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Xu Qing naturally couldn’t see the emotions nor hear the sighs of the Diamond Sect’s ancestor.

Xu Qing bought a residence in the scavenger campsite with great familiarity for his temporary rest.

Although the scavenger campsite had a certain requirement for the residency rights of outsiders, if one had considerable strength, the rules could be bent.

After Xu Qing dispersed his spirit energy at the third level of Qi Condensation, he bought a wooden hut. At the same time, due to the display of his purchasing ability, he attracted two scavengers with ill intentions.

Their heads were quickly hung by Xu Qing at the gate.

Just like that, everyone in the scavenger campsite accepted Xu Qing’s arrival. Although there were people paying attention to him at the start, as the days passed, Xu Qing’s performance was no different from that of a scavenger.

Whether it was killing, going out to do missions, buying white pills, or even walking in the campsite with instinctive vigilance that was carved in his soul, all proved that he was a true scavenger.

Gradually, no one paid too much attention to an outsider like him. After all, there were many unfamiliar scavengers in the wilderness. There would always be people who stayed outside for too long and wanted to find a residence to recuperate.

In this kind of concealment, Xu Qing would head out to the vicinity of the Diamond Sect to observe every day. During this period, he also saw some Diamond Sect disciples who came down from the mountain to the scavenger campsite to have fun.

Xu Qing sat down in his residence and analyzed the information he had obtained in the past half a month. He was very patient, especially when the opponent was a Foundation Building expert. Even though he felt that he could defeat him with his current combat strength, he had never fought a Foundation Building cultivator before.

Hence, Xu Qing remained cautious. Even though he had analyzed these clues, he still didn’t make a move. Instead, he continued to wait. Half a month later, he inadvertently found out a piece of news from the conversation between the two Diamond Sect disciples.

“The ancestor is really making a mountain out of a molehill… Every time a person he invited comes, he’ll make us descend the mountain every few days and pretend to unintentionally spread some information about the sect to the surrounding scavenger campsites. Why bother?”

“That’s right. It’s been half a year but I haven’t seen the kid taking the bait. Sigh, the ancestor frequently invites friends, another one usually comes a few days after one leaves, so we have to keep leaving the sect frequently to spread the news.”

“There’s no choice… Who dares to disobey the ancestor’s orders?”

Xu Qing had secretly followed the two Diamond Sect disciples. When they were about to ascend the mountain, he heard this conversation. After hearing this, Xu Qing calmly returned to the campsite. In the next few days, he became even more cautious and his observation became more meticulous.

It was only after he stayed in this scavenger campsite for a month and a half that Xu Qing, who was secretly investigating the vicinity of the Diamond Sect at dusk on this day, saw a ray of light stepping into the air and leaving.

Vaguely, there seemed to be someone sending the person off at the top of the mountain.

Xu Qing’s gaze narrowed slightly as he retracted the sharpness in his eyes. He then turned and returned to his residence in the campsite. He began to organize his weapons and poison powder. After that, he looked at the sky outside and waited silently.

At the same time, outside the main hall at the top of the mountain, the Diamond Sect’s ancestor looked at the departing fellow daoist and sighed in his heart. After all, it wasn’t good for him to keep them here for a long time. When he walked back to the main hall, he began to think about who he should invite next.

“It won’t be long before the pill takes shape. After I eat it, I’ll break through my 30th magic aperture and form the first ball of life fire. I’ll then be able to activate the Mystic Brilliance Form. Only then will I be able to heave a sigh of relief.”

As he muttered, the Diamond Sect’s ancestor disappeared into the main hall.

The sky outside gradually darkened. The cold wind whistled and swept past the scavenger campsite, growing larger and larger.

Due to the cold weather, the dust on the ground was frozen hard and couldn’t be lifted. Only some trash moved in the wind. At the same time, the cold wind landed on some children who were hiding in the campsite.

It was as though they had transformed into sharp blades that wanted to slash everything weak.

Not long later, snowflakes also fell from the sky, not to be outdone. They scattered across the entire Red Plains and filled the land.

Tonight, the snow was very heavy.

The snowflakes soon covered the ground layer by layer, causing the people in the scavenger campsite who didn’t have houses and could only sleep outside to shiver intensely. Their eyes were filled with death and numbness.

This winter seemed colder than before and would freeze even more people to death.

In the wind and snow, Xu Qing, who had organized everything, walked out of the wooden hut.

He looked at the snow in the sky and felt the cold. He tightened his clothes and swept his gaze across the shivering children in the campsite. He was silent for a moment before he continued to walk, but he didn’t close the door.

There was still the lingering warmth of the fire inside the hut. The contrast with the temperature outside caused white fog to spread, attracting the attention of the nearby children. Their expressionless eyes showed hope at this instance.

