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My Iyashikei Game – Chapter 570: 570 New Are Taker, Fu Yi Bahasa Indonesia

“I’m the one doing strange things?” Han Fei was speechless. He was being criticized by a high-schooler who talked to air.

“And can you stop the music? You’re scaring the neighbors.” Fu Sheng closed the door. When he returned to bed, he muttered, “Even ghosts don’t like his song. How did he manage that?”

Han Fei had a feeling that Fu Sheng was worried about this family in his way. Perhaps Fu Sheng had helped the family block many tragedies from ghosts. “We would have sat down to have a serious conversation if I didn’t need your help when your mother comes over.”

Han Fei returned to his laptop. He started on his resume to apply for a job at the hospital tomorrow. “Hopefully, everything will be fine.” Han Fei was sleeping on the table when someone knocked on the door. It was 6.30 am. Han Fei sat up, and his wife ran out of the bedroom. “Don’t worry. I’ll go look.”

Han Fei looked through the peephole and saw two officers standing there. Han Fei slowly relaxed as he observed the two’s expressions and mannerisms. They weren’t there to arrest him. Du Zhu’s kidnapping hadn’t been exposed. Rubbing his eyes, Han Fei pretended to be waking up as he opened the door. When he saw the police, he showed appropriate shock.

“Are you Fu Yi? We have something to ask you.”

“Sure, please come in.”

The wife was confused when she saw the police.

“Don’t worry.” One of the officers saw the unpacked boxes, and he explained, “Based on our investigation, you just moved here yesterday?”


“Why the hurry? Is there a problem with where you lived?” The officer asked casually.

“No! The place is in the middle of the city. If not for some problems, we would not have sold the place.” Han Fei looked regretful.


“I’m not proud of it.” Han Fei whispered the incident about Fu Yee and her mother to the officer.

“Okay, I can understand selling the place, but why the hurry to move away?” The police seemed to find that suspicious.

“We didn’t want to!” Han Fei sighed. “At the time, we were desperate for money, so I sold the house at a low price to my ex-colleague. However, the man is a bastard. After buying the house, he forced us to move within five hours. We were still at the land department. That man is awful!”

The two officers looked at Han Fei for a long time, “Actually, we’re here today to tell you one thing. Octopus is missing. When the neighbors reported the incident this morning, we only discovered a fainted colleague at his house.”

“Missing?” Han Fei ‘obviously’ heard this for the first time.

“Yesterday night, he had a party with his colleagues. After everyone departed after midnight, Octopus mysteriously disappeared. Based on the neighbor’s testimony, Octopus was calling your name and begging for mercy before he disappeared.”

“But I was not even there yesterday night!”

“We’ve seen the footage, and you do have a strong alibi. So we came to ask some questions to see if you can provide us with some valuable clues.” The officers were pleasant. Han Fei pondered deeply about it before shaking his head.

“Are you sure? Octopus is not the first person to go missing from your company. From the day of your incident, two male employees had gone missing. We suspect this is a crime targeting your company.”

“I wouldn’t know about that. I’ve been busy raising money.” The police asked many questions, but they couldn’t get any useful info from Han Fei. “Thank you for your cooperation. You better stay at home recently. It is for your personal safety.”

“Of course.”

After sending the police off, the new day started for Han Fei’s family. His wife made breakfast, Han Fei and the two kids sat at the table. Fu Sheng was reading. Han Fei was sharply dressed as he looked over his resume. He was applying to be a caretaker. The job looked easy, but actually, it required a lot of knowledge. Basic nursing was rudimentary. Other than that, a caretaker had to know ICU protocols, psychology, as well as how to cook, do laundry, and so on. Han Fei’s biggest problem was not his skill but his physique. If he couldn’t get this job, then he’d enter the hospital as a patient. After breakfast, Fu Sheng grabbed his bag and was the first to leave home. Han Fei arranged his files and ran to the mirror. He adjusted his appearance and left.

“There’s no need to worry about work. Take it slow.” Even though his wife knew Han Fei wasn’t Fu Yi, she treated him like before in front of the children.

“Don’t worry.” Han Fei left home with a smile. His new rental was very close to Fu Sheng’s school. ‘I wonder if Fu Sheng has gone to school today.’ He looked through the school gate and didn’t see Fu Sheng. ‘O well.’

