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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 573: 573 Two Hidden Missions Bahasa Indonesia

Holding his dirty bag, Fu Sheng stood there until Han Fei disappeared in the hospital. ‘He didn’t want me to come here because he didn’t want me to see how haggard he is?’ After his biological mother died, Fu Sheng closed himself from the world. He refused to communicate with the outer world and lived in his own world. To be honest, he did the right thing. If he walked out of his own world, he’d see the horrible things Fu Yi had done. Therefore, it was better if he isolated himself. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

However, recently, when the argument at the house turned into Fu Tian’s laughter, Fu Sheng tried to get to know his father outside the door. He saw a different side to his father. He was not angry and crazy. He didn’t make ridiculous demands. He didn’t waste time on women, and he didn’t use violence. His father changed. He became gentle, reliable, and kind. If the sky fell, his father would be there to hold it.

Fu Sheng started to doubt. He only dared to look through the gap in the door, but the ray outside cut into the enclosed room. Fu Sheng could see his father reach his hands towards him to help him climb out of the misfortune and pain.

Fu Sheng, disappointed many times, didn’t trust his father. However, when he turned around, he was already out of his room, standing beside his father.

“Caretaker is a difficult job. They have to take care of the patients’ refuse. Your dad looks at least 30 already. It’s not easy to do this work at his age. He can’t even stand straight earlier. I believe his physique is not so good.” The uncle who owned the stall that sold the boxed meals came to Fu Sheng. He gave him a free meal. “This is for you. Don’t make your father worry. The sky is dark. It might rain soon. You should hurry back to school.”

“I’ll pay you.”

“Nah, it’s not that expensive.” The uncle waved his hands.

Holding the box, Fu Sheng walked to the road. He didn’t remember getting on the bus. Only did he realize that when the speaker said he was at his station. He had returned to the bus stop near his home. He never saw the house he shared with his brother, father, and stepmother as his home. However, he’d return here when he needed space to think. ‘He hasn’t scolded me for a long time already.’

Fu Sheng was conflicted as he looked at the school down the street. There were many reasons he didn’t want to go there, and bullying was one. The sky darkened, and the clouds blocked the sun. Fu Sheng carried his bag and slowly moved to the school. Many awful memories crossed his mind.

His table was scrawled, and his homework was stolen. The others pointed at him, calling him names. The teachers didn’t care about him. The parents were called, but the teachers pushed the blame on him. Everyone was trying to chase him away from the teacher to the headmaster. The wounds on his body had healed, but the feeling of being bullied, the brain remembered.

The only person who helped him was called Liu Lina. However, Fu Sheng knew about the relationship between Teacher Liu and his father, so Teacher Liu’s kindness made him even more hurt. He was just a high school student. He should be focusing on his study, but he ran into many awful things.

Everyone stood against him. The only one willing to help him had a special relationship with his father. Whenever Fu Sheng thought about it, he’d rather Teacher Liu hate him than pity him with this tainted kindness.

He knew there was no hope, but he had to struggle with the illusion of goodness. That was the deepest despair. As he was about to reach the gate, Fu Sheng stopped. He couldn’t move any closer. ‘School is a place to study. I can study on my own. I don’t need anyone else. Even if I am surrounded by ghosts, I can live better alone.’

A drop of rain fell on Fu Sheng’s head. He could rush into the classroom, run back home, or he could find a secluded corner to avoid the rain. Three different choices corresponded to three different results. Fu Sheng listened to his father, trusted his family, or kept things as they were.

Rain covered the ground. The people around him started to run. Fu Sheng’s hands on his bag tightened and released. He didn’t move forward, but he didn’t wish to leave like that either. The rain became more intense. Fu Sheng’s hair was damp. He looked at the rain falling from the sky. In the end, he chose to escape. However, as he turned around, the raindrops stopped. They slid down the rim of the black umbrella, and Fu Sheng was spared. A black umbrella appeared above Fu Sheng. Teacher Liu stood beside Fu Sheng. She allowed her shoulders and hair to get wed to protect Fu Sheng.

“Teacher Liu?”

“The rain is very heavy. We should go in.” Teacher Liu held the umbrella. “You’re finally back. At this school, many people are waiting for your return, including myself.”


“Once it rains, you’d go to the field to help shield the rain from a tree sapling. At the time, I didn’t understand why but I get it now. Thank you.” Teacher Liu whispered.

Fu Sheng looked at Teacher Liu, who exposed herself to the rain to shield him. He wanted to say something when someone waved at him. Curtained by the rain, the old headmaster stood beside the sapling. He waved with a smile, telling Fu Sheng to get to class. Fu Sheng’s legs moved involuntarily. When Fu Sheng saved the sapling, he never thought of these things. He helped them because he understood the feeling of being left out in the rain.

Walking through the rain, Fu Sheng and Teacher Liu entered the school. From far away, a female student flew over from the education block. She was so happy to see Fu Sheng. Fu Sheng, who never smiled, had a light smile on his tense face when he saw the student with twisted limbs.

They walked down the corridor. Fu Sheng came to the classroom door. Before he went over, he saw a fatty being pushed out of the door. The fatty tripped and fell. His uniform was dirty. People painted different pictures on his back. Someone wrote the son of a killer. After he fell, some of the boys came out laughing. When they saw Teacher Liu and Fu Sheng, they became obedient and ran back to their seats. The fatty who once bullied Fu Sheng was not as arrogant as before. He covered his bruised face and took a long time before climbing up.

“When you bullied others, have you considered one day you’d be bullied too?” Fu Sheng ignored the fatty. He didn’t want to be bullied, and he didn’t like to bully others.

Fu Sheng found his seat. Originally, his seat was next to the trash can but now the bin had been moved to the fatty’s seat. He looked at his new table and chair. The other students looked at him. Their eyes were cleared of mocking and malice, there were only curiosity, apology, and fear. Fu Sheng knew that his father had come to school to beat up the headmaster, however, he didn’t expect his classmates to change too. ‘What has Fu Yi done at school?’

Fu Sheng suddenly turned to look out the window and then moved his chair further away from it. The girl sat on the window. Her upper body was leaning towards Fu Sheng, her hands waved wildly about as if saying… Look at me, look at me.

However, her movements were too big. After some shaking, the girl’s wrist snapped and her hand fell on Fu Sheng’s textbook. Fu Sheng sighed and wrote in his book. “Don’t move during classes. Listen to the lecture. I’ll study math and you’ll study the rest. During the exam, I’ll bring you with me.”

As the bell rang, Fu Sheng’s first class after he returned to school started.

“Notification for Player 0000! Congratulations on completing the hidden mission—help Fu Sheng return to school! Fu Sheng’s hatred decreases by 1! Mother’s hatred decreases by 1!”

“Notification for Player 0000! Congratulations on completing the hidden mission—help Fu Sheng regain his smile! Fu Sheng’s hatred decreases by 1! Mother’s hatred decreases by 2!”

Han Fei who was cleaning the bathroom, was shocked when he heard the system. He then nodded. ‘He is a kind and understanding kid. It’s hard to believe someone like that will choose to destroy the whole cryptic world one day.’


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