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Outside of Time – Chapter 155: Like a Phoenix or an Eagle (1) Bahasa Indonesia

A long time later, Xu Qing’s figure appeared on the beach under the rain.

He walked past the skeletons buried in the sand and washed out by the rain, and looked at the sea from the shore.

The waves rose and fell in the sea, as though it hid endless danger.

Xu Qing recalled the Litu Sect’s boat. It was already gone.

He knew that no Foundation Building cultivators dared to set foot on this island, nor did they dare to stay nearby. However, Xu Qing felt that if there was really a Foundation Building cultivator with malicious intent, the greatest possibility was that they would be waiting in the outer perimeter.

They were waiting for the Qi Condensation cultivators, who had returned from the Sea Lizard Island with heavy harvests, and kill them for the sea lizard skins, or were waiting for the people they had sent.

Xu Qing wasn’t sure if the people from the Sea Ghost Organization and the Litu Sect had Foundation Building cultivators following them. However, if they did, there was a high chance that they had already obtained the information. After all, it was impossible for him to block all the information during the chaotic battle just now.

After some thought, Xu Qing decided not to leave immediately. He sat down and silently meditated here, recuperating his cultivation and recovering his energy.

When he had mostly recovered, he opened his eyes in the rain and looked at the distant sea. The coldness in his eyes intensified.

“If there’s really a Foundation Building cultivator…” Xu Qing weighed the pros and cons and suppressed his killing intent.

He wasn’t sure how many Foundation Building cultivators there were, so he didn’t want to continue fighting unless it was absolutely necessary.

He walked to the seaside and took out the magic boat. With a wave of his right hand, cracking sounds rang out from the magic boat. Its appearance was still the same but a very small boat had fallen out from below.

This swift boat was set up by Zhang San in case there was danger and the magic boat collapsed.

It wasn’t the sect’s standard magic boat, and its structure was also different. It was extremely poor in defense and attack. However, under Zhang San’s refinement, its speed was emphasized. The speed it could erupt with was more than twice the speed of the magic boat within a certain period of time.

However, it was very dangerous to sail it for a long time.

Xu Qing stared at it for a moment and determination appeared in his eyes. He took down the control jade slip of the magic boat and adjusted it so that the magic boat could sail on its own. After that, he set the route for it and fully activated its defense before sending it off.

Looking at the departing magic boat, Xu Qing suppressed his heartache and turned to step into the swift boat at the side.

The moment he stood on the swift boat and was ready to leave Sea Lizard Island, Xu Qing looked back at this island.

The island in the rain was a scene of darkness. The vegetation inside rustled in the wind and rain, as though they were whispering and discussing this blood-stained battle.

The wind blew and the rain fell, the mountains were moving but the people were quiet.

Xu Qing looked at all of this. After a long time, he bowed deeply toward the island.

“Sorry for disturbing you, Senior.”

With that, he controlled the swift boat to sink into the sea without any hesitation.

The instant the swift boat entered the sea, Xu Qing retracted all his aura. Moreover, the dragonwhale arrived and enveloped the boat.

In the night rain, Xu Qing rode the boat and sped forward.

This was the method Xu Qing thought of. One of the two boats was in the open and the other was in the dark. They moved in different directions to avoid the possibility of Foundation Building cultivators locking onto them.

As he left, this island that was silent in the rain suddenly trembled and slowly sank… The seawater rolled over, instantly washing away the bloodstains that couldn’t be cleared by the rain.

A moment later, when the island surfaced again, there was no longer any blood on it. As for the collapsed trees and shattered mountain rocks, they strangely returned to normal.

Only in the depths of the sea under the island, a pair of gigantic eyes slowly opened. They looked indifferently at the swift boat that was far away. After a long time… they closed again.

An hour later.

In the swift boat that was moving with astonishing speed, Xu Qing suddenly opened his eyes. He took out the jade slip that controlled the magic boat and slowly narrowed his eyes.

The jade slip shattered.

This meant that the magic boat that was sailing by itself had been destroyed.

“As expected, there’s a Foundation Building cultivator.”

“Then should I dive deeper and hide, wait for the Foundation Building cultivators to leave after failing to find me, or should I speed up my escape?”

Xu Qing fell silent and chose the latter.

He didn’t want to stay here and wait for death. After all, the danger under the sea was equally terrifying. If the other party did not leave this area for a long time, he would be in an extremely passive state.

He didn’t want to place his life on other people’s decisions.

While controlling the swift boat to speed up, he also restrained his aura to a greater extent.

Fortunately, the seawater helped in concealing his aura as well. In addition, Xu Qing wasn’t afraid of anomalous substances. This allowed him to dive deeper, causing the concealment of his aura to be even greater.

The only thing he had to consider was whether the swift boat could withstand the pressure.

However, Xu Qing knew that now wasn’t the time to think about this problem. Under his control, the swift boat sped forward at the bottom of the sea. Not long later, Xu Qing’s eyes narrowed.

He sensed danger coming from the direction of the sea, as though it was probing and searching.

Xu Qing silently controlled the boat to sink deeper and continued forward.

However, that sense of danger still existed. The swift boat was also showing signs of being unable to withstand the pressure and invasion of anomalous substances under the sea. Seeing that it would be damaged if this continued, Xu Qing simply put away the swift boat and immersed himself in the body of the Forbidden Sea Dragonwhale before moving forward again.

Just like that, time flowed by and a night passed.

The sense of danger from the sea gradually decreased but there were still a few strands that remained. It was as though they had used some unknown method to lock onto Xu Qing.

This made Xu Qing not dare to be careless at all. He gritted his teeth and was about to rush deeper into the sea, wanting to avoid being locked onto.


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