Xu Qing walked further and further away, faster and faster. In the end, his entire person seemed to have fused into the wind, transforming into an afterimage as he continued to approach the Diamond Sect’s territory.

The blood and qi in his body were boiling and his Sea Transformation Art was circulating. Purple light flowed throughout his body and gathered above his head, faintly forming a faint shadow of the heavenly saber.

When he reached near, Xu Qing lifted his head and glanced at the Diamond Sect in the heavy snow.

The moonlight was torn apart by the snow and should have formed mottled spots that scattered onto the Diamond Sect. However, the surrounding snow refracted the moonlight as though it was pieced together again. This caused the sect to be visible clearly.

The clear image of the sect entered Xu Qing’s eyes and transformed into killing intent and sharpness. At the next instant, Xu Qing suddenly flew up!

The flight talisman on his leg flickered as his figure shot into the sky like a saber beam, breaking through the wind and snow toward the main hall on the mountain peak. His speed continued to rise till he arrived in the air above the main hall.

Without any hesitation, he raised his right hand and slashed at the main hall on the mountain peak.

The instant he slashed down, the world behind him rumbled and the shadow of a huge heavenly saber appeared in the sky. Although the wind and snow were strong, they couldn’t shake the heavenly saber at all. Following Xu Qing’s hand gesture, the heavenly saber slashed through the wind and snow, falling toward the main hall on the mountain peak.

The heavenly saber that was hundreds of feet long emitted even more violent aura when it slashed. It was as though everything that existed in front of it would be cut into two.

Its speed was so fast that it landed on the main hall in the blink of an eye. A loud explosive sound rang out and the entire mountain trembled. The main hall collapsed under the saber light and shattered from the middle, directly splitting into two.

In the shattered gap, the Diamond Sect’s ancestor, who was retreating after resisting the saber strike, was revealed.

He saw Xu Qing but before he could speak, Xu Qing, who was standing in the air, slashed down a second time!

The increase in his cultivation allowed Xu Qing to use this saber strike he had comprehended from the temple many times. This was especially so since he had long accumulated strength on the way here. At this moment, he didn’t stop at all. The second heavenly saber shadow manifested behind him and landed on the Diamond Sect’s ancestor again.

An earth-shattering explosion rang out as the purple heavenly saber descended again. Under the deep shout of the Diamond Sect’s ancestor, it directly collided with him again.

The main hall on the mountaintop completely collapsed. The Diamond Sect’s ancestor roared as he resisted the second saber strike. The qi and blood in his body also churned and his body suddenly retreated by 1000 feet. With a wave of his hand, the angry guardian warrior shadow under him appeared and his aura rose.

However, his hair was disheveled and there was a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth. Clearly, Xu Qing’s two slashes had not been easy to fend off!

“Fellow Daoist, you…” Although the Diamond Sect’s ancestor had already made a guess, he still couldn’t believe the strength of the person in front of him. Hence, he quickly spoke up, trying to confirm his guess.

However, before he could finish speaking, his expression changed drastically. He retreated with all his might but it was still a little too late. No one on the ground noticed that the shadow that was hidden in the night had already rapidly approached under Xu Qing’s control. In the blink of an eye, it landed on the Diamond Sect’s ancestor and was about to shrink.

Although the Diamond Sect’s ancestor reacted extremely quickly and dodged, his arm was still touched. In an instant, the anomalous substances on his arm became dense and turned greenish-black. This caused him to be extremely shocked.

At the same time, Xu Qing, who was in the air, looked coldly at the Diamond Sect’s ancestor. He didn’t say anything and slashed down the third strike he had accumulated.

In an instant, purple light overflowed into the sky and the saber shadow formed, cutting through the wind and snow in all directions. It landed again on the Diamond Sect’s ancestor who was retreating from the shadow

The guardian warrior shadow let out a roar and raised its hands to block the saber strike. With a loud collision, the arms of the shadow collapsed. Blood flowed out of the corner of the Diamond Sect’s ancestor’s mouth and his body was continuously blasted back.

However, as a Foundation Building cultivator, even if he didn’t advance through a powerful cultivation art, Foundation Building was still Foundation Building. His combat strength was still extremely strong. After suffering three saber strikes and the shadow’s sneak attack, he was only injured. As he continuously retreated, he suddenly lifted his head and his eyes were bloodshot as he spoke through gritted teeth.

“You’re the kid!”

The disciples of the Diamond Sect were all shocked. The sect master, elders, and the others all rushed out. All of their expressions changed drastically as they looked at the sky.

In the sky, Xu Qing’s long hair fluttered, and his scavenger attire added to his killing intent. Under the moonlight and in the wind and snow, he looked like the Hades, in charge of life and death.


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