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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 86: My Ghost would Haunt You Bahasa Indonesia

More than ten minutes passed as she kept herself wrapped around him.

After fifteen minutes, Nyla looked at Rio’s face while her hands stayed wrapped around him.

The boy was looking at the ceiling and his eyes movement could tell he didn’t know how to react in this situation.

“You don’t like me, right? You find me annoying, Maybe You hate me.”

Her intoxicated voice sounded as he inclined his head to look into her green eyes.

“But you see sweetie…even if you hate me…”

She gazed right into his intriguing eyes in a loving manner and a creepy smile enveloped with deep affection flashed on her moist face.









My ghost would…

Haunt you…


Those words exploded beside his ears, making him dazed and causing a complicated wave of emotion to rise inside him.

Rio looked at her bewitching face which was filled with unwavering stubbornness to get him.

“Did my Rio think he can run away from me?… Did you think, I’ll give up on you???… Ahahaha…That’s so cute of you…” Her jolly voice escaped her cherry-like red lips and separated herself from him.

He swallowed nervously hearing her statement.

Rio wondered if he should be happy or cry when there was a young maiden who loved him to this level.

The drunken girl collapsed right after that as a massive alcohol dose and crying caused her to be drowned in sleepiness with a heavy head.

Seeing her swaying in the air, Rio caught her by coiling his hands around her curvaceous waist, which helped to not let her fall down on the ground.

He held her up in Bridal carry as she was lightweight and stared at her innocent face with some confusing emotions.

‘Ahhhh…why is this happening?’

Rio sighed and moved towards her bedroom.

They celebrated his victory but it ended up making her sad. His intention wasn’t to upset this girl.

He place the young maiden down on her purple bed and covered her up with a purple blanket.

Rio said with a tender voice, “Sleep well…Nyla…”

He closed the door behind him and left with jumbled-up emotions inside him.

After ten hours passed…The Magenta hair girl fluttered open her eyes and looked around her in puzzlement.

‘Ah…my head hurts…’

She rubbed her forehead with scrunched eyebrows and mumbled in a quiet voice, “What happened earlier?”

Nyla tried recalling things that happened earlier in the day before she collapsed and fell asleep.

The young maiden remembered how she was drunk and confessed her newly acquired feelings to the foolish boy.

A bitterness enveloped her adorable face and she climbed down from her bed.

She walked towards her window and drew the curtains wide open.

It was dark outside, as ten hours had passed to welcome the night.

Pond, which was surrounded by beautiful flowers, was engulfed in the beauty of the starry night and the moon was glimmering along the sparkling stars.

The sight was dazzling enough to make anyone relax but the young maiden gazed at the moon in the sky with a sorrowful glint in her eyes.

Nyla spoke word by word as she expressed her heart content,

“Gazing at the moon reminds me of you,

Wondering if you would ever watch it together with me,

I understand your heart has no place for me,

Yet when I am looking at the starry night, it makes me want to dive in all for you,

It doesn’t matter how long it will be,

It doesn’t matter if I have to trudge a path of thorns,

For you darling, I’ll exchange my heart for a little smile on your face,

For you darling, I’ll cross the river of fire and curses,

As long as I have hope to make you mine, I won’t hesitate even a little,

If fate permits, we can gaze at the moon together while our body embraces each other,

If it doesn’t permit, …”

Saying that she walked towards the portal capsule leaving behind her words that sounded with a chilly aura.

“Then I’ll trample the fate beneath me.”

The somber silence enveloped the empty room which witnessed Rio’s celebration, where a sweet girl sang and danced, confessed and broke, and cried to sleep after getting tired by her new emotions.

Our Rio didn’t know that the girl he was rejecting right at this moment would become the key factor to decide his destiny in the future.

Her unwavering love for the crimson-haired boy would create havoc in the stars of destiny.

Even Heaven would have to bow down to the stubbornness of her heart.


After leaving Nyla’s room, Rio decided to go back to the Land of Asura but his phone started ringing.

He frowned and checked it.

[Second Mother is calling…]

Rio tapped his phone screen and received the call.

“Hey Rio…how is everything?” A woman’s voice sounded from the speaker.

“It’s fine.” He responded while opening the door of his room.

“Aren’t you eating your meals properly? Why your voice sounds weak?

“Yeah… I haven’t slept well so my voice sounds tired.” Rio replied and walked into his room.

“I saw your duel with Talia. You defeated her with a single strike. Nicely done, Little Rio. I knew my child would be as talented as his mother. But Don’t overwork yourself while chasing strength. Health comes before everything.” Her voice was filled with motherly affection.

“Thank you. I’ll rest properly. You should not stress about me and take good care of yourself.” His heart melted slightly for his second mother as Rio knew he didn’t have to promise her anything to be loved. She didn’t demand him anything like others.

Second Mother loved him unconditionally like a real mother. Even if she hid his parents’ identity he believed her.

He remembered how she skipped her meals when Rio was away for a month. Maybe words can be fabricated into lies but her actions told him he could trust her.

Second Mother heard his concern about her and felt ecstasy.

She said, “I’m happy that my child cares about me. I wanted to ask you if you could come home this Wednesday. We will be having a family meeting soon. You and Lily haven’t met yet. How about coming home this Wednesday to meet her?”



The celebration didn’t end up well but I needed to develop their story this way for what is waiting in the next arc. That will also give Rio room to stabilize the emotions he has gone through after meeting Goddess.

Let me know your opinion about this chapter.

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