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Xu Qing didn’t speak.

He didn’t have the habit of chatting too much during a battle. Almost at the instant the Diamond Sect’s ancestor retreated, the flight talisman on his leg suddenly shone.

At the next instant, his figure was like a rainbow as he tore through the air and rushed toward the Diamond Sect’s ancestor. He instantly got close. As he got close, the Ba shadow behind him manifested.

Its sinister appearance was so chapped that it seemed to contain magma. The instant it appeared, heat spread in all directions, causing the snowflakes in a large area to melt into rain and fog.

His qi and blood were stimulated to the extreme. He circulated the Mountains and Seas Art with all his might, causing his body refinement technique to be maintained at its peak at this moment. He arrived in front of the Diamond Sect’s ancestor and punched ruthlessly.

Killing intent flashed in the eyes of the Diamond Sect’s ancestor. With a wave of his hand, the guardian warrior shadow under him roared at the sky and punched back.

This confrontation between the two sides that didn’t hold anything back caused a booming explosion to ring in all directions. Xu Qing was pushed back and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

In terms of pure body refinement, he was still inferior to the Diamond Sect’s ancestor’s Foundation Building body.

However, the Diamond Sect’s ancestor didn’t feel good either. The qi and blood in his body churned and he similarly retreated. His expression was ferocious but it hid deep horror. He had completely recognized Xu Qing but the more he recognized him, the more intense the shock in his heart.

Although he had guessed that the kid would become stronger quickly, he still didn’t expect that in less than a year, the other party had gone from being chased by him to attacking his sect.

Moreover, the changes in his strength before and after were too great.

“You…” The Diamond Sect’s ancestor’s breathing was hurried. He wanted to say something but what awaited him was the cruelty in Xu Qing’s eyes as he suddenly rushed over.

Booming sounds erupted once again. Xu Qing’s attacks were too fast and he didn’t slow down or pause at all. When he got close, he punched out again and again. In fact, it was the same for his legs. They would occasionally sweep out and his forehead was also his weapon which he used to slam the ancestor if he was close enough..

The vicious attacks did not give the Diamond Sect’s ancestor time to take a breath. He was suppressed and was being pushed back. This increased his shock even more. The guardian warrior shadow under him even showed signs of collapse.

“You’re courting death!” The Diamond Sect’s ancestor let out a low roar and quickly performed a series of hand seals with both hands. Immediately, the magic aperture in his body circulated and the aura of a Foundation Building cultivator rose again, forming a pressure that suppressed Xu Qing. As he performed a series of hand seals, a dazzling golden light appeared behind him.

This golden light transformed into a whip that lashed out fiercely at Xu Qing. Even the space seemed to explode at the touch of this whip.

The Ba shadow behind Xu Qing roared and emitted a large amount of fiery aura. When it came into contact with the whip, an astonishing sound rang out. Although the Ba shadow didn’t collapse when it came into contact with the whip and even grabbed it, the impact formed by the Foundation Building magic power still caused Xu Qing’s entire body to tremble and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

His body flew back and fell toward the sect gate.

The eyes of the sect master and the three elders revealed killing intent. The other disciples were the same. Their gazes were filled with hatred as they all rushed in the direction Xu Qing had fallen and quickly attacked.

“Die!” The eyes of the Diamond Sect’s ancestor in the air were also red and filled with killing intent. He quickly performed a series of hand seals with both hands.

Another Foundation Building spell formed. It was a huge Daoist seal that manifested in the sky.

It was a few hundred feet in size and the wind and snow moved away from it on their own. It carried an astonishing aura as it pressed down on the falling Xu Qing!

The commotion was so great that even the Diamond Sect’s sect gate trembled. The surrounding snowflakes shattered into powder and scattered in all directions.

A cold glint flashed in the eyes of the Diamond Sect’s ancestor. His hands formed a seal and he waved them out. In an instant, two phantoms that were similar to the guardian warrior beneath him appeared around him and punched out at the same time.

