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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 4: The First Kiss Bahasa Indonesia

Rio felt a cold featherly hand kept on his palm. His heartbeat was thumping faster. He never imagined the girl, who moved his heart when he first saw her in enemy land, would marry him.

“Now pray to God to take each other as husband and wife and swear on mana, blood, family, ancestors as well as heaven that you will both love each other dearly and support each other in difficult times. You would be happy in each other’s glory and take care of each other if you’re sick.” Dylan explained the process with a cheerful voice as he was happy his daughter was getting married.

“I, Rio Havenglow, pray to God to take this girl right in front of my eyes, who is more beautiful than the angels of heaven, as my wife. I swear on my mana, my blood, my family, my ancestors, and heaven to always love her dearly. I will be happy in her glory and support her In her difficult times. I’ll take good care of her whenever she is sick. I’ll keep these words as long as she doesn’t betray me.” Rio said while looking into her jewel-like red eyes.

Lia’s coldness melted slightly hearing his oath. She felt warmth taking over her heart.

She looked at her father as she was nervous, but he cheered her with his eyes.

She spoke after some hesitation, “I, Lia Devlin, pray to God to take Rio Havenglow as my husband. I swear on my mana, my blood, my family, my ancestors, and heaven to always love him dearly. I will be happy in his glory and support him In his difficult times. I’ll take good care of him whenever he is sick.”

She spoke these words but was looking in a different direction because her face was getting redder.

“That’s perfect. Now seal the deal with a kiss and marriage will be officially done.” Dylan said while smiling ear to ear while smoke was coming out of Lia’s ears because of shyness.

Dylan indicated to Rio with his eyes.

He understood and moved towards Lia. He was a head taller than her so when he stood in front of her, she could see his sea-green eyes.

He grabbed her waist with one hand and supported the other hand to her head. Then he moved his face closer to hers. He could feel her flowery scent invading his nostril.

Lia didn’t resist and closed her eyes. She felt warm lips pressing down on hers while Rio felt an electric current running down his body. Her soft lips like the petals of a rose were intoxicating. Their heartbeat was resounding in each other’s ears.

A light shone around them and a warm feeling entered their body. Dylan saw a leaf tattoo appearing on their shoulders.

“Whoa… who would’ve expected for heaven to bless you two. I have only heard about it in legends. Those leaves on your shoulder are a blessing from heaven where they link your soul to each other. You would feel each other’s location even from a long distance and allow you to talk to each other in your thoughts.” Dylan was dazed seeing the results while Lia was embarrassed from the kiss.

She didn’t want to admit it but she wished for the kiss to last a little longer. She felt a weird kind of bliss.

Rio touched the tattoo on his shoulder which was the same as the one on Lia’s.

“Now, you’re my son-in-law. I’ll announce this news to everyone.” Dylan said.

Rio moved his hand in front of his face and said “Wait a second.”

“What happened?” The duo of father and daughter looked at him with raised eyebrows.

“I would be in trouble if you spread the news of a human marrying the Asura Empress. Please alter the words that I’m also an asura and make sure no one knows even here that I am a human.” Rio said as he was worried he would be captured by humans.

“Oh… you’re right… We should keep some information secret. I wouldn’t want my newly wed daughter to become a widow.” Emperor Dylan said with a bittersweet smile.

He continued, “Later, I’ll help you learn a spell that will disguise you as an Asura. You can go with Lia to see your room for now. We will start your training from tomorrow’s morning. Have a memorable night, you two.”

Saying that he winked at them and walked out of the hall.

The awkward silence fell between them.

“I still don’t understand. I don’t believe that he wanted me to marry you just because he wants me to inherit his power. There is more to it than how it appears.” Rio decided to break the silence by asking her his doubts.

“You are not as stupid as you look but why didn’t you ask him?” Lia asked with an amusing glint in her eyes.

“Don’t you fear those oaths that you’re making fun of your husband and calling him stupid? I didn’t ask him because he wouldn’t tell me and besides you’re my closest bonding in this foreign land among Asura so I asked you.” Rio said as he knew she has become his closest family in this life.

“The holy oath doesn’t restrict wives from teasing their husbands and yeah, there is another reason why a human was chosen to be my husband.” Lia said with a stiff voice.

“What reason?” Rio scrunched his eyebrows as he looked at her with curious eyes.

“When I was born, they said I’ll become the greatest enemy of the human race and I’ll be killed by the human warriors on my twenty second birthday. But…” Lia spoke with a grave tone then she paused in middle as she was hesitating to say any further.

“But???” Rio asked back.


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