Han Fei came to the bus stop. He studied the bus route and took the right bus. After Han Fei departed via the bus, Fu Sheng walked out of a shop holding a can of cat food. He looked in the direction Han Fei left, and he was confused. Fu Yi graduated from a famous university, and he was quite well-known in the gaming industry. If he was looking for a new job, it should be related to gaming. Those companies were in the city, but Han Fei took the bus to the countryside. “Isn’t he going to look for work?”

Fu Sheng hesitated for a long time before he placed the can in his bag and called a taxi to follow behind Han Fei’s bus. Recently Fu Yi had changed too much. Fu Sheng was curious about what had triggered it.

The bus soon arrived at Perfection Plastic Surgery Hospital. Han Fei took his resume and went to the side door. After he told the guard his intention, the man looked at him strangely.

“Can you bring me to the recruitment office? I saw your recruitment notice online.”

“This is strange. Counting you, seven people applied for this job.”

The guard led Han Fei into the hospital. Soon, Han Fei saw familiar faces. The bald player called Inmate was standing with two other players. The three formed a small group. When Inmate saw Han Fei, he was cautious. He didn’t know Han Fei’s background and loyalty.

“Come over here! Which one of you has done a nursing job before?” A middle-aged fat nurse and an old man in black walked towards them.

“I have.” Han Fei and another person raised their hands. The three players stood at the back and said nothing.

“Do you have a caretaker license?” The fat nurse walked to Han Fei. She saw Fu Yi on Han Fei, and Fu Yi was very handsome.

“I can’t find it, but you can test me now.” Han Fei had memorized everything on the internet for this career.

“You’re so confident?” The fat nurse asked a few questions, and Han Fei got all of them correct.

“Not bad. It looks like you do have experience. But the physical requirement of a caretaker is high too. Some patients can’t move on their own and need the caretaker’s help.” The fat nurse opened her arms. “See if you can carry me to that bed over there.” Han Fei, with 32 stamina, had ‘trouble’ carrying the nurse, but he still accomplished the job.

“Director Lee, what do you think? He’s older, but he is very experienced.” The fat nurse was impressed by Han Fei, but the decision-maker was the old man in black. The old man studied Han Fei and nodded. “Assign him to Building One. Many clients will love him there.” Building One was for the VIPs; Du Zhu always stayed in Building One. The old man didn’t assign Han Fei to the other buildings, so he probably had hope for Han Fei. However, Han Fei wanted to go to the other buildings. He sighed internally for how overly-qualified he was.

Perfection Plastic Surgery Hospital required a lot of caretakers. Han Fei thought the recruiting would be complicated, but it was done in half an hour. All eight of them were accepted. The hospital took in everyone, but the new caretakers were arranged at different places. Han Fei was assigned Building One, the other person with caretaking experience got Building Two, the other five were sent to Building Four. Those sent to Building Four had to sign a night shift contract. They could only leave every three days, and they had to stay at the hospital normally.

“I’ll bring you on a tour of your workplace.” The fat nurse led Han Fei away. The rest tried to follow but the old man stopped them.

“Aren’t we going with him?” The two players Han Fei hadn’t seen were confused by how stubborn the NPC at the hospital was.

“You’ll come with me.” The old man signaled for the others to follow him deeper into the hospital. They took a path different from Han Fei. “We are not only the best plastic surgery hospital but also the best psychiatry center. We will make people look younger and prettier, and we will also make a tired person’s heart reenergized. You still have plenty to learn…”

After the group left, Han Fei turned to look at them. He asked the fat nurse, “The caretaker at Building One doesn’t need to work with the others?”

“Your luck is good.” The fat nurse didn’t explain, but her grin was scary. “You’re different from them. You’re a real caretaker, and you don’t need to work nights.”

“A real caretaker? Don’t need to work nights?”

“You don’t understand it yet, but you will soon.” The fat nurse’s face loosened like the face would fall if she laughed too heartily.

Han Fei nodded. He opened his menu, and in his personal resume, Perfection Plastic Surgery Hospital was added to his workplace.

The fat nurse also didn’t understand the consequence of hiring Han Fei, but she would soon understand how wrong she was.


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