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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 85: Let me Hug you for 20 seconds Bahasa Indonesia

The mood in the environment changed completely with the last part as she sang it with all her heart and emotions, expressing her deep love for the crimson-haired boy.

Rio felt jumbled-up emotions rising inside him as the ending lyrics started melting his frozen emotions.

‘It was easy to handle his rejection before today. But my chest is hurting so much after gaining this God damn feeling for this dummy.’

Nyla was feeling very saddened that she didn’t get much reaction from this crimson-haired boy for the hard-worked performance she especially prepared for him.

She had planned to mesmerize him with her cute song and flutter his heart for her but it was a failure that caused the girl to feel intense sorrow.

A downcast expression enveloped her face as Nyla’s eyes landed on the cocktails at the table.

Getting drunk and forgetting everything seemed alluring to her right now to escape all of these complicated emotions.

Rio quietly watched her actions as she went to uncap the alcoholic bottle and gulped it down her throat completely, finishing the content inside in one go.

‘That much alcohol dose won’t take her long to become intoxicated. But why is Nyla acting as if she lost something so precious? Was I too harsh on her?’

He felt worried about her well-being. Even Rio didn’t realize he was giving her too many cold shoulders by not letting her take advantage of his naivety like before.

The boy now had his old memories unsealed that were the sweet days he spend with Layla. He knew how to comfort a girl from his romantic experience of the past but Rio didn’t want to give her any false hope to hurt her even more.

“I’m sorry, Nyla but I can not use you as a mere tool to save Lia. You’re my friend, not an object that I would use to fulfill my desires or goals and throw you away when it’s done.

You would be happier with a man who loves you, cherish you, and adores you. I hope you understand that man can not be me.” He thought inwardly while watching her drink to her full desire.

She put the glass down as Nyla didn’t look intoxicated yet.

“Rio… you say you don’t love me and don’t have feelings for me…So can you let me test if I really have any chance or not?” She said in a tender voice while the Magenta-haired girl gazed at him in a loving manner.

“How would you test?” He asked while putting his hands in his pocket as the boy was still standing in the spacious place she dragged him earlier to dance to her self-composed song.

“Let me hug you for twenty seconds and I’ll find out if you have any feelings for me or not…Okay?” She asked with a pleading tone but her eyes were slowly getting heavier from the alcoholic dose she consumed.

‘Even if you weren’t from Havenglow Family I would’ve eloped with you to the land of Asura to spend the rest of my life with you in the wilderness.’

Rio was her ideal candidate as she thought he was a gentleman compared to other boys she met in her life.

He was also the only one due to the reason of being an adopted child of the Havenglow family. This was the root reason for her to choose him as the Mailon family can not afford to offend them.

However, now it was different as she was willing to be with him even if the girl had to live in an abandoned place in the land of asura far away from any human contact.

‘I just pray…this helps this silly girl to give up on me and find someone else who can truly love her.’

“Okay…” He said in a composed manner.

A merry smile flashed on her face as she clapped her hands to celebrate her little achievement and ran towards him as if going for the happiest destination in the world.

She placed both her hands between his shoulder and the torso that was blocked because of him putting his hands in his pocket.

Her hand slithered away from that little space to wrap around him as she hugged him tightly, placing her head on his chest.

She felt immensely relaxed and a blissful joyous sensation enveloped her.




She could listen to his heartbeat but also heard the one beating inside her caused by hugging the person she gained sudden feelings for.

A trail of tears flowed from her tipsy eyes and drenched his shirt without her even realizing it.

She grew up without the love of her parents and didn’t open up to anyone before. The bullying by her stepmother and step-sister also saddened her always.

Nyla was keeping all of this inside her for so long as the girl didn’t remember hugging anyone this closely while lowering her guard down.

The overflowing dam was broken the moment Nyla was in his embrace and rushed through her beautiful green eyes.

“For some reason, There is a warmth sensation spreading in my chest…It feels like I would be happy as long as I’m with this dummy…” She mumbled inwardly as the sweet girl embraced this foolish guy tightly.

Nyla was going through a roller-coaster of emotions. Those cocktails just did the work of fuel to ignite it to the next level.

Never did she imagine for such outcome where Nyla would be head over heels for the guy she planned to mesmerize with her beauty and marry later on.

A great person once said, “No person is perfect and their imperfections are what makes them beautiful.”

Her intentions were not great but it wasn’t bad either. We all do little things to impress the person we want to marry.

The girl knew they would develop feelings slowly once they were married. She didn’t want to rush things but time wasn’t on her side.

But she never thought that this dummy would be the one to steal her delicate heart.

Rio had no clue what she was thinking all this while. He just stood there, putting his hands in his pocket as if nothing happened.

An aromatic scent of orchids invaded his nostril when she hugged him.

Her silky magenta hair rubbed against his jaw and her chubby melons pressed together on his chest.

He was looking at the ceiling to keep his calmness and unwavering resolve, wandering his eyes that exposed his plan to not show his nervousness.

More than ten minutes passed as she kept herself wrapped around him.

After fifteen minutes, Nyla looked at Rio’s face while her hands stayed wrapped around him.

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