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Outside of Time – Chapter 154: Blood Dyeing the Sea Lizard Island (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Xu Qing forcefully endured the bombardment of the two people’s spells and pierced his hand into the chest of a rogue cultivator. He then retreated and landed on a large rock. He squatted slightly and lifted his head, panting a little as he coldly looked at the remaining cultivators in the surroundings.

There was one person left from the Litu Sect, the leader.

There were still four people from the Sea Ghost Organization, including the burly man.

As Xu Qing’s gaze swept over, blood dripped down the edge of his dagger, merging with the blood on the ground.

With the flight talisman on him, Xu Qing could actually attempt to fly out of here. However, everyone here wanted to kill him.

Xu Qing’s principles made him stay. He had to do his best to kill all the threats here.

By now, there were over 40 corpses in the surroundings. Dense aura of death filled the area. The rogue cultivators shivered and didn’t dare to continue as they retreated one after another.

Xu Qing frowned slightly.

He didn’t want to let go of anyone who had attacked him. Even though their cultivation was low, Xu Qing still felt that they could be a hidden danger.

Just as he was about to chase them, the remaining member of the Litu Sect suddenly spoke.

“I only want a lizard skin. Give it to me. After I report this matter, you can obtain the friendship of my Litu Sect!”

“I only want one too. Otherwise, with your current state, it’s hard to say if you’ll survive.” A sharp voice rang out from the face on the burly Sea Ghost cultivator’s chest, and the red light in his eyes grew even more intense.

Xu Qing ignored them. The flight talisman activated once again as he headed straight for the rogue cultivators who had attacked him in the distance. His speed was so fast that he instantly got close to them. Heads instantly started flying.

Just as he was about to continue killing, the Litu Sect and the Sea Ghost directly chose to join forces and rushed over together.

Among them, the black robe of the team leader of the Litu Sect spread out, revealing the face of a middle-aged man. His eyes were cold and his body emitted a shocking aura.

This aura surpassed the Perfected Qi Condensation and wasn’t far from Foundation Building.

With a wave of his hand, a thick black fog appeared behind him. The fog churned and formed a huge tombstone.

This tombstone was filled with cracks and countless souls were struggling in the cracks. However, upon closer inspection, it was still very blurry. Clearly, with this person’s strength, he couldn’t display it more clearly and could only borrow illusions.

The foggy tombstone headed straight for Xu Qing.

As for the burly Sea Ghost cultivator, he let out a sharp roar; his body withered, but the face on his chest was filled with more color and the red light in its eyes spread out. Its entire face turned red until it spat out a mouthful of blood.

As soon as the blood appeared, it transformed into a blood-colored flying sword with a baleful aura that sped toward Xu Qing.

The remaining Sea Ghost cultivators were the same. They all used their trump cards.

At this critical moment, Xu Qing suddenly lifted his right hand and pointed at the sky. Immediately, purple light flickered from his body and rapidly gathered above his head, forming a huge long saber.

This saber was 100 feet long and 30 feet wide. Its entire body shone with purple light and the coldness of the blade was oppressive!

It was like a heavenly saber that stood in mid-air and emitted an indescribable rhythm of Dao. It seemed to contain the laws of the world and emitted an earth-shattering aura.

As soon as this saber appeared, the expression of the burly Sea Ghost cultivator changed and he cried out involuntarily.

“He comprehended a Dao Art in Qi Condensation?? F*cking hell… Is this something that can be comprehended by a Qi Condensation cultivator!!!” As he spoke, he retreated, trying to escape.

The leader of the Litu Sect’s team also trembled violently and his face turned pale.

Xu Qing’s face was expressionless as his palm moved down.

A rumbling sound shook the heavens and the earth. The purple saber in the sky slashed down and landed in the basin. Everything in its path was slashed!

The blood-colored flying sword shattered into pieces.

The black tombstone collapsed and exploded.

The ground rumbled, leaving behind a huge saber mark that cut the basin in half. The leader of the Litu Sect’s team was also cut in half.

