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235 Black Snow as Hair

The valley wasn’t large.

Teleportation fluctuation spread out from inside.

Xu Qing could see about a hundred Second Peak disciples dismantling the pill furnaces and some magic artifacts that he had never seen before.

Behind them was a medium-sized teleportation array.

A few Fifth Peak disciples in green Daoist robes were trying to repair and adjust the teleportation array. From time to time, the array would flicker rapidly.

There was an intense battle going on at the entrance of the valley.

About 30 cultivators from the various peaks were guarding the entrance tightly, stopping the Sea Corpse Race that were approaching like locusts.

As for the ground, it was covered in corpses and broken limbs.

The intensity of the battle could be easily felt.

The battle forces of both sides were mainly Foundation Building cultivators. There were two more cultivators fighting not far away. The intensity of their battle exceeded that of others.

They were cultivators who had activated their Mystic Brilliance Form.

The Mystic Brilliance cultivator of the Sea Corpse Race looked like an elderly human. He wore a tattered gray robe.

However, it emitted an extraordinary energy. Clearly, it was a magic artifact.

As for the Seven Blood Eyes’ Mystic Brilliance Form cultivator, it was a tall young woman.

She wore the orange Daoist robe unique to the Second Peak. Her figure exuded maturity and she attacked extremely quickly.

However, the Second Peak’s disciples weren’t proficient at killing. Hence, although the two of them had a life fire and were in the Mystic Brilliance Form, the Second Peak’s Foundation Building cultivator was clearly at a disadvantage.

Fresh blood flowed out of the corner of her mouth but she didn’t have time to wipe it away.

In the Mystic Brilliance Form, the speed of the cultivator was extremely terrifying. If one was not careful, they would be killed in one strike. Therefore, one couldn’t be distracted.

The instant Xu Qing appeared in the distance, the young woman couldn’t hold on anymore. Her life fire swayed rapidly and her speed slowed down slightly. The Life Fire cultivator from the Sea Corpse Race instantly seized the opportunity and blasted her chest.

The young woman’s clothes were torn, revealing her skin. She spat out a mouthful of blood with an expression of pain as she was sent flying back and slammed into a mountain at the side.

The mountain rocks collapsed and cracks rapidly spread, causing many rocks to fall from the mountain.

The young woman struggled to stand up but the life fire in her body flickered and extinguished. She spat out blood again and her face was incomparably pale.

Seeing this, the old man from the Sea Corpse Race let out a cold snort. He didn’t even look at the young woman from the Second Peak who was heavily injured by him. He immediately rushed into the valley, his target being the teleportation array inside.

However, almost as soon as his body moved, his expression changed drastically. He abruptly turned his head and looked behind him. His pupils constricted and his expression revealed horror.

“The strength of the second fire!”

In his eyes, everything around him moved slowly. However, at this moment, he saw a figure that seemed to pierce into his eyes in the horizon.

It was rushing toward him at an incomparably astonishing speed.

This contrast between slowness and speed caused the old man from the Sea Corpse Race to retreat immediately without hesitation.

As a cultivator of a life fire, he was very clear about the difference between him and two balls of life fire… It wasn’t any different from the difference between an ordinary Foundation Building cultivator and a cultivator with the Mystic Brilliance Form.

“Damn it, why is there a cultivator with two balls of life fire here? Only people of the same realm can fight against such a mid-stage Foundation Building cultivator!”

“The information is wrong!!” The old man from the Sea Corpse Race panted. Although he was decisive in retreating, it was still too late!

Xu Qing had his eyes on him long ago!

To Xu Qing, this Sea Corpse Race with a ball of life fire was the best prey.

After all, the number of souls needed to open his magic aperture was extremely large. He needed a lot of ordinary Foundation Building cultivator souls to open one aperture. Even though he had killed the two Foundation Building cultivators previously, his 41st magic aperture was still not opened.

However, if he refined a Sea Corpse Race member with a life fire, it would be completely different.

Killing one would allow him to open his magic aperture.

Hence, the instant the old man fled, Xu Qing changed his direction and no longer headed for the valley’s teleportation array. Instead, he charged straight toward the old man.

His speed was so fast that it only took three breaths of time for Xu Qing to appear in front of the old man.

He punched out with his right hand. As the life lantern in his body erupted, a terrifying power surged.

The old man could only dodge a little. Although he was also in the Mystic Brilliance Form, the difference between them caused him to be unable to keep up with Xu Qing’s speed or completely dodge. Hence, in the blink of an eye, Xu Qing’s fist landed on the old man’s chest.

A rumbling sound echoed like heavenly lightning.

Half of the old man’s body exploded directly. He rolled back and collided with a mountain rock, and was stuck there.

The only reason he didn’t die was because he had activated the power of his robe magic artifact at the critical moment and the magic apertures in his body had been overdrawn to resist the force of the punch.

However, even so, the seriousness of his injuries made it impossible for him to recover. Despair appeared in his eyes.

Xu Qing had disappeared from his vision.

At the next instant, a black flame covered his sight.

It was Xu Qing’s palm pressing on the forehead of the Sea Corpse Race old man.

The old man’s entire body shook crazily. The shadow became crazy and eagerly pounced over, continuously corroding the old man’s body.

The black iron stick also rushed over and pierced into the old man’s magic artifact robe, sucking fiercely.

