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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 67: War Goddess Bahasa Indonesia

He moved towards it carefully and plucked the glowing heartstone.

[Heart stone of Yellow-Stage Crow-Masked Assassin Emperor spirit gained. Put a drop of your blood to make a master-servant contract with the Yellow-Stage Crow-Masked Assassin Emperor spirit.]

A notification was given by the AI watch informing him about his newly acquired item.

It was a transparent glowing stone that fit in his palm. The yellow color was flickering constantly with a number displaying on it.


“What will happen after the countdown gets finished?” He mumbled in puzzlement.


The loud collision of something getting thrashed sounded outside the building as he realized an intense fight was still ongoing.

He moved his eyes to inspect the throne chamber once and decided to leave.

His wounds were not deeper but they still caused his clothes to drench in blood.

Rio walked out of the building while holding his shoulder. His mouth became agape and his jaw dropped at the sight that welcomed him.

Dozens of dead bodies of Beasts with their limbs and organs along with their beast cores were scattered on the ground. The rancid smell drowned the environment caused by all the slaughtering.

A blonde-haired girl was walking casually as if she was taking a stroll in her garden while slashing her dagger left and right which drew blood each time with a head losing its body and flying here and there.

She even used her leg to kick away some beast that tried to disturb her rhythmic dance of dual blade which caused them to get thrashed on the ground. The body turned into smithereens after colliding with the surface of the battlefield.

The strength behind her kicks was enough to destroy in the air but she didn’t want to dirty her legs so she rather chooses to slam them on the ground.

‘Is she a war goddess???’

He gazed at Helia with complicated emotions as he saw her amazingly cleaning these beasts without any effort.

“When can I be this strong?” He sighed inwardly.

Helia stopped her actions all at once seeing Rio standing with a fist size glowing stone in his right hand.

“Command these beasts to stop attacking me.” She yelled at him but her eyes showed some concern seeing his shoulder drenched in blood.

‘But how?’

He wanted to ask the method but decided to chant a word first, “Halt.”

All the beasts stopped in their place and started looking at Rio as if waiting for his next command from their new lord.

“Why can I order them without contracting with the heart stone?” He asked with questioning eyes.

“Because just having Emperor spirit heart stone in your possession gives you authority over the Emperor spirit itself and the beasts under its banner.

As long as Emperor spirit isn’t too proud to accept you as their master and doesn’t self-destruct it will work this way.” Helia explained while recalling and keeping away her daggers.

She walked towards Rio while bringing out a small green bottle from thin air, which was the work of, most likely, the Spatial beast soul similar to the one that Lia and Yami had.

The green bottle was 5 inches long with the width of a thumb. A cork was placed on top to seal the content inside.

She said while looking at him, “remove your clothes.”

“Hey… you can’t sully my purity,” Rio said in a sarcastic voice while walking backward and crossing his hands in a defensive manner to hide his chest.

Veins popped up on her forehead as she rubbed the middle of her temple.

“if you weren’t Lia’s husband I would’ve beat you into a pulp” She snorted at him.

Hearing her threatening voice, he decided to not tease her more and unbuttoned his shirt to remove his upper cloth.

A fine muscular body appeared in front of Helia. He was charming and had a nice enticing body that could make a girl drool if they saw him in this state.

His blonde hair and having similar look to Leon was making him more alluring to the girl in front of him as that was the man she loved most and Rio wasn’t her brother at all so this worked against her to cause her to develop a soft spot for his devilish charm.

She felt her hormones going against her and made her a little uncomfortable but she stilled her heart.

She wasn’t used to seeing a half-naked young man every day so it was very unusual for her.

She moved her eyes to his wounds which were leaking blood.

Helia was hesitating but seeing his injuries she removed the cork and bring out the content from the bottle.

A green liquid fell on top of her fingers. She moved her hands closer to the wounds on his shoulder and applied over it with gentleness and great care.

Soft slender fingers touched his shoulder and he could feel her fine smooth skin brushing against his which was delicate despite being a warrior.

‘I wonder how she maintains her hand’s smoothness after using a sword or daggers and being so a rough fighter on the battlefield.’

He was clueless but a scorching pain jolted him awake.

“Argh… It’s burning” Rio cried out in pain as his face became scrunched.

“I forgot… my sister married a kid.” Helia mocked him in a teasing voice and made fun of him.

He glared at her but then looked at his wounds with widened eyes which started healing at a fast pace.

New flesh started forming and his wounds soon started vanishing at a rate visible to the naked eye.

The skin was as new as before and couldn’t be said to be injured if not for the blood marks that were left there to tell the mishap.

After his wounds healed he gazed at Helia with complicated eyes.

“Why are you staring at me?” She asked with an annoyed voice.

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