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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 114: Can I Come after You’re Married? Bahasa Indonesia

“It’s a secret and a surprise. I won’t tell you now.” Orange-red-haired beauty responded to him in his mind.

Rio was wondering how she would find a way to fix this issue but he could only wait until he acquire enough yellow and purple stage cores to give her.

He felt the hair rubbing against his jaw and focused on the beauty in his embrace.

“Is your world similar to ours?” Lia asked in a questioning tone.

“It’s amusing that I haven’t seen any city or place in the Shamor Empire except the castle,” Rio mumbled inwardly in a sarcastic manner as he thought about her questions.

He ruffled her white silky hair and spoke, “You can say our world has many skyscraper buildings and we also use electric cars for traveling.”

Rio started telling Lia about the earth and how it was to be living there. He also told her about the peaceful earth before the Dhovrix had invaded them.

The duo enjoyed each other’s hug as they lay down on the king-sized bed while talking to one another.

The white-haired beauty was happy using Rio’s chest as her pillow while the boy enjoyed the feeling of being the bed of the most ravishing girl as she was literally laying down on his body.

Approaching footsteps sounded which alerted Lia to sit up and turn her head to look at who had come.

A blonde-haired beauty was standing at the door with her mouth agape as Lia had sat on Rio’s waist when the lioness had reached the door.

“Ah…..” Helia withdrew instantly after leaving a low embarrassed voice.

‘What did I see…I should not have come. I should not have come.’

She screamed inwardly and ran away from the wild scene spot.

Lia tried climbing out of bed in hurry to stop her sister so Lioness wouldn’t think wrongly about their intimate position but a hand grabbed her curvaceous waist and coiled his strong hands around her back.

“Let me go, Rio. She would misunderstand us.” Lia said with a coyish voice.

“Let’s make the misunderstanding real. What do you say?” Rio whispered to her as he also sat on the bed while Lia’s plumpy buttock was on his lap.

“Bad Husband,” Lia said as her face had a tinge of redness and puffed cheeks.

“You haven’t even given me my bonus reward. Didn’t you say I can have them every day?” The crimson-haired boy demanded and stared at her cherry-like lips with his hot gaze.

“I will give you that before we sleep. Let me go now.” Lia spoke with a hurried voice and coaxed her little boy with candy.

“If you want freedom from the shackles of my love you need to pay up now as well as at night,” Rio said as he looked at her fairy-like face that looked adorable from becoming bashful.

“I don’t want to be freed from these shackles ever but here.” An unexpected response came from the white-haired beauty who was shy just a few seconds ago.

She wrapped her hand around his neck tightly and guided his head towards her and bite his lips using hers.

A fragrance of rose enveloped his senses as he was unprepared and just being playful to tease his beloved wife.

The white-haired beauty gently kissed his lips and sucked them slowly and gently.

Rio’s started enjoying the dominating kiss by her and was lost in the blissful sensation of her creamy skin and aromatic rosy fragrance.

This caused his grip to be light around her waist and let the cute squirrel escape from his prison.

Lia climbed down from the bed before fixing her clothes with a smile and walked out of the room gracefully to catch Helia.


With a defeated sigh, the boy came out of the pleasurable bewilderment as he realized his beautiful wife had already left his confinement.

Lia walked to the stairs to find the blonde-haired beauty who was sitting downstairs on a couch.

Her face was beet red from embarrassment as she was feeling guilty for invading the newlywed couple’s privacy.

“Helia, Can you come up?” Lia asked while she was standing upstairs.

“I…” Helia was hesitant and didn’t know how to decline it.

After not being able to find a good excuse she accepted her loss and went toward her sister.

They walked into the bedroom where Rio was sitting in a composed manner while crossing his legs.

“Sorry, I should’ve asked before entering,” Helia said in an embarrassed tone.

Lia didn’t even think of saying ‘we weren’t doing anything like that’ because her virtuous husband was right there on the bed ready to make Helia completely believe they were definitely doing some wild intimate act.

Last time the boy had done the same successfully.

“Have you brought your stuff to shift?” Lia asked with a questioning look, ignoring her previous words completely for not to cause more awkwardness to happen.

“Yeah I have but now I think I shouldn stay at the castle,” Lioness said in a mosquito-like voice as she understood what she may encounter if she became their neighbor.

“You’re already late for that. I’m going to make you shift this time.” Lia said to her before leaving her bedroom.

Helia followed behind and a crimson-haired boy also tagged along without being noticed.

They entered a similar room that was a little less spacious than Lia’s bedroom.

It was decorated with fine art as the walls were painted soft, turquoise, and adorned with delicate floral designs. A large, king-sized bed was placed at the end of the walls, covered in white blankets with piles of soft, fluffy pillows.

There was a portrait of nature hanging on the wall behind the bed.

In the right corner of the room, a vanity table was placed with pots of perfumes and bottles of fragrant oils. A 1-meter-sized mirror was set behind it, displaying the sweet sisters’ figure who had just arrived.

To the left side was a couch with a circular table. There was a door to the side that was most likely the attached bathroom.

“Do you like your bedroom?” Lia asked with a smile.

“It’s pretty. You even changed the wall color to the one I wanted.” Helia said in a delighted tone.

“It’s not bad. I thought girls liked pink color more.” A voice sounded behind them which caused The lioness to deeply frown.

“Hey, Don’t you know men cannot enter an unmarried girl’s bedroom?” Helia berated Rio with an annoyed voice.

“So can I come after you’re married?” Rio asked with a stern face.

“No, I didn’t mean that,” Helia said, her voice feeling as if she was being bullied.

She remembered if he wasn’t a human then it might have been his bedroom in the future as well. So the word ‘can I come after you’re married’ took her off guard and made her embarrassed.

“What did you mean then?” The boy asked her with a calm voice as if he was asking a very concerning question.

“Rio…don’t bully her,” Lia said in a peaceful manner.

“But I wasn’t bullying her I was serious with my question.” He said in a nonchalant tone.

“Let’s go downstairs for our night meal. The dining table hasn’t been used for a while.” The white-haired beauty said with a smile and grabbed the hand of her two little children, wrapping hers around them.

Rio and Helia were dragged out of the bedroom as Lia walked downstairs.

Although they didn’t resist her but it was a known fact Lia was the second strongest in the castle with her innate talent rank ‘S’ that let her reach a greater stage in strength.

So even if her two beloveds tried to overpower her, joining hands together they wouldn’t able to win since they were no match for her.

The trio sat on a circular dining table, with Lia in the middle accompanied by other two who sat to the left and right side closer to her.

Yami came with other maids who brought bowls and plates to serve them food.

These young maids had almost guessed Rio’s status in the castle however they were not allowed to even talk about anything that happened in the empress villa.

“It’s good to see you Princess that you have accompanied Her highness during meal time again,” Yami said with a bright smile as she missed seeing the two sisters having their dinner together in recent times.

“Are you not happy to see this guy with us?” Helia asked while pointing to the annoying fellow.

“That…ah…” The chief maid didn’t know how to answer her question.

“He often comes so it’s not new to see him,” Yami mumbled after thinking.

“In other words, she meant you’re a guest while I’m not. Feel as If you’re at home. We will satisfy you with our good hospitality.” Rio spoke in a relaxed tone.

Helia gave him a vicious glare as If she would eat him for dinner if Lia wasn’t present.

Yami started placing the plates on all of them before serving them food, starting from Lia and then Helia.

Lia saw that Rio noticed the maid’s action so not to let him feel downcast she exchanged his plate with hers.

Even though Rio didn’t mind It but his heartfelt warmth from her affectionate-filled action as these little things showed her immense love towards him.

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