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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 47: Eyes of Destiny Bahasa Indonesia

She dived in with her face and bit him on his neck. Her teeth stabbed his flesh as pain invaded him and sent an electrifying shock through his body.

She was neither forceful with her actions nor she was gentle. It was enough to give him pain and pleasure at the same time at perfect equilibrium.

She stayed in that position and waited for him to scream but he didn’t show a such reaction.

The young boy was suffering from the pain of her love bite but she didn’t do it hard enough to cause a bleed. He was currently enjoying her fairy-like body hugging him and her featherly juicy lips touching his neck.

Her melons, which were too soft and well-endowed, pressed together on his body which was making this moment blissful for him.

For every man, this was a treasure land they all wished to experience once in a lifetime.

If you ask a straight man, “would they want to experience this treasure land”, 90% would say ‘Yes’ without hesitating, in case they are daring enough, to be honest with their answers.

This would tell you the level of ecstasy Rio was going through.

As for Lia, This was the first time when she went so wild with him. Even though it was her mischievous plan but he was pleased and enjoying it.

She raised her eyebrows as her plan failed to make him scream and continue to endure it.

She let go of his flesh with her teeth and used her tongue to lick it in a round movement. She did it slowly with her warm affection and followed the path where her teeth left the marks.

She was doing it to lower the pain she caused him after she felt bad about her actions.

Rio felt an electrifying pleasure entering his body as her wet tongue made him feel tickled. The movement of her tongue on his naked skin was making him go crazy. He felt intoxicated by her sudden action and his body started getting hot. His hormones were going into chaos.

“Lia… if you keep going further then I will not able to control myself. Do you want to continue?” He whispered in her ears as if drunken.

Her face became beet red hearing his words as she understood what he meant. She stopped licking his neck and slid away from his body.

She just lay beside him. Their shoulders were touching each other and both of them didn’t know how to speak as a very hot moment passed between them just a few seconds ago.

They were both looking at the ceiling.

“What was that?” Rio decided to tease her again.

“A kiss,” Lia said in a tiny mosquito-like voice.

“Did you invent it?” He asked.

“No… but I have read in fairy tales stories that vampires used to kiss their husband or wife this way.” She said while remembering those books she read in her childhood.

‘So they also have vampire stories in this world?’

“You kissed me, shouldn’t I kiss you back?” He asked with a flat tone as if asking about today’s weather.

“You can as I’m already yours and you’re mine. Don’t you remember the oath?” She turned towards him and told him as if it was all natural.

“I remember but I thought it would be hasty and you might dislike me.” He said while looking into her eyes.

“Yeah. I dislike you a lot that I hug and kiss you. You became so intelligent after just living with me for a month.” She said with an annoyed tone as she didn’t like how he was very bad at taking initiative. As a man, he should be the one to paddle the cycle but she had to do everything.

“Are you making fun of my intelligence?” He said while raising his eyebrows.

“What do you think?” She asked back with an amusing smile.

“I saw you were sad when I arrived. Has something happened?” He changed the topic as he remembered she was upset.

She didn’t reply to him as she turned around to avoid him.

“Don’t do that again or I’ll go back to earth.” He threatened her with his bold move.

She moved again and hugged him as if not wanting to let go. She was holding him in a tight grasp.

‘Did she miss me? But why?’

He couldn’t understand her emotion at all as a maiden heart was a complicated mystery in this world that nobody could solve.

She treated Rio a lot better after she received the dream from her eyes of destiny. She could see the future and that is what her eyes of destiny do. It would give her foresight of a future in small pieces and there was no way to stop these dreams to happen.

As there were a few dreams she saw that took place in reality and she couldn’t change their outcome even after knowing.

However, after Rio came into her life these dreams started changing. All those dreams, which were worse than the nightmares, started transforming. Each of them had a new outcome after her grandfather’s words came true.

‘Little child, don’t cry…These nightmares will change in the future. Do you think this Grandfather of yours would lie to you? Just wait for that one man from the foreign land who will turn this world upside down. The moment he comes into your life he will crush the destiny with his undying will and change your fate.’

She remembered her grandfather’s words as she finally believed him after she saw that boy with her own eyes.

Her head was placed on his shoulder as she hugged him tightly and snuggled into his embrace.

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