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Blake’s apartment….

“Sargent, the whole room is clear, and to be honest, I do not think this guy is some kind of monster. I found his cell phone and laptop, and each of them is pretty boring, to say the least. I mean, he is a young man, and there was no porn whatsoever.” A young woman wearing rubber gloves and a police uniform informed the older man in a suit standing outside Blakes’s apartment.

“You think I do not know that? I already looked up the history between the two parties, and it seems the ones complaining are the ones who are the real monsters in this situation. Tina, you should know we are basically being used by that Morgan kid. He is Tod Morgan’s son. Tod has his hands in everything, including politics and even the upper brass. We can only do his dirty work even if we do not wish to.” The older man by the name of Steve Grason replied. He hated this, but if he wanted to keep his job, he had no choice. He couldn’t give up his livelihood for some no named kid.

Tina, on the other hand, did not know any of this and now felt horrible. She turned around and walked back into the room while saying: “I will look around once more.”

Steve watched his new recruit walking away and shook his head. “She is still too green. The world is not such a nice place.”

Tina walked back into the room. She was the only one searching, as the place was small. She looked around once more and then at the bed where she had laid out the phone and laptop from before. “I do not see a point in taking these as they have nothing on them. Even his call record only has a single phone call that was made seven months ago, and that number was to a restaurant.”

Sighing, Tina wondered just what kind of life this boy had led. Thinking for a moment, she took out a piece of paper from her pocket and a pen and wrote down a number and a few words. Only then did she walk back out of the room and look at Steve. “He is not here and did not take his phone. There is only a call from a few months ago on it, meaning he has not contacted anyone. I do not see a reason to confiscate anything that has nothing to do with the case.”

“Mmm… That’s fine for now, let’s go. I will station a few people outside the house. If he returns, we can then arrest him and bring him in. After that, whatever happens to him is up to fate.” Steve let out a sigh while making room for Tina to leave. He looked into the room once more before grabbing the door handle and closing the door. He felt bad, but it was not his problem.

In the movie theater, oblivious to what was going on, Blake watched the excited dragon girl next to him as she looked at the screen in front of her.

“Blake, it’s moving! It’s moving!” Lillia shouted as she looked at the screen in surprise and shock. She had never seen such a thing before.

Although her outburst did gain many stares from the other movie goers, which Blake outright ignored as he tried to explain things to Lillia. “It’s what is called a moving picture. They record things on a camera that will take images of what is going on in front of them at a very quick speed, making it seem like it is moving. It then uses a projector that passes light through a thing called film to display the image on the large screen.”

“Wow! Humans really do make some very interesting things. That part about them has not changed at all. Even back before the reset, humans came up with all kinds of means to fight dragons. Their ability to think of new and innovative ideas was truly astounding.” Lillia could only praise humans on certain aspects while other aspects were not so praiseworthy, but since Blake was human, she did not bring it up.

“Humans have always been a race that likes to try to create new things. At least some of them.” Blake replied. He knew what would happen soon. Humans will become humans’ worst enemy once everything is taken away from them. Only when the magic age arrives will they begin to work together once more. During the first part of the apocalypse, only the governments were fighting the dragons while the citizens were trying to survive, even if it meant betraying fellow humans. It truly had become survival of the fittest.

Blake got Lillia to calm down so that they would not get kicked out and watched the movie together. After the movie was over, Blake led Lillia out of the theater and stepped back out into the sunlight. “We still got some time, so is there anything you want to see?”

“Mmm… Well, there is a lot I want to see, but I know that we do not have much time. I am quite satisfied with the fact that you have taken me to so many interesting places.” Lillia was easily satisfied. She knew that Blake needed to evolve sooner rather than later and that their future would rely on how quickly he could develop his skills. She also wanted Blake to reach his second evolution as quickly as possible. She only wanted to be a little selfish before things began to turn back into the world she used to know.

“Are you Blake Harris?” A voice interrupted the two small moment.

Blake turned to see a cop standing there staring at him with a picture in his hand. “Sorry, you got the wrong person,” Blake replied as he tried to walk around the cop while pulling Lillia along.

“Hmm? Can you take off your hat?” The cop asked while stepping in front of Blake, not letting him go so easily.

“You want me to take off my hat? Are you sure you want me to take it off?” Blake asked. He knew this cop was only doing their job, but he also knew that this was mainly due to the issues early, which meant that things were not so simple, especially when Dylan Morgan and his friends were involved.

“Yes, I am quite sure.” The cop did not understand Blake’s question, but he soon realized how much he regretted asking Blake to take off his hat.

Blake only nodded and took his hat off, but instead of just dropping his hand to his side, he flicked the hat at the cop, causing the cop to reflexively reach out to catch it, only to catch a fist in the face. Blake did not stop there as he used his forward momentum to kick the legs out from under the cop and slammed him to the ground. He then grabbed the cop’s handcuffs and cuffed the cop before taking his gun, grabbing Lillia’s hand, and taking off. Everything happened so fast that no one even registered what happened until it was all over. Only then did someone scream out in surprise.

“Blake, what was that?” Lillia was just as confused as the next person. She had no idea who that man was. She only saw Blake take the man out and grab a strange object off the man.

“That was a police officer. He was here to arrest me. While it is probably being watched by the cops, we need to stop at my house and then find a place to lay low for the next two days. Lillia, sorry, but it seems I will not be able to take you to a fancier restaurant…” Blake felt bad. He had promised to take her to a nice place, but now he was going to have a warrant out for assaulting a police officer. He had no choice but to lay low now.

“It’s fine. I don’t really care about human food. I just wanted to be with you. I do not need more than that.” Lillia answered with a smile. “Plus, if you want to keep these cops busy, I have a plan that might work.”

“What kind of plan?” Blake asked. He was interested in what Lillia could cook up.

“I can make golems of you and send them to run around the city. How many do you think will be good? One hundred? One thousand?” Lillia asked.

Blake was stunned for a moment before letting out a laugh and saying: “One hundred should do. We just need to keep them busy until the apocalypse. It will also help with dealing with Dylan and Darrel once and for all. But wait until we reach my house. We will have them all run out at the same time so we can escape.”

“Okay!” Lillia nodded her head with a smile. She was happy she could help Blake out. She also found her idea quite amusing. She wondered what humans of this world that had yet to come across real magic would make of her Blake golems.

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