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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 28: Truth About his Parents Bahasa Indonesia

He also wanted to know why they would leave a little child to grow on his own.

After seeing the longing in his eyes for the answers, she decided to speak but she needed to leave as they were at the entrance of the school’s gate.

“Get into the car, I’ll tell you but not here.” She spoke in a loving tone.

Rio let go of her shoulder and walked to the other side of the car. He opened the door and sat inside.

The blue-haired lady sighed and went inside the car. She started the engine as it roared and burst out of the school periphery.

She drove directly to the Maple Hills area which was owned by the Havenglow family. It passed through an empty road and entered a gate guarded by two security guards.

The gate automatically opened as it was set up by artificial intelligence.

Inside the gate, it resembled a garden. A beautiful fountain was located at the front of an enormous two-story house.

The car suddenly came screeching to a halt in front of the house.

A blue-haired lady came out of the car along with Rio and they entered the house.

He had come here before but right now it was late at night so he couldn’t find anyone as they might be in their own room.

The blue-haired lady took the stairs and went to her bedroom. Rio followed her inside even though he thought it wasn’t right but he wanted to know the answer.

“Take a seat. I’ll prepare food for you. You haven’t eaten good food for a long time. Thankfully you found a storage room or I don’t want to even think what would’ve happened.” She said with a worried voice after putting the overcoat on her bed.

She knew what happened to him as she read the information on the school database.

Rio placed his right hand in front of him to make her stop in her tracks.

“Do you think I would want to eat in this state of mind? I want the answers first. Tell me how could they be so unreasonable and how could they abandon their child? Tell me who they are and where they live so I can ask them myself.” He spoke and his voice shook. A grievance was flickering in his tone.

The blue-haired woman looked into his eyes full of resentment.

She said, “I will tell you but I have a condition.”

“What condition?” He frowned coldly.

“I’ll only tell you enough so you don’t hate them but I’ll tell you about their identity if you get into the top 10 ranking in the next upcoming military school tournament. Do you agree?” She asked with a questioning voice.

He gritted his teeth but he had no option, “Okay.”

“Oh, I forgot. I have one more condition, you have to call me the second mother,” She said.

“Okay, but it will depend on your relationship with my parents and if I forgive them after knowing what you say.” He contemplated a little but agreed.

He could see a concerned look in her eyes since he met her. He never understood her unreasonable love and why she adopted him but today he would get to know.

“Rio, your parents didn’t abandon you. They are not selfish people who will do bad to their own blood and flesh. They didn’t do wrong to you. It was the fate of this world that caused it.

Sixteen years ago, they were attacked by the dhovrix race and you were in your mother’s womb for nine months at that time. Your father went to face the enemy while you were about to be born. I wasn’t there with your parents when this all happened and I regret it so much.

We received news that after you were born your mother sent you to a place far away from the battleground so you could be saved and she fought alongside your father.

However, they lost their lives in that fight. I tried to find you everywhere but it was as if you disappeared from this land.

60 days ago, when you went to give a sample of your blood to get an AI watch, it matched DNA with your mother, and finally, I was able to find you.” She explained with a sorrowful voice and her eyes were shedding tears as if the people she was telling about meant a lot to her.

Rio, whose eyes were full of bitterness, now had red eyes. His face was decorated with the salty droplets from his moist eyes that came out on their own.

He was crying for the people he blamed. But now he realized his mistake.

“They died in order to save me and I blamed them my whole life.” Saying that his buttocks collided with the floor as he sat there and tears flowed down his cheeks while his shoulder dropped in sadness.

Seeing him sit on the ground, the blue-haired lady sat beside him and took him in her embrace.

She caressed his hair like a mother and let him silently tear. Her heart ached to see him cry but she understood it was necessary to put down the heavy weight of emotions.

They stayed in that position until Rio’s heart felt light from the mental pain that he released through the tears.

Seeing him relaxed she let go of him.

He asked with his doubtful gaze, “What’s your relationship with them?”


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