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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 58: Shamor Empire Bahasa Indonesia

He appeared on the couch as usual but Lia was nowhere to be found.

He went downstairs to look for her.

Yami was busy in the kitchen preparing for lunch.

Rio didn’t find her there either, so he decided to send her a telepathic message.

“Hey Wifey, I’m back. Where are you???” He asked her in an eager tone.

“I have come outside the castle. I’ll come back soon. You should look for Father in the castle. He wants to talk about your upcoming missions.” She told him in a sweet manner.

“Where to find him?” He questioned.

“Just ask Yami.” She said in her gentle voice.

“Okay, have a good time outside.” He bid her farewell.

He asked Yami who led him to the castle.

Dylan was in his study room doing some paperwork.

Yami asked for permission from the Emperor and they entered the room.

Dylan indicated Rio sat while doing his paperwork, and Yami left afterward as her task was done.

He waited for 10 minutes quietly and saw the Emperor was closing the papers and keeping things aside.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. I wanted to finish this before having a good talk with you.” Dylan smiled mysteriously.

“No worries… It’s fine.” Rio wasn’t sure how to respond since the Emperor himself was apologizing.

“I was impressed by your actions last time when you protected Lia against the human prisoner who was escaping. I believe the time has come for you to start with the missions. Before that, you need to understand how the empire works. So listen carefully.” The Emperor said and stood up to spread a rectangular map on the study table.

The Map was similar to his world. The great land was surrounded by water. But the continents weren’t at the gaps as it was connected to form a big one. The direction was indicated on the map with NEWS on upright left down respectively.

“This is a map of the land of asura or you can say the blue star. Our Shamor empire is in the very east currently occupying ten percent of the land. The other twenty percent consists of the wilderness and shelters we had claimed. The rest of the seventy percent area that we haven’t claimed, we call it corrupted lands.

Shamor empire is a safe place where asura lives. There are five major cities, managed by four great clans and three powerful sects.

Mistblade clan, Rainheart Clan, and spirit heart sect as well as Ancient Society Palace, are completely loyal to us. On the other hand, Strongblaze and Wolf Mountain Sect have neutral standing.

Currently, we only have one clan that doesn’t like the royal family. It is the old royal clan that ruled the Shamor Empire before us.” He paused and stared at Rio as if waiting for an upcoming question that he was already aware of.

Rio knew he would need to learn about this world’s geography, history, and politics but he didn’t know Dylan would teach it himself.

“Didn’t Yami mention that the daughter of Mistblade was Lia’s childhood friend?” Rio was thinking inwardly as he heard many foreign names in one go.

The mistblade and Rainheart were the only two names he had heard before.

“Why don’t you pluck out this rebellious clan if it’s a threat to the royal family?” He asked doubt as Dylan expected.

The Emperor continued, after receiving the question he was waiting for, “The simple answer is that We don’t want to have a civil war while giving humans a chance to triumph over us.

The standing of the other two neutral powers can go against us anytime to support the Cliffdane clan if we make rash decisions.

Their foundation is stable and can’t be neglected. They have very deep roots, which is the reason they possess thousands of years old heritage.”

“How is this going to help me in the upcoming mission? Don’t tell me you want me to infiltrate their clan as a spy.” Rio was confused why the emperor was telling him all this so he blurted out nonsense out of instinct.

“Haha…why would I make my son-in-law a spy? Just listen, I’m not finished yet. To suppress these neutral powers and the enemy clan we need to have more shelters under our control. It not only helps us against humans but also makes us prepare for upcoming future battles we may have among asuras.” He laughed heartily and explained.

“If you just have to claim shelters you can send anyone. Why send the innocent me to dirty my hands?” Rio narrowed his eyes as he was suspicious of this man who wasn’t honest with him in their first meeting.

He couldn’t forget how Emperor hid the main reason for Lia marrying Rio. Dylan told him that it was due to transferring powers which can only be inherited by someone who has not awakened innate talent yet but the main reason was prophecy.

“If we start taking down shelters openly, then those neutral powers along with our enemy clan may also start preparing against us. I don’t want to alert them.

They weren’t a problem as long as I am still here. However, I barely have time left. Before I leave, I want to make sure

they don’t become a threat to Lia.” His eyes shone with a mysterious saddened glint.

“What do you mean you barely have time left?” He scrunched his eyebrows hearing him say that. His heart thumped as he felt some ominous information was going to be revealed.

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