He stared at Xu Qing in a daze. At the next moment, his body was torn apart and fresh blood spurted out.

The body of the burly Sea Ghost cultivator in the distance trembled violently and despair appeared in his eyes. He wanted to lower his head and look at his waist, but before he could do so, his body directly split into two from the waist. The face on his chest was also covered with an aura of death.

At the same time, the remaining few Sea Ghost cultivators’ bodies broke apart.

The entire battlefield fell silent. Only the sky rumbled and the rain… finally fell.

The gushing rain splattered on the ground, but it was difficult for it to wash away the blood stains here.

Xu Qing stood in the rain and panted. There were many injuries on his body. Although most of them were already healing, there were still some serious injuries that couldn’t be healed immediately.

This battle wasn’t simple for him either. There were too many enemies.

He turned his head and looked at the trembling nonhuman in the straw rain cape and the elephant-nosed burly man not far away.

“We didn’t attack!”

“We didn’t get involved from the start!!” The two of them trembled uncontrollably when Xu Qing’s gaze swept past them.

Xu Qing didn’t speak. He shifted his gaze and looked at the fleeing rogue cultivators in the distance. They had attacked Xu Qing before and dispersed when they saw that the situation wasn’t good.

Xu Qing didn’t chase after them. As he stared coldly, those rogue cultivators and nonhumans screamed miserably before they could leave the island. Their bodies turned greenish-black and they died from poison.

This scene caused the bodies of the nonhuman in the straw rain cape and the elephant-nosed burly man to tremble even more.

Ignoring the two of them, Xu Qing turned and grabbed into the distance with his right hand. Immediately, the black iron stick flew over. After it landed in his hand, he waved it again. This black iron stick was incomparably agile and shuttled rapidly through the corpses in the surroundings.

To prevent some people from pretending to be dead, Xu Qing dealt the final blows.

As for the nonhuman in the straw rain cape and the elephant-nosed burly man, they tried to retreat. Only when they retreated far away and discovered that Xu Qing didn’t pay attention to them and seemed to have let them go did the two of them relax. However, they still used all their strength and frantically fled for a distance. Only when they descended the mountain and entered the jungle did they truly heave a sigh of relief.

However, the greed hidden in their hearts wasn’t extinguished. They each secretly took out jade slips, wanting to transmit their voices to the great cultivator leader outside. They were afraid that if they were too late, Xu Qing would escape.

However, before they could transmit their voices, two cold lights whistled over from behind them and passed through their necks.

They instantly died.

Xu Qing calmly retracted his gaze. He knew that although there were no Foundation Building cultivators on Sea Lizard Island, it didn’t mean that there weren’t any in the sea. As for the two people who had escaped, it was extremely suspicious for them to try to send a voice transmission at this moment. There was a high chance that they were trying to send a message to someone.

Normal people wouldn’t think of sending messages at this moment.

Xu Qing dealt the finishing blow while organizing his gains on the battlefield.

Not long later, he looked at the corpses on the ground. Suddenly, the shadow under his feet spread out and grabbed the necks of the three rogue cultivators who were pretending to be dead and lifted them up.

Before the three of them could beg for mercy, their necks shattered and they instantly died.

At the same time that Xu Qing attacked, the dead face on the chest of the burly Sea Ghost cultivator who had been split into two opened its eyes abruptly and rushed out, transforming into a blood-colored imp.

It was unknown what method it used but it didn’t hesitate to expend its energy to fly into the air. Its speed was so fast that it instantly left the island and was already on the sea, fleeing crazily into the distance.

Xu Qing coldly looked over and spoke for the first time since the battle started.

“Forbidden Sea Dragonwhale!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the sea beside the Sea Lizard Island suddenly erupted. Waves surged into the sky and a thousand-foot-long plesiosaur broke out of the sea and devoured the blood-colored imp!

Its figure covered the moonlight, and its huge body left behind the stench of the sea. After devouring the red figure, it slammed back into the sea.

The sea rumbled and waves surged.

The rain became heavier.


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