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234 Mission Change

Xu Qing didn’t bother with the Sea Corpse Race cultivator who had lost the ability to resist and was continuously emitting soul power. As Xu Qing absorbed it, he looked around. The map mark given in the mission appeared in his mind.

According to the map, this place was one of the teleportation points on this island. Its location was relatively hidden.

And there was actually the Sea Corpse Race lying in ambush and fishing here. One could imagine that the current situation was already very bad.

This didn’t match the mission jade slip.

Very soon, as all the souls of the Sea Corpse Race here were absorbed by Xu Qing, he walked toward the teleportation array, wanting to activate it and return.

For situations that didn’t match the mission description, the Seven Blood Eyes’ disciples had the right to choose not to participate.

However, not long later, Xu Qing’s heart sank.

The teleportation array seemed to be suppressed by some strange power. It could only bring people but not send.


Xu Qing simply rushed out. Under the Mystic Brilliance Form, he quickly appeared in the air.

He didn’t stand there foolishly. He rapidly moved forward and observed his surroundings closely.

The souls he absorbed were also charging toward his magic aperture.

However, after he opened 40 magic apertures, the soul power required for further breakthroughs became much more astonishing.

He needed a lot of souls of ordinary Foundation Building cultivators of the Sea Corpse Race to break through even one.

After looking at the entire island from afar, he looked at the falling black snow and magma rain before landing.

He landed beside a fallen tree.

The tree crown was charred black. The leaves were gone, leaving only broken wood.

Xu Qing frowned slightly.

He saw a large number of the Sea Corpse Race’s army landing on the shore.

He also noticed that the vast majority of places on this island were filled with the figures of the Sea Corpse Race.

With so many Sea Corpse Race cultivators, there must be Mystic Brilliance Form cultivators. There might even be Golden Core cultivators.

Hence, Xu Qing immediately deactivated his Mystic Brilliance Form.

He didn’t want to attract attention.

“There’s indeed a problem with this mission!” Xu Qing was on guard.

The mission didn’t state that the situation here was so dangerous. Clearly, it was impossible for the 20 Foundation Building cultivators who accepted the mission to resist the Sea Corpse Race’s army here. The difference between them was too great.

At that moment, Xu Qing’s identity token suddenly vibrated. He glanced at it and noticed that the mission he had accepted had changed.

“The Sea Corpse Race’s army has attacked the Pearl Islands. Changes have been made to the escort mission. The reward for this mission is doubled and the mission task has changed. There’s no time for delay. Do your best to head to the core of the island and evacuate the Second Peak’s cultivators from this place!”

“The core areas of each island are equipped with the Fifth Peaks’ array cultivators. In about fifteen minutes, the sect’s Merfolk Island’s array formation will activate the power of the tide for an instant to suppress the restrictions on the Pearl Islands. Disciples can teleport back at that instant with the cooperation of the Fifth Peak.”

Xu Qing looked at his identity token. The mission marking on it had already turned red. This meant that this mission was extremely dangerous.

“I just wanted to accept a simple mission to rest. This is a little annoying.”

Xu Qing sighed and retreated abruptly, colliding with a Qi Condensation cultivator of the Sea Corpse Race who had arrived stealthily.

The huge cultivation gap caused the body of the Perfected Qi Condensation cultivator of the Sea Corpse Race to collapse and explode.

Xu Qing didn’t even turn his head. He lifted his right hand and a huge plesiosaur appeared in the sky, smashing fiercely at the ground.

An astonishing impact was created, causing the surrounding trees to be destroyed one after another, revealing the figures of the dozens of cultivators from the Sea Corpse Race who were constantly retreating.

These cultivators were all at the Qi Condensation Realm. Although their bodies had collapsed from the impact, their appearance here was abnormal.

How could Qi Condensation cultivators dare to launch a sneak attack on a Foundation Building cultivator? Even though Xu Qing’s Mystic Brilliance Form had been deactivated, he was still emitting Foundation Building aura. Xu Qing soon knew the reason.

He saw some white threads among the broken limbs of these Qi Condensation cultivators.

These threads were planted in their bodies and seemed to be able to control their actions and consciousness like puppets.

The instant Xu Qing saw these white threads, two figures suddenly appeared on both sides of him. Their speed was extremely fast.

These two people were Foundation Building cultivators of the Sea Corpse Race. One of them had a huge sarcoma on his arm and a gap opened on it, revealing pupils. This was an eye.

This eye stared at Xu Qing as though it was probing. It quickly revealed a white light.

This scene was the same as what Xu Qing had seen when he arrived earlier. Clearly, this was a method of the Sea Corpse Race to investigate if the Foundation Building cultivator had life fire.

However, the life lantern in Xu Qing’s body was covered by the shadow, so it was very difficult to detect.

These two Foundation Building cultivators of the Sea Corpse Race seemed to have confirmed that Xu Qing didn’t have a life fire, so they immediately used their trump cards to attack him.

