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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 39: Fighting a Yellow-Stage Beast Bahasa Indonesia

This time it spawned near Rio, but he didn’t summon his beast soul. He told everyone that he was stuck in a snow mountain shelter for a month. If he brought out his sword then it would be suspicious.

Moreover, he didn’t trust Nyla. She was just a person he met today. Even if she was very friendly towards him right now, she could become the reason for his downfall if he didn’t act carefully.

He poured some amount of mana into his legs, his eyes, and his hands. He felt as if an immense strength was roaring to come out of his body.

A blue light covered his fist and he looked at the giant rat which was glaring at him with hatred.

Before the giant rat could move towards him, an unexpected scene happened.

Nyla saw a figure race toward the giant rat at an incredible speed. He crushed the very grasslands beneath his feet as he marched by the impact of strength in his leg.

In less than three seconds, he was already nearing the giant rat which was looking at Rio with mixed emotion as the hatred combined with surprise in its expression.

Realizing the threat from the human, it howled in anger and thrust with claws towards the upcoming human.

Rio dodged it by stepping aside as the movement of the giant rat was slowed down due to mana enchanted eyes. He stomped hard on the ground beneath his feet and jumped straight aiming for its head.

He smashed his right fist into the giant rat’s head making a bone-cracking noise with a hole and washing his hand in blood and flesh which made him feel disgusting.

Blood gushed out like a broken dam, and scattered around him like dead missiles.

An AI voice sounded in his mind as the giant rat became lifeless.

[Yellow-Stage Normal Giant Rat killed. One yellow battle point gained.]

He let go of the giant rat corpse by withdrawing his hand.

The corpse of the giant rat disappeared along with the scattered blood and flesh.

It appeared as if no battle took place because even the grassland destroyed by his destructive foot’s impact had recovered to normal.


Nyla applauded and moved towards him while saying, “As expected of my prince. Killing a yellow beast in one strike. That’s what you will have to do tomorrow in class. By seeing your performance I can tell you would easily rank in the top 100 of the school’s elite ranking.”

A puzzled look painted on his face, he asked “What’s the school’s elite ranking?”

“Our school has an elite ranking for our students. It decides who is better than the others. Being in the top 100 at the Golden Seal military school, where there are many geniuses, raises your value in the eyes of the federation.” She said with admiration in her eyes.

“You’re just praising me for no reason. I’m only at the yellow stage.” Rio said as he thought she was exaggerating it by claiming his rank in the top 100 of the school’s elites.

“You don’t understand, Rio. The military school runs for three years and the elite ranking counts everyone without considering their year. You killed that giant rat just enchanting your bare hands.

Imagine what would you do if you had a weapon in your hand and you enchanted it with mana. You must remember that it requires talent to be able to use Mana enchantment but you were doing it flawlessly.

I can guess your strength. You are at the peak level of the yellow stage. I don’t know how you did it but you won’t lose to anyone at the yellow stage with the mana enchantment of yours.” Nyla said with a hint of excitement in her voice as she looked at the charming boy in front of her.

“Unlike others who have 50 mana at the yellow stage, I have 100. That’s the reason I can use more mana in mana enchantment but I need to be careful. I forgot that I should’ve 0 yellow stats points in others’ eyes.

If I fight tomorrow in the arena they will all know that I was lying about being stuck at the snow mountain’s shelter.

My double white stats points make me have strength at a peak level of the yellow stage since you only need twenty physical powers to be at the peak of the yellow stage.

I didn’t expect that even if I didn’t use my beast soul, I would expose myself.

Now I can only hope either Nyla doesn’t look at my records or she doesn’t betray me.” Rio thought inwardly as he exposed himself in front of her and worried about it.

“Hello, Rio??? Why are you looking at me like that? Am I that sexy for you? Sweetie, have you got mesmerized by my beauty? Ah…I’m melting from the embarrassment.” She placed her both hands in front of her face as if hiding from Rio and can’t look into his sea green eyes.


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