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“Sargent! They spotted Blake Harris at the movie theater. But….” Tina paused. When she heard the news, she didn’t believe it until a video was sent over as evidence. Since the case was under her department’s care, she, of course, would receive all news about Blake. But seeing how he so easily overwhelmed the officer and even handcuffed him surprised her. But what worried her the most was the fact that he stole the police officer’s gun!

“Spit it out, Tina. I am busy.” Steve was somewhat annoyed because he kept getting stacks of paperwork dropped on him.

“Sargent, Blake Harris beat up a cop, handcuffed him, and stole his gun.” Tina finally said while biting her lip. In a way, she felt that he should have done those things since this was all because of someone who held too much power. Tina was a young woman with short shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes. Her cheeks had a few spotted freckles as well.

At the station, she was known as the fairy of the department, because of her cute smile that exposed her dimples and her friendly nature. But everyone would agree that she was too kind. This was why when she saw how Blake, a young man who had not really done anything wrong, was being hunted down by the very same organization that was supposed to uphold the law, she saw his actions as the right choice.

“Alright. I will figure something out after I finish…..” Steve dropped the paper in his hand. He was only half listening to Tina, and it took a second to register. He turned his head and looked at her with a shocked expression. “Repeat what you said!”

“Sargent, I said that Blake Harris beat up an officer, handcuffed him, and stole his gun.” Tina repeated.

“Contact the officer who is on stakeout in front of his apartment and make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. If he tries to engage before backup gets there, we might have a dead cop on our hands.” Steve never thought Blake would do such a thing. According to the reports, he was a good student who suffered from bullying, but due to the Morgan family, no one could help him. Not even secretly.

Outside his own apartment building, Blake stood not far away, looking down the street from behind an electrical box. “Lillia, see that car there in front of the building?”

“Hmmm? The one with the man inside picking his nose?” Lillia asked. Her eyesight was much better than any current animal on Earth, so she could easily see things at a distance as if she was standing right there.

“Haha, yeah. He is probably a cop that is watching the house. If we enter now, either he will a: try to stop us before we even get close to the door or b: call for backup and only approach us if we try to leave. If he tries to stop us before we enter, we will need to take him out.” Blake didn’t plan to kill anyone. He did not hate these people. They were just doing their job. But that did not mean he was not averse to beating them up.

“Oh? Speaking of cops. The one you beat up before, you took something off of him. What was that?” Lillia asked. Her eyes shining with interest.

Blake smiled and pulled the gun out and showed it to her but did not hand it to her just in case. “It’s called a gun. It is a weapon that can easily kill people. It uses a thing called gunpowder inside a small metal object called a bullet, and when you squeeze the lever here, it will cause the gunpowder to combust and send the tip of the bullet out towards your target. I do not know all the inner workings, but its main purpose is to kill.”

“Oh… That is interesting indeed but seems useless against dragons.” Lillia lost all interest. She thought the gun would be some kind of amazing weapon but turns out to only fire some metal at a target. While it could kill a physically weak race such as humans, it would do nothing to a dragon.

“They are. Well, more like they will be the most useless things ever created. No matter what weapon we used during the start of the apocalypse, they were all useless. Anyway, let’s be ready for a fight. I do not plan to kill him, but if things get out of hand and I can’t handle him, Lillia, can you wack him in the head and knock him out?” Blake asked. He felt no shame in asking a girl for help. After all, she was not just some random girl but a dragon.

“Mmm… If you need me to do anything, just ask. I will help you with whatever you want.” Lillia was happy that Blake was willing to rely on her. She knew Blake wanted to do things on his own so he could grow stronger, which she did not mind, but knowing he was willing to rely on her made her very happy.

“Then let’s go.” Blake smiled and grabbed Lillia’s hand.

The two walked forward naturally as if they had no care in the world. If one were to look at them they would not know that the young man holding the beautiful girl’s hand was actually wanted at this moment and time.

In the car, the officer who had been digging for gold flicked his prize off his finger and looked at the couple walking by. He picked up the image in his hand and looked at it, then looked at the person turning to enter the building. He hurriedly jumped out of the car and ran across the street with his gun drawn. “Blake Harris, stop right there, or I will shoot!”

This was something Blake had not expected. He never expected that the stupid cop would draw his gun right away. Blake stopped, turned around, and looked at the cop. He could feel his hand starting to hurt. Lillia was definitely getting angry.

What the two sides didn’t know was that inside the car, the officer who was currently holding Blake at gunpoint’s phone was ringing off the hook. “Sargent, he is not answering!”

Tina’s words made Steve clench his fists, crushing the paper in his hands. “Send out a few cars and check in on the situation. Jeff is not one to leave his post.”

“Yes, sir!” Tina quickly turned around and ran to do what she was told.

Jeff, on the other hand, was not having a good day. The target was right in front of him with his hands in his pocket, walking towards him with a smile on his face. How could he know that just because a gun was pointed at him that Blake would not be scared? Blake slowly strode over, Lillia following behind him with her eyes staring daggers into Jeff.

“Sir. I know you are just doing your job, but I must ask you to turn around and think of it as if you have never seen me.” Blake spoke calmly as he came to a stop a few feet away from Jeff.

“Blake Harris, are you threatening a police officer?” Jeff asked. He did not know why, but this young man gave him a bad feeling, and the girl behind him, whose orange eyes were staring him down as if she wanted to rip his head off, made things even worse.

“No, not threatening, just giving you some helpful advice as a good citizen,” Blake answered with a smile. He truly was not scared of some gun. Lillia had kindly given him a small barrier just in case. It was subtle, and she tried to do it in a manner that he would not notice, but he was used to mana flowing over his skin as he used to use such barriers in his past life as well. So even if The officer in front of him fired, he would not die.

“A good citizen!? Would a good citizen have a warrant for his arrest?” Jeff had no idea what this kid did, but a warrant was a warrant, and an order was an order. He would follow through with his orders.

“Hmm? Warrant? Ahh, you mean that slip of useless paper that was only issued due to the Morgan family.” Blake already knew everything, so he had no reason to fake like he didn’t. “But if you look at my history, I have never committed a crime. I even filed my taxes every year. So how could I not be considered a good citizen?”

As Blake said all this, the had taken a few more steps forward, reached out with his hand, and placed it on the muzzle of the gun. “Plus pointing a gun at an unarmed citizen is illegal, you know.”

“Hey let go!” Jeff yelled out and quickly backed up. But that was his first and last mistake as he suddenly felt something hit his chin and his vision go black.


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