As they got closer, one of them performed a series of hand seals and a huge battle-ax with a dragon coiling around it formed outside his body. The coiling black dragon manifested and roared sinisterly at Xu Qing.

As for the other cultivator, Qi Condensation cultivators from the Sea Corpse Race who looked like puppets appeared in his surroundings out of thin air. All of these puppets’ eyes revealed a dark glint as they surrounded Xu Qing.

They also took out their magic artifacts and used them to increase their powers.

They seemed to be good at joint attacks. The two of them circulated their magic apertures and their magic power actually resonated; a white bone hand vaguely appeared above Xu Qing and grabbed fiercely at him with a might comparable to the Mystic Brilliance Form cultivator.

Xu Qing looked at them and then looked into the distance. After sensing that this place was safe, the life lantern in his body suddenly lit up!

Although the enemies didn’t have life fire, a lion would still use its full strength when hunting a rabbit, not to mention that this was a battlefield.

Xu Qing wouldn’t slip up.

At the next instant, a rumbling sound erupted as a volcano appeared in Xu Qing’s body. Its light was dazzling and its aura was astonishing.

Terrifying power instantly spread out, forming a violent impact that shook everything.

The expressions of the Foundation Building cultivators of the Sea Corpse Race who were attacking from both sides changed drastically and their pupils instantly narrowed.

The mind of the Sea Corpse Race member with an eye on his arm trembled intensely. The eyeball on his arm was flickering with a red light at this moment, as though it was warning them that this Seven Blood Eyes cultivator in front of them was extremely dangerous!

However, this warning was too late.

As Xu Qing’s life lantern was lit, just the spread of his aura caused the two Sea Corpse Race cultivators’ bodies to tremble and show signs of collapse.

As for the white bone palm formed by their joint attack, cracks appeared on it before it could land.

It was already shattering.

As for those puppets at the Perfected Qi Condensation Realm, their bodies burned rapidly like paper!

The huge ax that whistled toward Xu Qing turned red as though it was about to melt. The expression of the black dragon that was coiled around it also changed from vicious to fear and was already trying to retreat.

All of this caused the two Foundation Building cultivators of the Sea Corpse Race to be frightened out of their wits.

They had clearly sensed that the party did not have a life fire. They didn’t understand how at the next instant, the latter displayed a power that completely surpassed a ball of life fire.

This was the power of two balls of life fire. He was at the mid-stage Foundation Building realm. They were well aware of how terrifying it was!

There were differences between different Foundation Building stages.

Having life fire and not having life fire were even more different.

The difference between one ball of life fire and two balls of life fire was similarly like the difference between heaven and earth.

It was still possible for Qi Condensation cultivators to cross levels to fight, but because of this terrifying difference in stages between Foundation Building cultivators, it was almost impossible for them to fight beyond their levels.

In reality, there weren’t many mid-stage Foundation Building cultivators in all the forces. To a certain extent, such cultivators already had a very high status.

They were all famous people.

Only those who had two balls of life fire or more could fight them.

Hence, these two cultivators didn’t even have the thought of resisting and immediately retreated.

However, in Xu Qing’s eyes, everything in the surroundings became extremely slow. He looked at the two Foundation Building Sea Corpse Race members who were trying to escape and casually grabbed with his right hand.

Immediately, the battle-ax at the side collapsed and exploded.

The black dragon screamed and turned into ashes.

The palm bone above his head shattered into pieces.

The two Foundation Building cultivators of the Sea Corpse Race who wanted to escape were instantly enveloped by a huge force and swept toward Xu Qing.

They were moved so fast and heavily that their bodies emitted cracking sounds and directly twisted.

In the blink of an eye, they were held in the air by Xu Qing. The black fiendish fire in his body spread out and enveloped them, sucking their souls fiercely.

Before they could let out a scream, the magic apertures in their bodies collapsed and their bodies exploded. Their souls were then swept up by the fiendish fire and sent into Xu Qing’s body.

Xu Qing turned and walked into the distance.

All of this happened within an extremely short time.

After Xu Qing disappeared into the distance, everything returned to normal. However… there was nothing left.

The ground dried up and the vegetation dissipated. Regardless of whether it was the bone, the battle-ax, or the corpses, everything had turned to dust.

The dust fused with the black snow falling from the sky.

In the distant sky, under the effect of the Mystic Brilliance Form, Xu Qing’s figure whistled past like a bolt of lightning, heading straight for the core area of the island.

Xu Qing could understand the change in the mission.

After all, the battlefield was ever-changing and many things were difficult to completely control. Moreover, to be able to adjust the mission so quickly was enough to show that the Seven Blood Eyes had sufficient control over this war.

Hence, Xu Qing chose to continue carrying out the mission to head to the core area to help the Second Peak’s cultivators evacuate.

As for the other Seven Blood Eyes disciples who had accepted the mission, Xu Qing couldn’t care less.

At that moment, the sound of thunder rumbled through the sky. Because there was only a fifteen minute time limit, Xu Qing couldn’t be bothered to hide himself. His speed was so fast that in just over ten breaths of time, he saw the core valley in the distance.


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