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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 571: 571 The Future Has Hanged Bahasa Indonesia

This was the first time Han Fei entered Building One as a caretaker. With the fat nurse leading the way, they walked past the lavishly decorated corridor and came to the place Du Zhu once was. “A big shot used to live on this floor, but an accident happened to her lately. She was the prettiest woman at the hospital, but she had a horrible personality. If you don’t want to die so early, you better don’t have any interaction with her.”

The fat nurse should be talking about Du Zhu. The staff at the hospital knew what kind of person she was, but Fu Yi didn’t know that. He thought Du Zhu was like any other woman, but in the end, he died in her hands. The whole floor belonged to Du Zhu. One could see into the other buildings at the hospital on this floor.

“We’ll train you to be a high-class caretaker. You need to grasp this chance. The clients in Building One do not need money. If you can make them happy, you’ll get many benefits.” The fat nurse told Han Fei what to notice.

“I’m just a caretaker. But how come it sounds like I’ll have to do other things here?” Han Fei frowned.

“Don’t flatter yourself. At this place, you’re just a good-looking, muscular vase. You are no different from those decorations.” The fat nurse turned to look at Han Fei. “Most of the patients have strange personalities. You should know that since you’ve been a caretaker in the past. To ensure the clients have a good experience, you have to straighten your personality and lower your stance and cooperate with them as much as possible.”

“Cooperate?” How?”

“You’ll see. Many patients have trouble with normal life functions and have extreme mood swings after plastic surgery and special treatment. They need you to accompany them. You have to love them as your wife, care about them as your children.” The fat nurse entered the elevator with Han Fei. “You don’t need to work the nights. If you worked overtime, we would pay you extra. If the clients want to give you small tips, you can keep them yourself. We only have four requirements of you.”

As the elevator descended, the fat nurse’s expression turned strange, “First, you cannot leave Building One during work hours; Second, you can’t communicate with patients and doctors from the other buildings; Third, you have to complete all the patients’ demands. If we receive a complaint about you, we’ll deduct your salary; Four, if you hear someone calling for help at the hospital, do not go alone. You have to inform the doctor and nurse on duty.”

“Understood. I will follow them closely.”

“Good.” The fat nurse was very satisfied. The elevator showed F2, so they should be in the second-floor basement. “Building One is unique because it has two elevators. The luxurious elevator is for the guests. The other one is for staff, don’t get them mixed up.” The elevator opened, and the fat nurse got out, “This is the underground garage. Some clients don’t want to be exposed, so they will use this path directly. Sometimes, you’ll be asked to come here to fetch them.”

The two walked forward, and a man in the hospital guard uniform silently appeared beside the fat nurse. “Brother Si, you’re on duty today?” The fat nurse smiled when she saw the parking lot guard. She pushed Han Fei towards the guard. “This is our new caretaker at Building One. His name is Fu Yi. He’s only slightly younger than you.” Then she pointed at the guard and told Han Fei, “His name is Si Cheng. He’s over 50. He’s our oldest guard here. You can call him Brother Si. You’ll have more interactions with him as you walk our clients down here.”

“Hello, Brother Si.” Han Fei looked at Si Cheng. The man was supposed to be 50 plus, but he looked barely over 30. His skin was also frighteningly pale, like he had never seen the sun. Si Cheng nodded at Han Fei. Then his eyes followed Han Fei no matter where the latter went. After leaving the underground garage, the fat nurse brought Han Fei to many places. Finally, she led Han Fei to the small room at the end of the 2nd-floor corridor. The other rooms were highly lavish, but this room was the complete opposite. The door and the wall were the same color. Han Fei almost missed it. “This is the room where you’d normally rest and change. You can call it the safehouse.”

The room had a unique name, but the nurse didn’t seem to have the key to this room. She smiled and knocked on the door. Footsteps came from inside the room. Seconds later, the door opened. A young man about 20 with a muscular body appeared at the door. “Big Sister, why are you here? Is there work?” The young man was handsome but not as handsome as Fu Yi.

“We have a newbie at Building One. You two should get to know each other.” The fat nurse pushed Han Fei towards the young man. “I still have something else to do.” Before she left, the fat nurse looked meaningfully at Han Fei.

“Little Brother, what’s your name?” The young man reached out his hand at Han Fei.

“Fu Yi, what about you?” Han Fei accepted the hand. The man’s hand was unusually smooth, like silk.

“The name’s Ah Gou. I’m 41. You’ll be following me from now on.”

“41?” Han Fei’s eyes widened. He didn’t expect the man to be older than him. “You don’t look like it at all.”

“Perhaps it’s because I’m always in a good mood. People with good mood look younger.” The young man invited Han Fei into the safehouse. “Pick a locker for yourself. They’ll place your uniform and other tools in your locker later.” There were seven lockers in the safehouse. Only three of them were occupied. Han Fei chose the fourth locker. “Brother Gou, why is this place called the safehouse? It feels strange.”

“You’ll understand why when you run into difficult clients.” Ah Gou signaled Han Fei to follow him. “Perfect Plastic Surgery Hospital is the city’s best plastic surgery hospital. We’ve expanded the pursuit of beauty to its end. Many outsiders will come here for plastic surgery. In fact, I’ve seen many celebrities.”

“Many celebrities came here for plastic surgery?”

“Not necessarily, some came for anti-aging, others to adjust their emotions. Besides plasticsurgery, we are also famed for our psychological therapy and adjustment. Other hospitals care only about the outer beauty, but we approach it internally and externally. We’ll make the client feel beautiful from inside out.” Ah Gou said casually, but Han Fei didn’t believe him. Normal plastic surgery and anti-aging sounded fine, but this hospital’s services were clearly more than that.

