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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 27: You know my parents? Bahasa Indonesia

As the school database got updated, news of Rio’s coming back reached people who were waiting for his arrival or were worried about him.

A gray-haired middle-aged man in one of the rooms on the top floor of the teacher’s living quarters was preparing a report for the new class that was going to start in two days.


His phone rang to show the notification that he received a message.

He looked at his phone screen and a mixed expression of astonishment and happiness flashed on his face.

“Oh… he finally came back.” The school headmaster sighed in relief.

In one of the buildings at the Grand Dew Garden, the VIP Quarter for special students in Rio’s school, a Magenta haired lady who looked to be 17-18, saw her phone and smiled at the notification.

“Oh boy, you made this lady wait for you so long.” A mysterious smile formed on her face.

In a Luxurious room, A blue-haired woman in her mid-30s was looking at a picture of another young lady. The blue-haired woman’s face looked sorrowful.

The young lady in the picture resembled the blue-haired woman but she was prettier and her eyes gave an aura of tranquility. She looked more mature even when she appeared younger in the photo as if she had faced many hardships and battles at a very young age.

A notification rang beside her and she checked the phone screen.

“Little Rio is back.” she cheerfully said in a loving voice as a delightful and vibrant expression took over her previous saddened face.

She hurriedly stood up and took her overcoat to leave the room.

Rio, who wasn’t aware of all of this event, caused by the effect of arrival, was freely moving towards the entrance of the gate.

“I should rent a room for tonight. It’s bad to disturb the Havenglow family late at night. I might feel more comfortable at a hotel than at their house.” He thought to himself as his footsteps reached the entrance.

It was 10 at the night and the road was lit with street lights.

A stylish red racing car came rushing in his direction.

Before He could take a step to the side to give it a way to pass, it stopped in front of him.

The car door opened upwards in a stylish manner and a blue-haired lady came out of it.

Her blue hair was coming down to her waist which was tied with a white ribbon near the neck of her neck. She was wearing an overcoat and a casual dress which indicated she didn’t prepare much before rushing out to reach this place.

Rio was dumbfounded seeing this lady come out of the blue.

Before his mind could respond to her sudden arrival, she moved toward him and took him in a warm embrace.

“Little Rio, I shouldn’t have let you go to the land of Asura. Do you have any idea how worried I was?” She said with a sorrowful voice.

As if remembering something, she let him go of her hug and started inspecting his face and body, “Are you alright? Did you get hurt anywhere?”

“Why are you showing so much care?” Rio rudely asked her with a stiff voice.

“Who talks to their mother this way? If I do not care about you then who will?” She looked at him with eyes full of warmth.

“I’m not your child and you adopted me two months ago. It doesn’t make sense for you to show care for a nobody out of nowhere. Even if you were my real parents, I would’ve talked to you the same way.” Rio said coldly.

She looked at him with widened eyes as if she couldn’t understand why he hated those two people so much.

“They abandoned me as if I was trash. I don’t understand why people plan a child if they don’t have the guts to take care of the child’s responsibility.” He spoke with a darkened face as a flame of grievance fluttered inside his heart.

‘He isn’t wrong but…’

After hearing these words she understood him. She can’t blame him for how he grew up all alone.

No one should be devoid of their loved one when they are little. When he used to see other parents his eyes always got moist. People had other relations besides parents.

Those without their mother and father had siblings or grandparents but he had an old man who had adopted him. Even the old man passed away an old age after which Rio’s life became hell.

When he was sick, he had no one to take care of him or feed him. He stayed hungry or dragged his poor body to the hospital in the worst-case scenario on his own.

He continued with a bitter voice, “Even if you were my real mother and found me out of nowhere I would still question you why you are showing so much care all of a sudden as if realizing you have a child after 16 years.”

She quietly looked at him and her expression showed hesitation.

‘Should I tell him who his parents are? But it will be a problem if others find out. Father might kick him out of the family knowing his birth parents’ identity as it will remind him of the man he hates the most.’

“Rio… I won’t tell you who your parents were but I’ll tell you about them so you don’t hate those two.” She struggled so much but finally decided to reveal enough so he doesn’t hate them.

“You know my parents?” As if someone blew a landmine under his foot, he was shaken to the core hearing her words.

He grabbed her by both shoulders, which came to his nose only despite wearing high heels. A fierce look of curiosity shone on his face.

She nodded while her eyes became moist.

Seeing her nod, his heartbeat became fast and he looked astonished while his eyes were staring at her to speak more to satisfy the thirst of his curiosity that he had for a long time.


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