The three layers of devouring caused the Life Fire cultivator of the Sea Corpse Race to let out mournful cries, but it didn’t last long before his body exploded into ashes.

Only his Daoist robe and storage bag fell down. After Xu Qing kept them, he looked at the battlefield in the valley.

Black snow continued to fall from the sky. The small particles of lava fell in front of Xu Qing like phoenix feathers.

The faint red light of the lava shone on Xu Qing’s demonic and cold face, complementing the cold glint in his eyes.

This scene was like an ethereal painting that was separated from the world. It was beautiful but also filled with murderous intent.

The battlefield instantly fell silent.

All gazes gathered on Xu Qing at this instant. It was as though they were watching the divine son descend to the world.

The cultivators from the various peaks who had received the mission looked at Xu Qing with intense shock. Gradually, reverence rose in their eyes as they bowed to Xu Qing.

In fact, even the Second Peak’s disciples and the Fifth Peak’s cultivators who were repairing the teleportation array in the valley were the same. The way they looked at Xu Qing was filled with deep respect.

Gu Muqing was standing among them. She looked at Xu Qing, who was standing in the air amidst the drifting red lava and black snow, with a dazed expression.

This scene was so shocking that it left a deep impression in her mind.

As for the Sea Corpse Race outside the valley, they were all trembling. It was unknown which one of them was the first to be unable to withstand the pressure from Xu Qing and retreated madly, but very soon, all the Sea Corpse Race members scrambled to escape.

However, what awaited them was the buzzing of the black iron stick. There was also the shadow that was hiding itself. As the sun set and darkness spread on the ground, the shadow spread rapidly, fighting alongside the Diamond Sect’s ancestor.

“Greetings, Senior Brother. Thank you for saving me!” Outside the valley, the Second Peak’s life fire young woman, who was struggling to stand up, had a strange look in her eyes as she spoke softly.

As her voice rang out, everyone in the surroundings did the same.

“Greetings, Senior Brother!”

“Greetings, Senior Brother!”

At that moment, a gust of wind blew over, lifting the picture scroll formed by Xu Qing, causing the black snow falling in the surroundings to flutter with his hair.

As the black snow drifted, Xu Qing lifted his head. His eyes were like the stars.

As everyone greeted, miserable cries rang out from afar. It was the Diamond Sect’s ancestor and the shadow attacking the enemies.

The shadow could treat any Sea Corpse Race members as food. Although not all of them were delicious… it was no longer picky about food.

As for the Diamond Sect’s ancestor, he could only absorb the energy in magic artifacts, but he felt that his strength was inferior to the shadow’s, so he deliberately pretended to compete with the shadow.

He was using this to stimulate the shadow’s fighting spirit and make it absorb the enemies quickly. When the enemy had no strength to resist, he would then absorb their magic artifacts.

To a certain extent, the two of them could be considered to have a tacit understanding.

However, compared to the cunning Diamond Sect’s ancestor, the shadow was still too young.

Even till the end, the shadow didn’t discover any problems. Instead, its momentum was high and its expression prideful.

The Diamond Sect’s ancestor also cooperated and put on an anxious and vexed expression.

The mournful cries of the Sea Corpse Race cultivators formed a clear contrast with the greetings of the Seven Blood Eyes disciples.

Xu Qing’s gaze swept past everyone here and then looked at the young woman from the Second Peak who had become very weak because she couldn’t maintain her Mystic Brilliance Form. He nodded and extinguished his life fire.

Although the magic power in his body was dense, it was very difficult for him to use it for more than six hours. Hence, it was naturally good to save it.

However, if any other two-life fire cultivator could hear Xu Qing’s thoughts, their scalps would turn numb; normal Mystic Brilliance Form would only last for more than an hour.

This was because Xu Qing’s Qi Condensation foundation was extraordinary.

At that moment, Xu Qing’s body swayed and he entered the valley.

After extinguishing his life fire, the dazzling light on Xu Qing’s body dissipated, revealing his appearance clearly to everyone.

Previously, when he was enveloped by the dazzling light, outsiders could only see his general appearance. Now that everything was clear, the attention Xu Qing’s peerlessly beautiful and almost demonic face formed was equally astonishing.

Regardless of gender, the disciples were all dazed to varying degrees.

The time the women were in daze was clearly longer than the male cultivators.

Of course, this was also because of the halo formed by his previous strength. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so shocking.

However, no matter what, Xu Qing’s appearance coupled with the halo of his cultivation base caused the charm on his body to reach an astonishing level. Coupled with his purple robe and elegant long hair, he gave off the feeling of an immortal.

As he entered the valley, the Second Peak’s disciples in the valley were all respectful. Most of the female cultivators inside had bright eyes as they secretly sized him up.

Xu Qing also saw Gu Muqing in the crowd and nodded slightly.

Gu Muqing stared at Xu Qing with her beautiful eyes. Because of Xu Qing’s nod, many Second Peak disciples in the surroundings looked at her.

Her pretty face blushed slightly and she wanted to speak. However, Xu Qing had already walked past them and arrived at the teleportation array.

“When can it operate?” Xu Qing asked softly.

The disciples of the Fifth Peak beside the teleportation array all had respectful expressions. One of the Foundation Building cultivators who hadn’t formed his life fire spoke respectfully.

“Senior Brother, the teleportation array is almost done. I’m just waiting for the sect’s array formation’s tide power to arrive. I’m confident that the array formation can be successfully activated at that instant.”


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