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My Wife is the Asura Empress – Chapter 113: Heaven Destroyer! Bahasa Indonesia

A few days passed like that as Rio continuously practiced his newly learned battle technique arts and trained with Helia to understand their profound principles.

On a fine day, two figures, enveloped in blue light, thunder flickering around their body, were chasing each other in the battle arena.

The air around them crackled with lightning. Both were using [Thunder Enchantment] which boosted them to have lightning-fast reflexes and moved their body with incredible speed.

Duo clashed with each other in a blur of fast motion, their beast soul swords radiating through the air as they parried their opponent’s attacks and countered one another.

If there were any spectators It would’ve been difficult for them to see their action with naked eyes as Rio and Helia were too fast, their swords clashing together in a blur of lightning.

Even after using their exceptional speed, neither of them was able to land a determining blow.

“What the hell…I’m not able to catch him even after increasing my restricted power limit from the peak yellow stage to the intermediate purple stage.

How is this annoying fellow so formidable just after breaking through to the purple stage?” Lioness cursed inwardly as she was unable to suppress Rio and hit with a decisive strike.

The blonde-haired beauty had agreed to duel while limiting her strength to the peak yellow stage. For which Rio said she could go up to intermediate purple with her power.

However, she was having a hard time dodging the blows coming her way from the crimson-haired boy.

As the battle dragged on, Rio was worried about his mana. He started forming an orb-shaped sphere on his palm while continuing to dodge Helia’s strikes.

After a few seconds passed the blue sphere became similar to football size.

The boy’s figure suddenly vanished from Helia’s vision as he appeared twenty meters behind her.

“Heaven Destroyer!” He yelled and let go of the blue sphere that crackled with lightning.

It teleported away from his side and appeared right next to Helia, who turned around to look at the small blue sphere. Her fierce eyes were filled with fear and her adorable face darkened.

‘Ah…Not good.’

She instantly summoned her armor beast soul as the lioness sensed a big threat from this small-sized blue sphere.

A red light shone as it spread to envelop her skin along with clothes from head to toe as she was drowned in a beautiful red-stage armor beast soul.

The lightning sphere of football size grew instantly to a two-meter height that was buzzing like thunder as it swallowed blonde haired beauty figure completely inside.

Rio disappeared from his place and ran away to the corner of the stadium using [Thunder Enchantment] and [Devlin’s Movement Technique].


The ground shook with terrifying vibrations as the battle technique art was detonated.

A bright blue light illuminated the spacious battle arena, and, a deafening explosion was heard.

A giant blue sphere with a crackling sound enveloped the place where Helia was standing.

The impact of the explosion sent debris flying in all directions with a shockwave creating a terrifying pressure.

After a few moments passed, the cloud of dust cleared gradually.

An enormous crater was formed and Helia was hovering in mid-air with her summoned wing beast soul.

The edges of the hole were crackling with thunder and recovering at a fast pace as healing trees aided it to go back to the original.

Rio was panting as he kneeled on the floor. He was fully drenched in sweat. The boy had used all his mana in that attack of three combined battle technique art.

During the fight, He had first cast [Obliteration of Heaven] right before using [Overload Destroyer] which helped him store all the overwhelming energy of his Grade ‘S’ battle technique art of thunder element to a football-sized sphere.

To execute it successfully he teleported away from his target using [Devlin’s Movement Technique].

In end, he threw his overcharged skill, which he created using all the mana he had, towards Helia while using [Vanishing Strike] which caused it to appear right in front of Lioness without giving her a chance to go out from its location even using her skills.

The blonde-haired beauty flew towards the boy with a grave face and an eye filled with astonishment.

“I lost.” She said with a stiff voice which was mixed with a hint of surprise and landed on the ground.

“Nah… you’re all fine. I wasn’t able to make a single scratch on you even after using the ultimate Skill that I created by Fusing all three battle technique arts together.” Rio said in a tired voice while getting on his foot.

The healing trees and [Life Sutra] helped him to recover his mana and stamina faster.

“You don’t understand how you forced me to use a red-stage armored beast soul. If I didn’t I might’ve got injured.

So technically if I was really a purple stage warrior even at the peak I would’ve died just now. That’s the reason I’m saying I lost.” Helia said as she accepted her defeat.

“It would’ve been better if I could defeat you at your full strength,” Rio responded in a disappointed voice.

“Why are you eager to defeat me at my full strength?” She narrowed her eyes.

“In starting days of training when I first arrived here, you had kicked my ass a lot. I’m going to take back all the amount with interest when I’m at the same level as you.” Rio spoke in a nonchalant voice as if he was telling about a great ambition he had set up for his bright future.

“…” Helia was speechless by his words.

After a few minutes passed, She asked in an annoyed tone, “So you want to kick my ass after becoming stronger?”

“Yeah, why not,” Rio said with an unperturbed face.

“Stupid…” She hissed at him and walked away from the battle arena.

A tinge of redness was flickering around her delicate cheeks.

If it wasn’t for Lia she would’ve beaten him to a pulp but what he said made sense.

“I think I really overdid at that time by hurting this annoying fellow’s chubby butt.” Helia sighed with a hint of sarcasm as she exited the oval-shaped building, finding it funny in her heart that she hurt his ass unintentionally.

She was unreasonable to kick him on his butt during their training even after finding he was Lia’s husband. Helia did it because she was mad at Emperor and took it out on Rio as she was giving him proper training.

Lioness never thought this annoying fellow would hold grudges for hitting his butt rather than wounding him with daggers on their first day.

Helia went back to her room at the castle to get freshened up.

The boy also returned to the Empress Villa and went to take a good shower to soothe his tired body before returning to his bedroom.

“Rio, Do you mind if Helia comes to live in the room beside us?” Lia asked as she came back from outside.

“Why would I mind? Although… I was wondering why these two rooms on the second floor were always close.” Rio said with an intriguing tone.

“Oh that…I should’ve told you about this earlier. I had initially built one for her and a second for you but she usually stayed in her room at the castle and didn’t bother living here.

After you told her about the future she is worrying more about me and wanted to be by my side whenever she was not on a mission.

Helia had already lost big brother Leon so she is obsessed with me and my safety.” Lia explained with a heavy emotion-filled voice.

“That’s understandable. However, I don’t need a room.” Rio responded to her.

“Why?” White-haired beauty asked with puzzlement.

“Because this is my room.” The boy said while jumping onto the king-sized bed as his body fell over it.

“You can’t say my room. At least call it ours.” Lia retaliated with puffed cheeks as if he was unreasonable to forget his beautiful wife.

“Nah. This bedroom is mine. I’m the sovereign of this whole bed.” He said with a playful voice, teasing his girl intentionally.

“If it’s yours then what about me who actually lives here,” Lia asked with intrigued eyes while crossing her hands.

She wanted to know what he would answer as the white-haired beauty didn’t mind giving everything that belonged to herself to her dear husband.

“You’re also mine.” Rio gave a smooth response, which brought a bright smile to Lia’s adorable face.

“Ah…you’re getting a glib tongue. That Nyla girl is teaching you bad things.” Lia complained with a smile and climbed onto the bed.

She laid down over his body and wrapped her hands around his neck, using him as her own bed.

“That reminds me I have to return back tomorrow for class,” Rio mumbled while looking at the girl whose plumpy melons were pressed on his chest.

“I don’t like your school,” Lia responded in a bitter tone while placing her head on his chest.

“I wish I could bring you to earth.” Rio sighed.

“I’ll solve that problem, partner. Just provide me enough beast cores.” Eve’s voice sounded in his mind, causing him to scrunch his brows.

“How would you fix it?” Rio asked in his thoughts.


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