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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 38: By any chance… Are you into Boys??? Bahasa Indonesia

“Are you done with your filmy lines or you have more to say?” He said while looking at her. His expression was unknown due to the white mask on his face.

“It’s not a filmy line and I have more to say. Hear me out.

Roses are red,

sky is blue,

You don’t know my dear,

But my love is true.”

She narrated in a loving voice as if telling a lovely poem to the large audience around her while enjoying and feeling every word of the lines with her heart.

She waited for a compliment to arrive in her closed-eyes position but no praise came.

“If you’re gonna continue fooling around I’ll leave then.” He said in a cold voice.

“Okay, sorry. I won’t do it. But can I ask you something?” She said in a questioning tone while bringing her palm on her jaw to cover one-fourth of her face as if thinking something.

“Say.” He said.

“By any chance… Are you into Boys??? Even If you’re into boys I will support you like a best friend. You can trust me, partner.” She winked at him and blurted out the suspicion in her heart she was having since he rejected her.

‘This girl is on another level with her thoughts. What does she do in her free time?’

“Nope…” He only said that much.

“Okay… I’ll now start with the introduction of this training method that school uses. You can spawn yellow stage beasts of all three tiers. Just select the option to spawn the beasts you prefer.

If you choose to spawn a random beast at yellow stage, the system will randomly send a beast at the yellow stage to fight. It can be any of the three different tiers of yellow stage. Either a normal, a mutated or a king tier. Normal beast gives one point, mutated gives three and king tier will give ten.

We are right now connected to the school server so all the kills you do will be added to your monthly point as long as someone doesn’t attack the beast you are fighting.

If I hit the beast while you’re in combat with it then the following battle won’t grant any points. Let me show you how it works.” Nyla stepped forward and went ahead in the middle of the room.

She selected the option “spawn a random beast at yellow stage” from the floating menu in front of her.

Room transformed into a grass field and Rio was also standing there. A small breeze passed beside his cheeks and fluttered his crimson hair.

It looked as if he was standing in real life and not a virtual world.

He saw a 2 meter black colored rat with yellow stripes on its tail spawned in the distance from thin air. It’s body materialized in a second.

It looked at them with its yellow eyes and shrieked.


The sound made him clench his hand as it sounded around him.

The horrendous beast raced on its four feet to attack the humans as if it was real. The ground shook as it bolted towards Nyla.

Rio, who was standing a little distance away from Nyla, felt fear in his heart. This was his first time facing a beast. Even though it was AI he was thinking how he would face such a terrifying beast in real life.

She hovered her right hand to the side and a Spear longer than her height appeared in her hand. It had purple stripes at its triangular head that had thorny edges.

She gracefully revolved it in her both hands. Yellow flame was coming out from the tip of the Spear and making it look beautiful as the fire danced and swirled around her body.

However, the yellow fire wasn’t hurting her even a little bit. It moved around her as if it was friendly to her.

Yellow stage giant rat was getting closer to Nyla and Rio felt a little uneasy in his heart as it was going to hit her.

When it was just a meter away, she finally moved her Spear and a straight strike went towards the beast.

A Spear covered in scorching flame penetrated its body that burned the flesh making a crispy sound.

Blood gushed out instantly with the smoke caused by the flame making the beast closing its eyes and staggering on the ground before falling.

Nyla took out her Spear from the giant rat head and turned around to look at Rio. The corpse of the giant rat disappeared after becoming shiny tiny particles.

His mouth was wide open. He didn’t expect this cheerful child-like girl to be this strong.

She was even having that gentle smile on her face while thrashing the Spear in the beast’s head as if poking the cheek of her favorite teddy bear.

A chill ran down his spine as he realized she wasn’t the flower who needs to be taken care of.

She is a cunning carnivorous flower that lures insects with her deadly charm, traps them, eats them, and then expels them when finished.

She placed her left hand above her navel in an elegant manner and bowed towards him as if a dancer bowing to the audience after finishing their beautiful performance.

Rio came out of his astonishment and heard her voice, “Now, your turn. Show me what you got.”

Before He could reply, he saw a similar giant rat materializing and appearing in front of him. Beast was glaring at him with murderous eyes as if Rio had flirted with its wife.


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