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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 574: 574 It’s My Ex-Wife Bahasa Indonesia

Ever since entering the cryptic world, the person Han Fei wanted to get to know the most was the previous building manager, Fu Sheng. He was the guide that led Han Fei into the cryptic world and the brother of the manager of Immortal Pharma. There were so many secrets surrounding him.

Han Fei couldn’t understand the decision made by Fu Sheng, and he had difficulty seeing things from Fu Sheng’s perspective. As the choices they made varied, the difference between them grew bigger.

However, Han Fei entered Fu Sheng’s memory world. He saw Fu Sheng’s past and even participated in it. Empathy was hard, but the memory world enabled Han Fei to experience Fu Sheng’s history through the most authentic method. This was probably what Fu Sheng wanted for Han Fei.

“Why are you smiling like that? Did something good happen?” Ah Gou sat before the mirror and caressed his cheeks like a little girl.

“Getting the job is a happy thing.” Han Fei cleaned the room seriously. However, whenever Han Fei treated his work seriously, something would happen to his workplace.

“I see that you are quite a good caretaker. I’ll leave this patient with you. I’ll come to take over your post after dark.” Ah Gou was satisfied with his reflection. He blew away dandruff on his fingers and left.

“Didn’t they say caretakers at Building One don’t need to work nights?”

“Don’t ask too many questions. In any case, you don’t need to work nights.” Ah Gou’s voice came from the corridor. “If you feel worried when it’s almost dark, go hide inside the safehouse.” Cao Lingling and Han Fei were alone in the ward after Ah Gou left. ‘The Pure Hatred visited Octopus yesterday night, and this poor girl was accidentally injured. Now that I think about it, the ghost hasn’t killed any woman. The missing victims are all men. Maybe I can communicate with such a principled ghost.’

Han Fei was afraid of running into Pure Hatreds that he couldn’t communicate with at all. The original Zhuang Wen at Ziggurat was the perfect example. She would kill on sight.

Han Fei waited by the bed for hours. Cao Lingling didn’t wake up even though the drugs should have lost their effect already. “Has she fallen asleep?” Han Fei had no idea when Cao Lingling would wake up. As he decided to wander around to know his working environment, his phone rang. The caller was still Octopus.

‘You’re currently missing, so you shouldn’t be calling me daily. This will make me look like an accomplice.’ Han Fei looked out the window. It was raining outside. The sky was dark. Han Fei hesitated before answering the call.

The other side didn’t make any sound, but it was very oppressive.

“Hello?” Han Fei placed the phone on the chair and retreated two meters away. Hearing Han Fei’s voice, a woman’s cries and laugh echoed. She was mad.

“Can you not act like this? We can talk this out.” The voices slowly disappeared. They were replaced by the sound of the door being opened. Then, there was the pattering of rain, honking of vehicles, and children crying. The woman walked out of a door and was moving rapidly.

“You’re not coming to find me, are you? It’s not even dark yet.” Han Fei took another step back. He was afraid because Fu Sheng was not with him. After entering the memory world, Han Fei hadn’t interacted with Fu Sheng’s biological mother before. So the woman saw Fu Yi as Fu Yi.

“I’ve helped the boy return to school and regain his smile. He is getting better, and I’m getting better.” Yesterday night, Han Fei answered the call from ‘Octopus’. When Fu Sheng reached for the phone, the person hung up. Now, Fu Sheng was at school, Han Fei had to face a Pure Hatred alone. He said many things, but the woman ignored him. Han Fei had to end the call out of desperation.

“I believe I heard the from Golden Leaf Mall. The mall is between my old and new home. Is she coming towards me?” The world hadn’t mutated, but Fu Sheng’s mother was already acting like a Pure Hatred. This made Han Fei anxious. In Fu Sheng’s mother’s eyes, Fu Yi was not a good person. Han Fei knew that very well. He was terrified that the woman would kill him without giving him a chance to explain. Before Han Fei could think of a solution, his phone rang again. The caller was still Octopus. ‘It’ll be hard to explain if the police see this.’ Han Fei glanced at the door. The officer hadn’t left. He guarded Cao Lingling 24 hours per day. Han Fei answered the call again. The woman’s voice was gone. Only the sounds of pedestrians could be heard. ‘She is looking for me! She’s coming here!’ Han Fei hung up and switched off the phone.

He walked to the window. His heart pounded, and his palms were sweaty. He was about to meet his first love, but his first love had died several years ago. ‘Fu Sheng’s mother is still a distance away from me. I don’t think she’ll reach the hospital tonight…’ Just as he had that thought, the phone rang again! It was still Octopus.

‘The call got through even though I had switched off the phone? Fu Sheng’s mother has such strong hatred?’ The sky wasn’t dark, and the world hadn’t mutated, but Fu Sheng’s mother had already exhibited the power of a Pure Hatred.

‘They are related, so why is Fu Yee so weak?’ Han Fei’s head pounded, and his vision blurred. He saw Fu Yi’s disgusting face. ‘You bastard, you’re picking this moment to trouble me? If I can’t complete this mission, I’ll chop off your lower body before I die.’ Han Fei was a kind person. He rarely scolded people. However, his resentment towards Fu Yi had reached its peak in this memory world.

“Are you alright?” The officer walked over when he saw how pale Han Fei was.