Three guardian warrior shadows punched toward Xu Qing from three directions.

If it was any other Qi Condensation cultivator, even if they were at the great circle of perfection, they wouldn’t be able to withstand all of this. Foundation Building spells themselves possessed powerful strength, and the magic apertures also had a powerful effect.

To a certain extent, this was equivalent to seven to eight talismans being used at the same time.

Just as the attacks of the Diamond Sect disciples, the punches of the three guardian warrior shadows, and the large seal above were about to land on the falling Xu Qing, a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

He performed a series of hand seals with both hands and an astonishing spirit energy fluctuation erupted from his body. This fluctuation continued to expand outwards and in the blink of an eye, it reached nearly a thousand feet and transformed into a spirit sea!

It suddenly exploded outwards with an astonishing aura. As it exploded, it directly formed a terrifying force that swept in all directions.

The cultivation levels of the Sect Master, elders, and disciples below were no different under Xu Qing’s spirit energy bombardment. In an instant, their bodies trembled violently and they collapsed in unison!

Wherever the spirit energy force swept by, mountains rumbled and buildings shattered. Everyone… was destroyed in body and spirit!

As for the spell cast by the Diamond Sect’s ancestor, under the eruption of the spirit sea, rumbling sounds filled the sky.

The three guardian warrior shadows instantly blurred, like afterimages flowing through the wind, dissipating quickly. It was the same for the large seal in the sky. As it landed, it seemed to have encountered a violent wind and gradually disappeared.

The expression of the Diamond Sect’s ancestor changed drastically. He had retreated far away but he was still affected. Fresh blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth again and the injuries in his body worsened. At the same time, his left arm was covered by the shadow again.

Although he barely dodged it, his entire left arm was greenish-black and the anomalous substances that invaded it were extremely dense. There was also a black iron stick that whistled over and directly pierced through his right shoulder.

Other than that, what caused his heart to tremble even more at this moment was that he sensed that his blood and qi were unstable and signs of poisoning appeared in his body. His expression turned extremely gloomy. He quickly took out a medicinal pill and swallowed it. He immediately retreated further away.

However, his gaze was fixed on Xu Qing, who had landed in the shattered Diamond Sect, revealing intense killing intent.

“The spirit sea formed by the Seventh Peak’s Sea Transformation Art can indeed shake a Foundation Building cultivator when it erupts in one go. However, it can only be done once. You’re dead meat now!”

Xu Qing’s breathing was hurried. There was a talisman shining outside his body, but he still spat out a large mouthful of blood. However, there was no surprise on his face. He was already very clear about how powerful Foundation Building cultivators were when he arrived.

And, he still felt that he could kill him!

Hence, the moment he attacked, he used his strongest killing move. Regardless of whether it was the heavenly saber, shadow, or Ba Shadow, even the spirit sea in his body, he used all of them ruthlessly.

This was especially so for poison. From the moment he attacked until now, he had used a total of 73 types!

At this moment, everything was in line with his plan. Hence, the instant the Diamond Sect’s ancestor’s expression turned cold, Xu Qing lifted his right hand and grabbed fiercely at the Diamond Sect’s ancestor who was retreating in the sky.

The eyes of the Diamond Sect’s ancestor suddenly narrowed. The countless snowflakes in his surroundings suddenly turned into water droplets.

At a glance, the range of these water droplets had reached a thousand feet.

“You! Why do you still have spirit energy!!!” The instant the Diamond Sect’s ancestor lost his voice in horror, the water droplets in an area of 1,000 feet rapidly fused and directly transformed into a large hand that grabbed fiercely at the Diamond Sect’s ancestor.

The Diamond Sect’s ancestor spat out a mouthful of blood and his body retreated rapidly. While great waves were churning in his heart, the thousand-foot-long hand formed by the water droplets changed their form and transformed again… into the appearance of a plesiosaur!

This was other than Xu Qing’s Forbidden Sea Dragonwhale. It roared at the sky and ruthlessly bit at the Diamond Sect’s ancestor!

