder how it feels to lose the man you love!” Di laughed maniacally. With the blood on her face, she looked very much the picture of someone who had gone insane.

“Sadly for you, I am doing just perfectly fine. To be honest, I should thank you because now I am fully immune to all poisons. But I can now throw the same question back at you with a bit of different wording. Tell me…. How does it feel to be considered a slave to the woman you tried to kill?” Blake asked as he turned and looked at Lillia, who had just walked in.

When the crazy elf girl saw Lillia walk in, fear began to well up in her eyes. Because of this woman who could not close her mouth all the way, and her words were now all slurred. She did not know what would happen now that she was walking over with killing intent in her eyes. What she feared was not death but what she was going to be forced to do. She couldn’t kill herself. She tried to, but she was unable to. Tel had cast a cushioning magic on her cell, so when she tried to slam her head against the wall, it felt like she was hitting a big pillow. She couldn’t even hang herself since she was tied up, and there was nothing in this room! No bed, no nothing!

“From this moment on, you will tell us everything you know. And do not worry. The spell on your mind to keep you from speaking has been removed already. So you will tell us everything. All your secrets. Everything will be told to us.” Lillia smiled as she waved her hand. A magic circle formed under Di. Fear was so apparent at this time that her already pale skin turned even whiter.

“Sister Noa, you can now ask what you want,” Lillia said while stepping aside.

Noa nodded and walked over, and stood in front of Di. “Tell me, where did you get the soul devouring poison? And who told you to kill me?”

Di clenched her fists behind her back and tried to keep her mouth shut, but it was useless. Her mouth and voice began moving on their own. “I was told to kill Princess Noa. The command came from the prince’s chamberlain. He was also the one who gave me the dagger. He did not tell me about the poison.”

“Tch!” Noa clicked her tongue. She then spat on Di and asked. “Why were you willing to kill me?”

“Why? Why!? Why not!? You sit at the top as a princess! Why couldn’t I become a princess!? Why am I a servant!? I get abused every day. No matter how hard I try to appease the people around me, I will get hit. You, a princess, are able to do as you please and go where you want without a care in the world! Why!? Why was I not born lucky enough to be born into a rich noble family!?” Di’s eyes were vicious as she yelled out. She wanted to tear Noa to shreds, but she couldn’t! She couldn’t even keep her innermost thoughts from spilling out like this.

“So…. you wanted to harm my wife because you were sick of being a servant? What has she done to you?” Blake’s eyes turned cold. He did not plan to get involved with this woman’s punishment, but he was too angry to care anymore. “Lillia, strip her to her underwear and put a collar around her neck. Since she hates being a slave, she will now be our slave. Make her do the dirtiest jobs in the palace and make her live next to a rock. She will no longer be an elf but a slave without any rights. She is nothing more than an insect, just as Lillia said earlier.”

Blake hated it. Just because something was unfair does not mean it was right to kill someone. If Noa was really an evil person, he could understand it, but Noa was kind. He knew Noa would not treat others badly. Otherwise, she would not have so many willing to risk everything just to look for her and serve at her side. Even the servant girls who followed, who had really nothing to do with Noa beforehand, were willing to risk it all to be under her banner than sit in the elven palace. While Blake hated the idea of slaves, it was the most fitting punishment for a person who wanted to kill his wife. Since Di hated being a servant, she would be a servant for the rest of her life, living a living hell. Unable to die but forced to do the thing she hated the most.


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