“I work here in the morning, and I have another job at night. I suppose the constant working has tired out the body.” Han Fei held the window and massaged his forehead.

“Life is hard for everyone.” The officer helped Han Fei get to the chair. “Why didn’t you answer your phone?”

“It’s my wife. She has great complaints about me. She thinks I don’t take care of the children and can’t earn any money.” Han Fei sighed heavily.

“My wife says that about me too. I have long working hours but low salary.” The officer empathized with Han Fei, and this surprised Han Fei. “Brother, what’s your name?”

“Fu Yi, and you?”

“Fang Changcheng.” The officer glanced at Cao Lingling. “How about I stay guard for you while you go to answer the call. You can’t ignore her simply because she might complain about you. Life goes on.”

“Thank you, Officer Fang.” Han Fei grabbed the vibrating phone and left the ward.

“Fu Yi… Such a familiar name, I think I’ve seen it on the news before.” Officer Fang didn’t think much of it. He sat beside the bed to watch over Cao Lingling.

Han Fei was desperate to find Fu Sheng even though he couldn’t get off work yet. He had two choices, to find Fu Sheng or toss the phone deep into the hospital. As a responsible father, Han Fei walked towards the staircase. He planned to drop the phone at Building Two.

“Fu Yi? Shouldn’t you be watching over the patient?” Han Fei had just turned the corner when he saw the fat nurse and a young nurse. The young nurse wore a mask, and only her eyes were exposed. However, that didn’t take away from her beauty.

“My wife is calling me to talk about the kid’s school transfer.” Han Fei frowned. “I came out because I didn’t want to disturb the patient.”

“Don’t wander about.” The fat nurse ignored Han Fei and reminded him, “The sun is setting. You better stay in the ward to wait for Ah Gou to take over for you.”

“How can you tell that the sun is setting when the sky is so cloudy?” Han Fei had no idea if the two nurses were watching him. When he turned around, he slowed to listen to their conversation. He was disappointed to find out they didn’t say anything.

As Han Fei was about to reach the ward, he glanced through the corner of his eyes. The two nurses were still staring at him. The fat nurse’s expression was scary. Her face looked cracked.

‘Are they monitoring me? Is this the trial?’ Han Fei didn’t enter the ward. He answered the call in the corridor. Various noises came from the phone. As night fell, the ‘person’ who called Han Fei moved faster.

“I didn’t mean to miss your calls.” Han Fei placed the phone beside his ear. “I’ve been trying hard to look after this family. I’m working many jobs, and my physique is suffering because of it. However, I don’t mind it because this is for the kids. Don’t act too rashly. If something happens to me, do you really want Fu Sheng to face this life alone?”

To the outsiders, Han Fei was arguing with his wife, but in reality, he was pleading with his Pure Hatred ex-wife.

“I know it’s too late for me to say anything now, but I’m not lying to you. If you don’t believe me, you can come to Perfection Plastic Surgery Hospital. I’m working here as a caretaker. Everything I do, I do it for the family and the children.” Han Fei brought up Perfection Plastic Surgery Hospital as often as he could. He wanted to impress the name into his ex-wife.

“Fu Yi, why are you out here?” Ah Gou changed and came from the other end of the corridor. There were bloodstains on his sleeves.

“I have another argument with my wife.” Han Fei played the role of a cuckolded husband to perfection.

“It’s normal. Life has up and down.” Ah Gou patted Han Fei’s shoulders. “You better go home now. It’s raining, so the sky is already dark. Remember to come before 7.30 am tomorrow. We have a morning meeting.”

“Thank you, Brother Gou.”

Han Fei returned to the safehouse to change his clothes. He held his briefcase and tried to find a place to hide his phone. However, he had a feeling a pair of eyes were looking at him. If he hid the phone at the hospital, it would be discovered.

‘I should go to find Fu Sheng.’ Han Fei shoved the ringing phone into his briefcase. Something sticky like blood was leaking out of the phone. Han Fei jogged ahead. When he passed the guard, he was reminded of something. He asked the guard, “Brother, have the other interviewees from this morning come out yet?”

“No, you’re the first to get off work.” The guard was gaming. He didn’t even raise his head. “Don’t need to wait for them.”

The rain slowly stopped. The lights switched on at the hospital. From afar, they looked like eyeballs. Han Fei didn’t stop and rushed towards the school. From the system notification, he knew Fu Sheng was at school. When he arrived at the school gate, Fu Sheng was coming out too.

Fu Sheng was talking to the girl who jumped. He turned and saw his father back in his suit, rushing towards him.

‘He has changed back to his suit? He doesn’t want to make us worry?’ Fu Sheng saw how scared Han Fei was. ‘Is he afraid that I’d tell the family about his new job?’ Fu Sheng was rather discomfited. The female student was also embarrassed when she saw Han Fei. She was reminded of the thing Han Fei told her—I approve of your relationship and marriage.

The two students were flustered when they saw Han Fei.

Han Fei didn’t think that much. His life was on the line. He needed to get Fu Sheng to talk to his mother and hopefully say some good things about him. He reached into the briefcase and charged towards Fu Sheng.

Fu Sheng walked to meet him, “You don’t need to worry about me.”

“No, but you need to worry about me!”

Han Fei took out the phone. But as Fu Sheng’s voice rang out, the phone suddenly returned to normal. Even the blood had magically disappeared.


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