The expression of the Diamond Sect’s ancestor completely changed as he cried out involuntarily.

“Forbidden Sea Dragonwhale!”

He had some understanding of the Seven Blood Eyes and knew that after cultivating the Seventh Peak’s Sea Transformation Art to the eighth level, some outstanding people could form the Forbidden Sea Dragonwhale. The dragonwhale was equivalent to the cultivator’s second vessel that stored spirit energy!

However, such people were rare!

He had also seen Forbidden Sea Dragonwhales before. However, although the aura of Xu Qing’s dragonwhale was the same, regardless of its appearance or the power of the Forbidden Sea contained in it, it gave him a completely different feeling.

Amidst his drastic change in expression, the Diamond Sect’s ancestor retreated once again. He didn’t want to fight anymore. The anomalous substances in his body were now dense and he was unable to neutralize the poison in his body immediately. Moreover, the poison outbreak was becoming more severe, causing his internal organs to feel a piercing pain. When he spat out blood, it carried a black stench, as though his internal organs were corroding and melting.

“If I can activate the Mystic Brilliance Form…”

The Diamond Sect’s ancestor let out a low roar in his heart, filled with unwillingness and helplessness. As for the bizarre shadow hidden in the surroundings, they caused his heart to skip a beat. If he wasn’t careful, the amount of anomalous substances would increase again after coming into contact with them.

This was especially so when just the Forbidden Sea Dragonwhale and Xu Qing’s body refinement power were enough to make him feel an intense life-and-death crisis.

“I’m a follower of the Litu Sect. I…” The Diamond Sect’s ancestor shouted. However, before he could finish speaking, the flight talisman on Xu Qing’s body flickered. Once in the air, Xu Qing calmly spoke.

“It’s about time.”

This was the first thing he said since the battle began.

Before the Diamond Sect’s ancestor could react, Xu Qing waved his hand coldly. Immediately… his magic boat rumbled out!

The boat that was hundreds of feet tall had a sinister appearance like the black tortoise. There were also sails that were like wings, causing the magic boat that appeared in the air to reveal indescribable cruelty.

As the golden light on the ship flashed and gathered on the sharp spike at the bow, a divine intent actually erupted from the magic boat and locked onto the Diamond Sect’s ancestor.

This divine intent was like a god, causing the wind and snow in the surroundings to instantly dissipate.

An astonishing pressure descended.

As for Xu Qing, who was standing on the magic boat, he was like the ruler who controlled the god. He looked coldly at the Diamond Sect’s ancestor and lifted his right hand. As he lifted his hand, the convergence of divinity became increasingly intense. Clearly, as long as he put down his hand, the divine power attack would erupt.

Divine attack. This was his magic boat’s strongest move. Originally, Xu Qing planned to use it immediately, but he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to kill a Foundation Building cultivator who was at his peak and uninjured with a single strike.

That was why he personally took action and waited until now. He finally felt that the time was ripe and took it out to ensure that he could kill in one strike!

The expression of the Diamond Sect’s ancestor was unprecedentedly pale. His scalp felt like it was about to explode and his eyes revealed extreme disbelief as he cried out involuntarily.


The bitterness in the Sect’s ancestor’s heart also churned endlessly, transforming into horror. At this moment, the life-and-death crisis had already become infinitely intense… Every part of his flesh and blood seemed to be trembling and screaming under the power of divinity, constantly reminding him of the arrival of death.

“I can’t escape. If I was in my peak state, I might have a chance. Now…” The Diamond Sect’s ancestor was in despair. He looked at Xu Qing, who was standing on the magic boat, and recalled the ancient books he had read before. He hurriedly shouted.

“Fellow Daoist, wait a moment. Listen to me. I’m willing to be your slave. I’m willing to be your slave for the rest of my life. You will be my master. I…”

Xu Qing’s expression was cold and he didn’t bother with it. He didn’t have the hobby of taking in slaves. He suddenly lowered his right hand!


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