“Normally, we don’t have much to do. We clean the place and have a meager salary. If you want to get rich, then you need big clients to pick you as a personal caretaker. Before you arrived, one of the caretakers was lucky to be picked by a female boss. He was brought home to be her personal therapist. Doesn’t that sound amazing?” Ah Gou only described the good things of the hospital. He was like a dog kept by the hospital. He was very loyal.

Ah Gou colored a beautiful picture for Han Fei. Suddenly, the receptionist’s voice came from his walkie-talkie. “Caretaker is needed on the 2nd floor Hall 2.”

“Copy that.” Ah Gou smiled, “It’s time for work.”

Han Fei had just arrived at Hall 2 when he heard a familiar voice. “Money is not a problem. Arrange her the best doctor now. She is the only survivor at the crime scene. She has seen the murderer!”

“CEO Zhao, we’re sorry about what happened at your company, but we need to follow protocol.” The front desk receptionist stood at the entrance to the second floor. Zhao Qian and two officers surrounded her.

“We can understand that, but please cooperate with us.” One of the officers said. The receptionist hesitated before nodding. “Normally, non-members cannot enter Building One, but I’ll make an exception for you.” The few waited anxiously at Hall 2. Soon, everyone heard a woman’s shrill scream coming from deep inside Hall 2. They ran towards the source. A few seconds later, the ward opened, and an old male doctor walked out, holding his bleeding hand.

“Doctor, how is her condition? She was okay yesterday morning, but she became like this after attending a friend’s party.” Zhao Qian asked the doctor.

“She is heavily traumatized. We need to wait for her to calm down before we can start treatment.” The male doctor looked at his wound. “We’ll use medication to induce sleep. One person can’t hold her down. We need two caretakers. Unless necessary, we can’t remove her binding.”

The nurse prepared the syringe and shouted at Han Fei and Ah Gou, “You two, come with me!”

Ah Gou led Han Fei over. Zhao Qian finally saw Han Fei. She was surprised. “Why are you here?”

“I was here to apply for the caretaker job…” Han Fei entered the ward and saw the woman tied to the bed. He had an impression of the woman. She was Octopus’ team member.

“The company is in big trouble. Three employees are missing, and Octopus disappeared at your home yesterday night. Cao Lingling is the only witness, but she has gone insane.” Zhao Qian looked so tired. The company’s biggest investor was kidnapped, three employees disappeared, one employee went insane, and the internal cameras captured some scary footage. This was a famous gaming company, but now no one dared to come to work.

“What do you mean by that? I have nothing to do with it. I’ve already been fired. The company can go bankrupt for all I care.” Han Fei didn’t think he had anything to do with his former company’s problem.

Han Fei and Ah Gou walked towards Cao Lingling. The woman tied to the bed struggled madly. She screamed, “The ghost is standing at the door. She is wearing red. The ghost dragged him away.”

“Don’t be afraid. Go to sleep, and you’ll feel better when you wake up.” Ah Gou and Han Fei suppressed Cao Lingling, and the nurse completed the injection. Cao Lingling slowly lost her energy, but she still tried to grab the people around her. Her lips were white, and she convulsed. It looked like she wanted to say something, but her voice was too small. When she lost control of her limbs, she cried. Her pupils dilated. Seeing Cao Lingling like this, Han Fei was reminded of Fu Sheng in the Manager Mission. When he did that mission, he saw Fu Sheng tied to his bed in the bedroom. He was dressed in a patient’s outfit. He lay in a room filled with ghosts. His eyes were hollow. Lightning flashed in Han Fei’s mind. Fu Sheng’s face was slowly overlapping with Cao Lingling’s.

“CEO Zhao, why did you send Cao Lingling here? She clearly faces mental trauma.”

“The district’s best private brain hospital, psychotherapy center, rehabilitation hospital are run by Du Zhu’s family, and they’re all part of Perfection Plastic Surgery Hospital. For rich people, you can enjoy the best service here and even extend your life.” Zhao Qian was a member here. When she heard what happened to Cao Lingling, her first reaction was to find her the best doctor.

A scary prediction appeared in Han Fei’s mind. Du Zhu forced Fu Yi to kill Fu Yee and her mother in real life. Fu Sheng witnessed the murder. Fu Yi died, and Fu Sheng sank into despair. His wife had to look after Fu Tian and Fu Sheng alone. To cure Fu Sheng, his wife probably came here to find the best doctor. Du Zhu wouldn’t stop her revenge. Her goal was to ruin Fu Yi’s family.

Fu Yi was an intelligent man, but he was a pretty toy to Du Zhu. Fu Yi couldn’t deal with Du Zhu, let alone Fu Sheng, who was still a high school student. In Fu Sheng’s memory, the hospital became his obsession by leaving a deep shadow on him. Han Fei couldn’t even imagine the ‘treatment’ he had received here. Han Fei believed that was the connection between the hospital and Fu Sheng. Fu Sheng had experienced the worst kind of mental torture here.

Looking at Cao Lingling in bed, Han Fei felt the future had changed. If he had chosen to kill Fu Yee and her mother in the Life’s Debt mission, it would be Fu Sheng tied to the bed now.

‘Fu Sheng can see and communicate with ghosts. The murdered Fu Yee and her mother would haunt Fu Sheng after they died.’ In a way, Fu Sheng was an incredible person. After experiencing such despair, he didn’t collapse. Instead, he changed an era with his brother. Of course, he had the black box’s help, but Fu Sheng was impressive too.

Han Fei sucked in a cold breath. “Fu Sheng had to go through hell to get the black box’s approval. What about me? What have I experienced when I was young?’

Han Fei was deep in thought as the laughter echoed deep inside his mind.


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