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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 75: How I met Her First Time Bahasa Indonesia

A bright light enveloped Rio and this time the old memories started coming to him like water escaping from the broken dam.


*Cough!* *Cough!*

“I’m sorry my child…I wish I could be with you longer to see you grow…But this is heaven’s will. Remember to Eat well… and… find new friends… In the future, get married to a beautiful wife and make a big family…


Little Rio… You have been a good child all this while.” The old man said with a feeble smile filled with pain, he looked devoid of any energy as if his one foot was in the grave.

He was laying on a hospital bed while taking his last breath. The old man wanted to talk to the little kid for one last time before saying goodbye to this world.

A 9-year-old crimson-haired boy, with sea-green eyes and a runny nose, was standing beside the bed. His face, which looked naive and filled with the charm of innocence a child could have, was drowned in redness and tears which was the result of overly crying. He was only 136 centimeters tall.

“Grandpa, you can not do this to me. Don’t leave me. I don’t want you to go…ummmm… Please stay with me. I won’t forgive you ever, if you leave-eeeee.” His sorrowful plea made the heart of the female doctor and nurses ache in pain.

There were many cases where they had seen people die on the hospital’s bed but this was the first case where an already orphaned child was going to lose his only family in a few moments.

The old man had adopted this young kid when he was one day old and raised him with love. However, Heaven was so cruel as It robbed Little Rio of the only family he had.

“Don’t be sad, little hero… Cough!…Cough!…Your grandpa Lov…..” The old man’s voice stopped halfway as he kept staring at Rio with his doting eyes open and a feeble smile on his face.


The heart rate monitor stopped beeping. Instead of the waving lines, it showed a horizontal one forming with a ‘Beem!’ sound which told them the patient was no longer alive and departed from this world.

The female doctor took the card from the dead patient and decided to bring the little kid out of the room who wasn’t willing to leave the old man.

“No…Please I want to be with my grandpa…Let me hear him, please… He wants to say something to me. I beg you…Big Sister…Grandpa is looking at me. Let me go to him.” His sorrowful pleading sent a shiver down all the staff present in the room.

Rio hovered his left hand in direction of his grandfather while crying and giving a last look as He was dragged by the lady to her office.

Doctor Lady was instructed by the old man to send Rio to White Bridge city and get him into the city’s middle school after he passes away.

She was very well aware Rio needs to be calm down mentally so she brought him away.

Doctor Lady wasn’t a friend of the old man but she had signed an agreement to send Rio to the school and monitor him for the next four years.

That Woman benefited a hundred times more from this deal than she could earn from her whole career so She wasn’t thinking Rio was a burden but if the woman went back on the agreement then the government would put her behind the cell.

She took care of Rio as he cried to sleep in her embrace and brought him to White Bridge city.

“Rio, be a good boy and study well.” Doctor lady said to Rio before sending him to the school.

She had already paid the money for his living here.

Rio, who was silent since his grandfather died, didn’t speak to her.

He just walked towards the school after getting her permission as she told him to study well.

“I wonder how long it will take him to come out of this trauma.” Doctor Lady sighed as her motherly instinct ached her heart seeing the poor little guy in misery.

Rio didn’t speak with anyone at all and students started to assume he couldn’t talk. They started to take advantage of him and even bully him.

He would go to a nearby Monument building in the neighborhood every weekend to see their heroes’ statues. Doctor lady used to bring him here and even gave him a weekly pass to enjoy as she told him to study well and become like them in the future.

Although she left, he came daily to visit those statues. He felt as if he had a connection to this place but he couldn’t point out what was it. His heart felt like he was at home whenever Rio came here.

One year passed like that…

He continued with his studies and visited the Hero statues like always.

One day, when he was going to enter the building through the door of Monument, a 13 years old boy came and pushed him.

He took his pass forcefully and mocked Rio, “You don’t need to have this, kiddo. I’ll borrow it for a little while.”

Seeing him take away his pass, Rio became enraged and went to fight him. He punched and kicked but he wasn’t able to do much.

The bully boy thrashed Rio to the ground.

Hearing the commotion, the crowd of children increased.

Rio got up again and went to hit the bully.

The bully teenager got annoyed by Rio’s persistence and decided to go more violent by teaching him a lesson.

He took an iron rod which was placed a few meters away and almost hit the Rio when a young girl appeared and kicked the bully away.

Her royal blue eyes were flickering with emotions to retaliate against the injustice that happened in front of her. She had midnight black hair which was falling down to her sylphlike waist.

There was something special about her, a serene aura that Rio could feel just by her mere presence.

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