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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 74: Mysterious Black-Haired Beauty Bahasa Indonesia

He was standing in an eerie forest, the moon was the only source of light that illuminated the surroundings.

A rancid smell of blood was in the air which caused him to scrunch his face in annoyance.

“This is the first blessing you will be getting. Don’t take it lightly as this is the future you can fabricate by the choices you make.” A familiar voice of the goddess sounded in his mind.

Soon, he saw himself sitting on the ground while holding a figure closely.

It was a girl faintly smiling in his embrace, while a trail of blood was flowing down her lips. She was badly injured as her face was white due to being devoid of blood.

‘Lia….’ He cried out in agony as his heart shook.

His perspective changed and he started viewing the sight in front of him as a third person.

Rio saw the white-haired guy, that was another him, embracing Lia while she was taking her last breath.

A bright light enveloped his figure and the Scene changed…

He found himself standing in the ongoing battle.

Thousands of dead bodies were scattered on the ground along with beasts, drowning the ground and air with the scent and sight of blood. The view was too sinister to make anyone shiver in fear.

Dozens of warriors were fighting a lone wolf who had white hairs, a fairy-like girl was placed on his back. She was bound to him by some vines while her eyes were closed.

There were asuras and Humans both attacking him as if he was their mortal enemy. However, their eyes were flickering with fear as they attacked their single target.

The white-haired guy tried to avoid the fatal strikes but in the end, one of the attacks hit the girl on his back which pierced her heart.


Both of the Rio fighting and watching the scene cried out in mourning tone.

White light drowned him again and scenes changed one after another, but in each of them, he saw her dying at the end. Rio wasn’t able to save her no matter how hard he tried.

He had enough strength to fight all the high-level enemies but Rio couldn’t protect Lia in the end.

In dozens of scenes, he even saw Helia supporting him in battle while Lia fought alongside him but ultimately they both died.

The blonde-haired girl even apologized to him while saying if she get another life she wouldn’t mistreat him again. After that, her body became lifeless while her eyes were gazing at Rio with warmth and deep affection.

Rio saw 1 million more scenarios as his mind started getting numb by watching the person he loved most, dying painfully again and again in front of his eyes.

But he failed to save them even once.

His heart had already turned cold and Rio wanted to tear apart all the asura and humans who tried to kill his loved ones.

A guy who once trembled and cried after killing a human, that tried to harm his loved one, was now transforming to adapt to the fiendish world.

The gentleness in his heart gradually started molding into an unwavering will to not back down. Rio felt even if he has to destroy the world he would do that to save His Lia.

This was the the part of blessing the goddess prepared for him. She wanted to give him a lesson on what would happen if he hesitate to taint his hands to clean out the evil.

When Goddess was assured Rio is prepared for the savage world, she decided to end the sequence of bad outcomes.

Finally, a new scene played this time. He wasn’t expecting it as he was kneeling on the ground with tears enveloping his face.

He saw two new faces this time, they were both familiar to him but he only remembered meeting one of them before.

There were four girls, Lia, Nyla, Helia, and also a black-haired girl. Helia was making fun of Rio while Nyla supported her and Lia watched him getting bullied by her sister. Only the black-haired beauty was on his side and supporting him.

‘Who is she?’

He found the black-haired girl familiar but he couldn’t remember where he met her before. She was too pretty even above Helia and Nyla.

Her eyes were royal blue which was filled with serenity and love. Her face was otherworldly but a single gaze would want you to praise the fine piece of art she was. Her bosom was not as big as Lia’s but they were perfect and firm.

She was the same height as Lia. He felt a strong connection that he never experienced meeting anyone before.

Rio was mesmerized by the beauty of Lia when he first time met her but this feeling and familiarity with the new girl were so foreign to him. This black-haired beauty in front of his vision was someone who gave him butterflies in his heart just watching her first time.

“Why is my heart filled with ecstasy just looking at her once? Why don’t I remember her? There seems to be a stronger connection between us just as how I feel with Lia. How is this possible???” He subconsciously said with a puzzled face.

Bright light drowned him…

The scene changed again, and this time the five of them were sitting below a mountain. Rio had his head against the stony wall while Nyla and Helia were asleep their head was placed on his lap. The black-haired girl and Lia were hugging him from the side while their face looked relaxed.

However, there was a putrid blood scent in the air. A few hundred meters away from Rio and company, was countless corpse scattered around as if a terrifying battle had taken place.

The scene changed a few more times and he saw Lia alive in each of them.

Among the 1,000,010 visions Rio got, there were only 10 scenes where Lia survived.

His heart was still in chaos, and he asked in a chilly voice, “What’s the meaning of this?”

“There are 1,000,010 possible futures. I wanted you to have a glimpse of your future decisions’ outcomes. It’s up to you now what choices you make…” The Voice of the goddess sounded in his mind one last time before disappearing.



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