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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 59: Dragon Nectarine fruit Bahasa Indonesia

“Don’t forget this, Rio. A great sage once said, Greed makes a man blind and foolish and makes him an easy prey for death.

This greed became the reason for my downfall. I wanted to ascend to the unknown stage beyond the golden stage. I found records in ancient books that a place in corrupted lands has a mysterious Dragon Nectarine tree that can help a person ascend to the next stage.

I ventured deep into corrupted lands, where I found the place with the mysterious tree in a ruin. There were 10 ice-like transparent and cold fruits on the tree.

In the record, it was said one can only pluck one of these Dragon Nectarine fruits. I took one fruit and consumed it. The effect was sudden as massive energy rushed into my body and filled the dantian to the brim. I felt that I would reach the next stage by refining the energy essence stored in my dantian.

But I went to pluck two more, the moment I touched the fruit, I was thrown out of the ruin by a majestic force, and the energy in my dantian transformed into a red worm which started slowly sucking away my life essence.” Dylan’s voice was filled with bitterness.

One could tell by looking at his expression how much he regretted the unnecessary desire that devoured him whole.

Rio’s face darkened upon hearing the story. He wasn’t close to the Emperor but at the end of the day, Dylan was the father of Lia.

He didn’t want his wife to become an orphan like him. He didn’t know the agony of losing a father but he knew the pain of having none at all.

‘I don’t want her to be saddened.’

He clenched his hand as he thought about Lia’s condition if Dylan passed away.

He wanted to do something for her as it was always his wifey who supported him. He has never been able to repay the kindness and love she showered Rio.

“Is there no way to save you?” He hurriedly asked with a tinge of hope.

“Maybe if My old man was alive, he would’ve known a cure,” Dylan spoke with a bittersweet smile.

“How much time do you have left?” Rio asked.

“Less than three years.” The Emperor responded without any worry.

“Three years…” Rio clenched his fist and gritted his teeth. He was only in the yellow stage and he was clueless about how to save the Emperor.

Being weak made him helpless. The crimson-haired boy was of no use because of his low strength.

“Don’t worry about me. If you want to do something for your dear father-in-law then help me claim and clear out all the human shelters around Sharon empire. I can happily leave my body thinking Lia would be safe without my protection. Humans and these anti-parties wouldn’t be a threat if we have enough shelters under us.” Dylan said in a nonchalant voice looking at Rio with hopeful eyes.

“How are these shelters going to help?” His face was painted with puzzlement.

“Each shelter has an Emperor spirit of the region. They keep their heart stone in their statue chamber. When you drop blood on their heart stones, you will become the sovereign of that Emperor spirit and their shelter.

The Devlin family has a secret technique that assisted us in becoming the new ruler of this empire. This can help us to control all the beasts under the emperor spirits and the shelters of the heart stones we possess. So the more shelters you claim the bigger strength we acquire.” Dylan spoke while looking at him with an expectant glint in his eyes.

“How many of these shelters do I have to clear?” Rio asked with a questioning tone.

“There are 150 yellow, 50 purple, 30 black, and 16 red stage shelters around the shamor empire’s border.

Because these shelters collide with the empire’s periphery region, many humans attack the beasts for skills and cores that have pledged their loyalty to us .” Dylan spoke with a bitter voice.

“150 yellow stage shelters? 50 purple stage shelters? how am I supposed to do that? This will take me a lot of years to claim. Here I don’t even know how to claim a shelter and we are running out of time.” Rio complained with a bittersweet smile.

“Haha… We don’t have to waste our time on the yellow or purple stage shelters as we can claim them later after we have higher stage shelters and beasts under us.

You’re still at the yellow stage so it’s better if you go after the yellow stage shelters first that are under humans around the shamor empire’s periphery. It will be like your practice match before the official battle starts.” Dylan chuckled and explained.

“That’s better. 150 was an astronomical number.” Rio sighed in relief hearing he didn’t have to claim that many yellow stage shelters.

“That’s all you needed to know. Let me pass you the secret technique that will help you control the beasts under us .” Dylan walked out behind the desk and hovered his hand in the air and pressed his palm on Rio’s forehead.

A glimmering light flowed from his forehead to his hand which went through Rio’s forehead.

A cooling sensation entered Rio’s body through the forehead like the last time when the emperor transferred some skills. This process took a few seconds then Dylan removed his hand.

Unlike before, it was easier this time. He didn’t feel any pain or electric current.

A notification sounded in his mind and

a screen floated in front of his eyes, which showed him the information.


[You have acquired the Ancient Devlin Beast Emperor Spell]

[Ancient Devlin Beast Emperor: Beasts under Devlin’s Bloodline Banner would listen to you as their leader. (Passive)]


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