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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 3: I have four conditions Bahasa Indonesia

His eyes moved to Rio and he continued, “Listen, boy, I’ll go straight to the point. I needed someone who could inherit my powers and you’re the perfect candidate for it.” Dylan said with a severe voice.

“Why would you pass down your power to someone from the human race whom you consider an enemy?” Rio asked with puzzlement.

“Because it can only be inherited by someone who was born with no innate talents. We investigated some human prisoners who were teleported here. They told us that 60% of human children are born with no innate talents.

Among that 60%, Most of them don’t even get their AI watch as they want to pursue a different career. The remaining humans, who choose to come to this Land, have many other shelters where they can get sent away.

We rarely get a human prisoner and the one that is around her age without any Innate talent, You’re fortunately the first one.

So that solves my problem. So will you inherit my powers?” Dylan explained.

“This can’t be a coincidence, the prophecy said the boy would’ve his hair color the same as the shade of love, blood, and death. I can’t believe his words came true.” He thought inwardly as a mysterious glint flickered in his eyes.

Dylan was thinking about the prophecy that came true. He didn’t want to reveal it so early when the Emperor didn’t even believe such things. But it was told by his old man and he wanted only the well-being of his daughter so Dylan was left with no choice.

“Don’t you think that after you pass down the power I’ll use it against you and your daughter?” He asked with a questioning glint in his eyes.

“Are you provoking me on purpose?” Lia spoke with murderous intent. The temperature in the room lowered.

“When I will pass down the powers I’ll also make you marry my daughter and the marriage includes you to be bound in the oath. It won’t let you go against both of us and if you do your body and soul will shatter into nothingness.” The emperor explained sweetly as if he was telling his soon-to-be-son-in-law how much he loves him.

Rio swallowed nervously and sat down on the floor.

“What happened? Are you scared of dying or you’re scared of becoming a traitor of the human race?” Lia asked amusingly.

“No… not that.” Rio shook his head and he was still dazed.

“Then what is it?” Dylan asked this time as he was also puzzled.

“I can not believe that I would be marrying the most beautiful girl living in the current time,” Rio spoke as he was still lost in his thoughts.

“Stupid…” Lia mocked him while her heart fluttered hearing someone praise her on her face.

People feared her so much that no one dared to speak openly as their life was valuable. They didn’t want to risk their life by misspeaking and fanning the wrath of the Asura’s Emperor.

“You don’t look like that would be happy just because you’re marrying a pretty girl after giving your heroic speech on humanity and good or evil. What’s your reason behind it?” Dylan asked with curious eyes as he figure out this boy was not that simple.

“Last night, the girl’s father rejected me saying that I have no innate talent and I’m not worthy of her.” Rio smiled while speaking each word.

A realization struck both father and daughter. They gazed at the boy on the floor.

“That explains why you were dazed. But do you agree to inherit my powers?” Dylan spoke to him to probe if he would agree without force or not.

“I have four conditions,” Rio spoke as if he was thought of such conditions long ago but he had made it on the spot.

“Are you so tired of living that you’re asking us to agree to your conditions? Who do you think you are?” Lia glared at him.

“I think I’m your future husband.” Rio chuckled.

“You…” Lia found this boy annoying.

“Okay, tell me what’s your condition. As long as it’s fair enough I’ll fulfill it” Dylan agreed with a bittersweet smile.

“First condition is that I’ll not kill a human without a fair reason,” Rio spoke about his first condition and he knew they would have a problem with this.

“Have you not gone to military school yet, kid?” Dylan asked.

“How do you know?” Rio asked while scrunching his eyebrows in surprise.

“Your lack of knowledge explains it. When the human scientists set up their portal, they linked it to those devices on your wrist that you call an AI watch. Whenever a person is about to die in this Land, the security mechanism automatically activates and their bodies get teleported out of here and they can not enter our world for a month to three months, depending on the damage dealt on them.

Humans set up this safety mechanism so their strong warriors don’t become the meal of beasts. ” Dylan explained as it was his favorite subject to research in the human way of life. He would question the slaves about humanity and their way of life.

Rio’s eyes widened hearing this information but he still had one doubt. He asked, “What if the AI doesn’t activate and break? Do humans really not die here?”

“There are circumstances where humans can’t avoid dying such as a giant beast swallowing them and a sudden powerful strike that would kill a human instantly without allowing the AI watch enough time to activate.

Since you don’t want to take a human’s life unfairly for a good reason, I’ll leave it to you how you deal with them. Just chase them away.

Because I’ll need you to protect our lands against them. They attack the beasts and fairies that are under our protection. Unlike humans, these beasts don’t have a safety mechanism for escape.

They drop their skill which the human race wants and disappear from this land forever.” Dylan said with a sorrowful voice.

“If what you’re saying is true. Then I’ll help you to protect them and do what I can to send humans back to earth.” Rio said with some hesitation.

“Okay… what are your other conditions?” Dylan looked at this young boy with interest who was going to walk a path to go against the human race while thinking about their safety as well.

“I will kill anyone or anything who would come my way to disrespect me or harm those dear to me. I won’t discriminate by race and gender. This includes Asuras as well.” Rio spoke with a cold glint in his eyes.

“That’s natural. If someone tries to disrespect the husband of Asura’s empress, they deserve death. I understand. Tell me your other two conditions so we can move forward.” Dylan wasn’t patient and said to hurry him.

“My 3rd condition is that no one will restrict my freedom and the last, I won’t allow her to marry another man besides me. She has to be loyal to me.” Rio said while a chill crept up to his spine as a killing intent was directed towards him.

Lia was glaring at him with a murderous look in her eyes which was putting a lot of pressure on him. But he had to put forward his condition no matter what.

“Your 3rd condition is Okay but Lia can restrict your freedom if she needs you. As for the fourth one, it’s obvious. The marriage oath will put you both in a binding that none of you can break. You will need each other’s permission to marry someone else.” Dylan said after looking at his daughter whose face was becoming beet red by their conversation.

He continued, “Since all your conditions are agreed upon, let’s initiate the marriage. Hold each other’s hands.”

Rio stretched his right hand towards Lia who was ignoring him like thin air after hearing her father’s words.

Dylan pointed with his eyes at her to give her hand forward as he saw she was reluctant.

She slowly moved her hand and placed it on his warm hand.


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